2013 and Beyond Part II

2013 and Beyond Part II


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I enjoyed reading Barbara and Margaret's first book, 2013 and Beyond, and I was heartened that they would continue with a second book to give us observations on their travels around the world. I wanted to read their thoughts on the condition of the Mediterranean Sea and their observations in Istanbul and later in India. I know you too will read 2013 And Beyond: Part II with great interest.

Shirley Andrews, Massachusetts

2013 And Beyond: Part II focuses on the need for us Two-Legged Earth
Guardians to work now in strong ways to heal our Mother Earth. Barbara and Margaret describe their particular ways to help heal our planet by using sacred music and Vortexes.

Grandmother SilverStar of the Cherokee/Lakota Nation

2013 And Beyond: Part II has fascinating channeling and messages to help us understand Mother Earth's need for healing as well as the healing of all who live on her.

Stella Edmundson, Australia

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ISBN-13: 9781491851845
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 01/21/2014
Pages: 148
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.34(d)

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2013 and BEYOND Part II

By Barbara Wolf, Margaret Anderson

AuthorHouse LLC

Copyright © 2014 Barbara Wolf & Margaret Anderson
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4918-5184-5



Barbara's Journal, August 25, 2013:

Iceland sits on what is called the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, a long stretch of land that runs between tectonic plates that go the length of the Atlantic Ocean. It is our understanding that in ancient times, the South American and African continents were joined, and when they split apart, the ridge was formed and still remains. Most of this ridge is under water, but Iceland is above water. We want to put our feet on land that, to us, has a potential for experiencing the effects of Mother Earth's active mantle.

We know she has just put on her new 144 crystalline grid dress and her core has increased with heat. Her spin is faster. These two changes can increase her mantle activity, which could mean lava pouring to her surface. This is volcanic eruption.

Our journey to Iceland is via a flight to New York City and then a transfer to an overnight flight that brings us in the morning to the airport at Keflavik, Iceland. It is full daylight when we arrive, and we look out the plane windows with curiosity as the pilot taxis us to the terminal. The land is plain, and trees are not the main attraction here. But more important than the description of the land is the energy feeling of this place, which, for us, gives an undisguised view of balanced energy.

Yes, Iceland feels balanced. My thought is that if and when some of the thirty plus volcanoes generate activity, this will be undeniably a great challenge, but those living here would be capable of handling whatever hand is dealt to them.

At the terminal, we hire a taxi to take us a short way to the Hotel Keflavik where we will have a chance to catch some needed sleep. It is now August 26 and we have not yet been to bed. Yes, we do sleep for a time, but our interest is more on this place called Iceland. We know it is the location of a sun disc, and we also know that sun discs are becoming more powerful now that Mother Earth is wearing her l44 crystalline dress.

If you have read our first book 2013 And Beyond, you will know that we often wrote about sun discs because they have been placed in various places on our planet to bring powerful energy. This energy stimulates not only Mother Earth but all living on her—the Nature Kingdom, the Animal Kingdom, humanity.

* * *

Margaret's Journal:

At the New York Airport, we speak with a young musician from Iceland carrying her instrument. She is going home. She asks why we are going to Iceland and we tell her about the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and the need to put our minds on the tectonic plates. Iceland is where it is possible to see and walk through the crack between the North American plate and Eurasian plate moving apart.

I also speak to her about Iceland's sun disc that is connected to the Roslyn and Delphi sun discs. She is interested and may write a musical composition for the Iceland sun disc.

We are impressed with the kindness and strength of our new-found friend. There is a sense of calm and solid strength which, when we arrive at the airport, we begin to realize is common for these people.

When we arrive at the Hotel Keflavik and are given a room, it is 10:00 a.m., August 26, full daylight. We immediately spread out on the windowsill Vortex Symbols given to us by Native Americans. This is power coming from Higher Worlds. An extensive explanation of the Vortexes is in the Glossary at the end of this book. At the moment, the need is for you to understand that these Vortexes are power for our world. This gives us energy that can be used for balance. We put them here for Iceland to help with balance during this challenging time.

Margaret Channeling:

I am in the sunlight entering the room and I am facing the water of the harbor, the Atlantic Ocean. I put my focus on the Vortexes and on the Sun Disc of Iceland.

The Iceland Sun Disc speaks:

I am purple-violet Light reflected on the soft light of the heather. I stand far to the north receiving the Great Father Sun rays, transforming the energy into power and balance for the land surface, for Mother Earth and for the life forms on her. Music is my key. The Earthkeeper of me met you at the New York Airport and helped you get going.

The Sun Disc continues:

This island, an amazing place, holds plates of two continents. It is a bridge between the North American plate and the Eurasian plate. How gently, how carefully the people live an orderly life here. No shouting. No aggression. Quietly they walk and live among thirty volcanoes. This is a hot frying pan to keep calm. My job as a sun disc is a stabilizing factor, smoothing out the energies, steadying the fire beneath Mother Earth's ice.

You are drawn to the water for that is how the people first came here. Now they come by the airplanes, big birds flying.

Iceland demands the need to be calm, steady, unhurried. No frazzle. That word equals fissile, volcanic activity. Stay with me here as I continue speaking.

I receive the energies of the Vortexes from other homelands. Each a power, each a balance. Each Vortex is like a generating power source like myself, like the other Sun Discs. Angelic overseeing. Today all is calm. I am calm. You are calm. The people are calm. My message to you is a calm transmission, like swimming in the water. Swimmers stay afloat when they are calm and swim with even strokes and breaths.

Give me the Vortexes. I have been absorbing them on the windowsill. The Sun picks them up and sends the energies to me. Love radiates the understandings.

My pod, my guardians, are awakening. My link to the Sun Disc at Roslyn and the one at Delphi is a powerful motivation. The Vortexes enhance this Network Spiral Energy. Energy balancing placed under the watchful eyes (gaze) of the Sirian Pleiadian Command. The method is simple. A straight shot, straight arrow, spear, intent, force field.

I am here. I have no gases to enhance visions such as at Delphi. I am matter of fact, strong. The people reflect me, the Arctic lands Sun Disc. Long livers. Long attendees. Solid people cannot, will not jump off the boat.

Mother Earth's heart is close here. The people are mindful, respectful, not warring, not clashing over perceived differences. A seal cub, a whale baby, a human baby are the same. There are no differences. Keep it that way.

* * *

Margaret's Gift of the Vortexes to the Iceland Sun Disc:

I begin drawing the Vortex Symbols and speaking the Vortex names. The sun participates by sending strong light into the room. Clouds come and the light varies from bright to dim. I find it amazing that the Sun specifically highlights particular Vortexes.

* * *

More from Margaret:

It is cold, grey, with soft rain.

More channeling from the Sun Disc at 8:00 p.m., August 26:

We are pleased with our communication with you and the gift you have given from the brothers and sisters of the Higher Worlds. I see you are sensitive to the sunshine. It is my role to buoy up sensitive people who need the light. Look at Iceland and the use of reflective mirror light surfaces, shining metals of gold, silver and steel and aluminum. Note the fineness of detail reflecting personal pleasure and the great skill that brings light to the world with less sun in the winter months. There is the need to keep the body fit and keep the mind fit. You do not see little animals here with small body mass. Solid ponies, solid sheep, solid cows, not skinny kittens and puppies except inside the house. Now you understand the meaning of the Great Dane—big, big heart.

* * *

In the late afternoon, I walk to the shoreline and I see the lava stones and pebbles for gravel for the roads. I think of taking a stone, but my mind returns to Hawaii where I did not want to separate a stone from its family. I did not bring a stone from Hawaii nor will I bring one from Iceland.

Later I receive channeling from the guardians of an underground waterfall who send me greetings and tell me they are happy I knocked on their door—consciousness.

* * *

From Barbara leaving Iceland, August 27:

When the plane leaves, we fly a short time below clouds, and we are grateful because we can see the land. It is mountainous, majestic. Here and there a sign of human civilization, such as a small town, but the majority of the land is not occupied by humans. At least it seems that way from our height above the land.

Beside us is a man in his thirties who has a camera that instantly connects me to memories of carrying a TV camera in Africa years ago. And yes, when I ask him if this is indeed a TV camera he is carrying, he affirms, and we speak about how advanced his camera is from mine of many years ago.

He says he is from Stockholm and he has been in Greenland to record the melting of the ice. Margaret and I know that the rapid melting is a concern, and his comments agree with ours.

What will the major cities perched at the oceans do when the water begins to creep into the city streets? New York City has had a problem with Hurricane Sandy less than a year ago when even the subways became unusable.

Yes, we have a fine chat with our new-found TV friend all the way to Stockholm.

When we reach Stockholm, the energy of our journey has changed. Iceland feels like an island cut off from the rest of the world with the energy the same throughout the island. The people have similar minds. They are mindful that Nature has a strong influence here. They are mindful that they cannot go out of their homes with bare feet when the temperature is far below freezing. They are mindful that Iceland is not living next door to easily accessible tools for work. What they have they must keep in good shape. The plow must be treated well so that it will continue to work for a long time. It is the same with the car. If it is mistreated and will not run, one cannot rush next door to buy another.

Yes, we have found the Icelanders to be calm, friendly, and able to handle whatever comes their way, even if Mother Earth gives them an unwelcome gift of a volcano or two.

Incidentally, years ago, I visited Iceland when there was no island formed off Reykjavik, the nation's capital. Then Mother Earth began to rumble and formed a big island. This did not seem to rattle the islanders. They coped with the new arrival and it has become an integral part of Iceland.


Delphi And Athens

Barbara and Margaret Journal, August 27:

Why are we going to Delphi? It is a site of a major Sun Disc that gives energy to Mother Earth. Until recently Sun Discs have remained quiet but now that they have been stimulated, the Delphi Sun Disc will bring major creative energy for the beginning of a New Golden Age on this planet. Emphasis will be on creativity, especially in the arts, music, drama, philosophy, science, democracy. Earlier, the Delphi Sun Disc played a major part during the former Golden Age of Greece.

* * *

Margaret Journal:

We arrive at Athens Airport at 5:30 p.m. and we take the metro to Syntagma Square located in the center of Athens. The Amalia Hotel, our place to stay overnight, is near by. When we arrive at the square, it is dusk and crowded with people. We ask a man where is the hotel and he does not open his mouth. He looks angry and discouraged. Is he homeless?

A woman tries to sell me a bottle of perfume. She, too, looks joyless. Over the years I have been often at Syntagma and the square has always shown me joy. Where is the joy? Tonight, it feels unnatural. Something is wrong.

The marble stairs here are broken. Why? From demonstrations? I know Greece is having a hard time. Newspapers have been telling us for months that the Greeks have lost their money.

We manage to find our hotel and the Amalia staff is welcoming. We are given a room on the first floor that looks at a wall of a building next door.

* * *

Barbara Journal, August 28:

To reach Delphi today, we have earlier signed with a tour agency to take us there by bus. At 8:15 a.m. when the bus picks us up, we begin looking out the bus windows at Athens. I have not visited this place for a number of years and I am curious about what I will see. What we do see is shocking! Empty stores, graffiti on the walls, litter in the streets. Few cars and almost no trucks. If there is no merchandise to ship, there is no need for trucks. What has happened here?

When we leave the city, we begin seeing abandoned farmhouses and idle farmland. Where is the farm machinery for harvesting? Has it been sold? We see abandoned buildings that once held factories. There are large empty parking lots. We see abandoned half-built buildings for new businesses. Who would believe that Greece is caught in such a terrible depression?

What has happened to the people who live here? Where can they go to find work? Later, when we ask these questions in Athens, we learn that many are immigrating. There is no other choice. We are told that between the ages of 19 and 30, fifty percent are unemployed.

From the bus windows, it is depressing to see such economic wreckage.

* * *

Margaret Journal:

We go along seeing the shocking scenes of abandonment as the tour guide tells us stories about ancient wars, heroism, retaliation, myths, deeds and misdeeds. All stories of the past. We are forced to carry the heavy weight of these stories of the past as we watch the tragedy of today outside our bus windows. It is depressing.

The bus heads up the mountain to Delphi and we disembark at the Delphi archeological site. It is not busy. Where are the tourists? We walk up to the Temple of Apollo, passing all the sites along the way. It is very, very hot. The guide continues telling us myths and fables of this place. She mentions the fight of the Gods and Titans.

As these stories go on and on, it becomes increasingly depressing. Violent myths cannot be the groundwork of the return of the Golden Age of Greece. What is needed is creativity, love and healing, right relationships.

We stop at an overlook of the temple in a quiet area, and for a moment, Barbara and I are alone. We present the Vortexes to the Temple of Apollo and to the Sun Disc. We also present them to Mount Parnassus, the sacred mountain here, and to the Castalian Spring of healing and magical water.

After our tour group visits the Delphi Archeological Museum, the group climbs aboard a bus to return to Athens and we are given a room at the Hermes Hotel. Only four or five people are staying here. Delphi is empty.

Our room overlooks a sweeping valley of olive trees. We can hear chickens and roosters nearby. Our room is blessed by the presence of a tall cypress tree in front of our balcony that climbs mightily five storeys up from the ground below.

On the balcony, we place the Vortexes to spread out the energy everywhere. Bees are present.

I ask the question, for whom does Delphi serve? The old question of the Grail. There is a crisscrossing of myths and legends with the coming Golden Age of Greece. There is a dilemma here.

* * *

Margaret Meditation and Channeling:

From the Delphi Sun Disc at Sunrise:

Dim the narration of warring stories. Turn down the volume. Turn up the volume of Love and Healing energy, Right Relationships, Love of Nature, Love of the Brothers and Sisters, placing the gift for Delphi. Spread the healing energy up and down in the Four Directions, through the dimensions.

Put all the weapons under the Peace Tree. (The Cypress.) Warring Stories. Triumphs. Last words. Cease and desist. Love. Look inward, outward, below, above. All is accessible on this power land of Delphi.

* * *

From the energy field of the Muses:

Rejoice in the wonder power of Mother Earth. Gaia Returns.

We are all here present. Use us. Call us. We stand by, above you, below you, within you. Come. Come. Come to the New Golden Age of Unity and Integrity. The bells ring, the Peace Bells around the world.

Sweet Margaret, dive into our depths here. You have only arrived. The wind whispers, knocks at your door. Your journey is recognized, marked with the Stick of Time. You walk in with your love of the place. Many, many years of returning, returning, returning. Seeking, connecting, finding, realigning.

Smile. The statues smile with aliveness. People need to smile. Big heart. Big smile. The gods are humans and the humans are gods and the humans are brothers and sisters of the Brothers and Sisters above and below.

The Delphi Sun Disc pod awakens, stirs, rises to dance. The music comes forth, the rhythm of the Earth, the song of the birds, the nest of the guardian cats, the mourning doves present.

There is a softness to the day. There is great potential with the giving of the Vortexes.

* * *

Margaret Journal, August 29:

6:30 a.m., Sunrise. Roosters announce the dawn at Delphi. I sit on the balcony that hangs over the beautiful valley of olive trees with the Gulf of Corinth in the distance.


Excerpted from 2013 and BEYOND Part II by Barbara Wolf, Margaret Anderson. Copyright © 2014 Barbara Wolf & Margaret Anderson. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse LLC.
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Introduction, xi,
Iceland, 1,
Delphi And Athens, 9,
Crete, 20,
More Athens, 32,
Southern France, 43,
The Netherlands, 57,
Italy, 66,
Switzerland, 78,
Istanbul, 99,
India, 117,
Glossary, 131,

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