2011 365 Days of Italy Picture-A-Dayy

2011 365 Days of Italy Picture-A-Dayy

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2011 365 Days of Italy Picture-A-Dayy 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Phoenix13CA More than 1 year ago
The calendar is absolutely breathtaking! Having never been to Italy I purchased this calendar to keep me focused on my goal of traveling their next year. Since hanging it in my cubicle there has not been a day that 1-3 coworkers of varying rank have not stopped by to take a glimpse of it. Everyone wants to know know where I purchased it. It's a great conversation starter as well. I have several managers stop at my desk just to relay their on experiences in Italy and of course share which provences they prefer personally and why. I already feel like I've been there myself just from the vivid tales shared. This calendar is unique in that it doesn't just give you one select photo per month but it gives you a photo on each day of the week of various places found in the provence featured that month. I absolutely love my calendar and the vision it places before me each day.
Marsflower More than 1 year ago
I buy this calendar every year and love the beautiful photography depicting the many regions of Italy. I have family in Italy and have traveled through Italy many times. The photos remind me of the incredible places I've been and inspire me to visit places I've yet to see. At year end, I cut out my favorite photos and add them to my bulletin board collage of Italy at work.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I just love this calander .i end up buying it every year because i love the beauty of the pictures in it on every one of these large pages .not only because of the photos but because i was born in italy and just looking at it makes me want to travel even to alot more diffrent parts of italy that i haven't yet been to . well i also want to say that I have gotten many compliments on this calander asking me if i had purchased it here in the U.S or in Europe .I also love it because it is so big you can write your appointments on it as well . i really recomend this to everyone you will really enjoy it alot.