2014 World Journals

2014 World Journals


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2014 World Journals continues their exciting work of helping Mother Earth.

They go to the Pacific, Africa, the Middle East, and Native American conferences. They have much to tell you.

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ISBN-13: 9781496957009
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 12/08/2014
Pages: 138
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2014 World Journals

By Barbara Wolf, Margaret Anderson


Copyright © 2014 Barbara Wolf & Margaret Anderson
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4969-5700-9


Pacific Ocean California

Joint Journals:

We are ready to go to the Pacific. Why?

January 18, 7 a.m.:

Barbara hears the call of the whales to come immediately to the Pacific. Margaret channels the whales and dolphins asking for advice.

Margaret Channeling:

Dear Dolphins and Whales of the Pacific, we know you are suffering because of lack of oxygen in the water. Many gathered in November to alert humanity to the danger of life forms in the Pacific due to the Fukushima radiation and other pollution in the ocean. We want to help. Should we go to Monterey Bay, California, to be on site or should we do the meditations here on the Niagara Escarpment where we live?

The Whales answer: Go to the Bay.


You will know our environment better first hand. Announce your arrival. We are waiting for you to come.

The Niagara Escarpment, the ancient sea of the past, is alive and awake. It is life power for the Pacific. Use this ancient sea power which comes from the origins of the planet to clear the water. Place the vibration of the ancient sea power on the Pacific that is engulfed with man-made pollution, radiation, trash, tsunami debris.

Life in the Pacific Ocean cannot be sustained. Make it a sound-free health zone so only natural sound can be picked up. Healing sound. Not loud, harsh sounds or other sounds that do not hold the best intent for preserving life forms.

Our hearing bodies are as sensitive as a newborn human baby. We are large but we are sensitive to all sound and frequencies. We are the Guardians of the Oceans. Respect us. Honor us. We are here for you, humanity! Wake up.

Treat your Brothers and Sisters of the Sea with kindness and respect. What you send out comes back. Let it be love. Let it be hope. Let it be healing. Then Planet Earth will thrive and not go staggering as it is now. What happens to the Whales and Dolphins happens to the humans. Choose wisely so that all Life thrives.

We also would be pleased that you use the Vortexes to bring powerful energy to our homeland, the oceans.

* * *

From Barbara:

We quickly prepare to fly to California and we are soon ready. But now we have a surprise. When we phone our taxi driver Mr. Dependable to take us to the airport, he says the weather is TERRIBLE, especially in Philadelphia, our first destination. Flights have been cancelled.


We already have printed out our boarding passes from the Internet, and when we did this, there was no indication that our flight would be cancelled.

We phone AAA which has arranged our flight and we are told that alternate ways will be checked. Within fifteen minutes, an alternative is arranged and we need to pay no more.

Hurray!!! We will be on our way tomorrow!

* * *

January 22:

Mr. Dependable picks us up and takes us to the airport for a flight to Chicago, a few hours later than we originally expected to leave. Never mind. We are on our way.

The flight is uneventful, and when we arrive at Chicago's O'Hare Airport, we are happy to see that it is not snowing, although the temperature is very, very cold. Below zero Fahrenheit. If our plane leaves, that is all that matters to us.

O'Hare has many customers today. Many! The flight board tells us which gate will be hosting our flight to San Francisco, and we must RUSH to that gate! It is far away and we begin racing at top speed to reach our destination. No carts transporting people are in sight. When we arrive, out of breath, we join passengers boarding and we are soon on the plane. Wow! That was close!

I sit at the window looking out as the pilot begins our flight to San Francisco. All below is white with snow. And then the pilot takes us above the clouds and we go along for a while with nothing visible except clouds below us. When I see a patch of white Midwest farmland, it looks bleak down there. I begin seeing miles and miles and miles of barren land. Then barren, brown mountains. News reports have been telling us there is a serious drought down there. I see no water.

A woman tells me she remembers California when water was so scarce that in order to conserve it, there was a need to flush toilets only occasionally. That was twenty years ago. The population has increased tremendously. What will happen if the drought continues?

When we arrive at the San Francisco Airport, we are surprised at the lack of customers, the opposite of what we encountered at Chicago's O'Hare. We search for an Information Desk to suggest a hotel for the night and when we have one, we take a free shuttle to the hotel, register and go to bed. Tired!

* * *

January 23, 3:00 a.m., Margaret channels:

Thank you, dear Whales and Dolphins of the Pacific for your guidance and your smoothing and clearing of obstructions for our travel.

Whale response: Obstructions clear if you drop your fear and anxiety. Be like a cork and float on the surface of events and possibilities. Fear contracts and closes possible channels and one sinks into oblivion, chaos, density, confusion, negativity.

Stay afloat on the surface. Ride the waves. Go a long distance with us whales who are travelers, sounders, balancers. We are givers and guardians of the world oceans. Note that our spine and rib cage is heart shaped.

You came to San Francisco under our guidance, the Admirals of the water. You looked for the first class whale lounge at the airport and you found the Admirals Lounge. Your membership is the Whale Dolphin Sea membership of the heart.

Your sea mission, you are getting it slowly. You need to clean the seaweed of your thoughts in order to realize you need to make a Ring of Light, Beacons of Love, Light, and Power along the Monterey Bay coastline to above San Francisco.

In a dream you saw a lady in a sari put down a framework for the DEEP, Dolphin Triangle Project, and this framework has expanded to include the entire project you are working on now. This is to balance the world's oceans on a high level.

The Monterey Bay Canyon is a peace zone, power zone for the light ring you are making. Also a Vortex Light ring.

You are making a line of beacons from one spot outwards to counteract the negativity of Fukushima radiation, tsunami debris and all trash affronts to the oceans. Would you put poison in your drinking water? That is what you are doing to ours. If the oceans go down in life force, then the planet's ability to sustain life on land goes down. Pollution in the land, pollution in the air. Go live in a chimney hut and breathe in soot. We are your brothers and sisters, your older brothers and sisters who guard your shorelines. Take away our guarding guidance and you have nothing to counteract your ignorance of spoiling the environment of the planet, the air, the water, the land and the spirit of life force of Mother Earth.

Come swim with us with your hearts. Love is the guidance. Track us with Love intent. We will open the world for you. We have waited for this rendezvous.

Today, Margaret, you cannot physically enter the water because it is too cold, too rough for you, but you can enter the water via the heart mind of love intent. Distances do not exist nor does the cold or the hot. All is just right with the heart mind of love intent.

Come, come, come to the ocean, the Pacific Ocean, into the deep canyon, the center point, and then spread outward love to the whole Pacific. You were in California earlier but focused on the land, not the sea. Now the sea dominates and you need to understand the importance of the whales and dolphins for the preservation of the life force of the oceans. Expand your love. Expand your light.

Come into our waters. Hear our song. Follow us as we travel north. Follow us as we travel in all dimensions. Follow us heart to heart. Open and show yourself. Call out your love to us. Striving and pushing too hard gets one stopped at the beginning. Be cool and use the smooth love frequency of Movement and Balance, our symbol, to deliver your letter of thought to us. We are here in your office (hotel bathroom) dictating our letter. Smile. This is funny. Whales and the dolphins have a great sense of humor. Humans have lower levels of humor. The bird cocks its head for a better angle and the whale cocks its mind/sonar direction for a better angle of awareness. You are in our angle of awareness. We are in your angle of awareness.

Awareness Lounge, First Class. That is your travel membership to our world here. Welcome, welcome, welcome. You were already here before you started.

Love and cosmic greetings from the Whales of Planet Earth. Swim in the curl of the wave, not future, not past. We will give you codings for Mother Earth.

I ask: What are codings?

Answer: Information for enhancing, growing, understanding life. Codings can be used for knowledge, for a state of being, being-ness. They can affect the atomic molecular structure of things. Codings can affect the whole planet, the orbit, the solar system, the universe, the universes.

Vortex codings have been given to you as symbols to be transported from place to place and put down with love intent for healing the planet. Codings are transparent to the right person and not transparent to another. They are apparent in plain sight, but invisible to others. Use the codings for healing the oceans. Use them for timing and mechanism enhancement, and enhancement of growth. Use them for coming together, for breaking down barriers, for unifying the whole.

Whale codings encompass all. They are heard, seen, felt through Love. Whale codings are Light frequencies. They can stop a storm, balance earth plates. We are moving, sounding machines sending out balancing modalities for the planet -- oceans and land. You cannot separate the two. We continue night and day. Part of us sleeps; part of us continues.

We work brain to brain. Our thoughts spout out like our spouting of water. Ideas go out. Codings go out. Be a receiver of whale codes. Whale codes are all around you. You pick up what is on your frequency. If all people could turn and pause from their hurried lives and receive these codings of love and balance and dynamic wisdom, the planet's scars would be healed and ceaseless fighting would cease.

The New Golden Age of oceans and land on earth would be here if warring factions swam with us and began to learn how precious life is, how precious is cooperation with the whole, with the inner guidance of each individual with inner balance. Then all is in harmony. Then the individual and society would thrive. The New Golden Age of the oceans and land on Earth would be here.

* * *

January 23, from Barbara:

This morning when both of us are awake, we begin our day leisurely, talking about the channeling of the dolphins and whales. We would like to spend the morning discussing this, but because we have arrived late in California we have lost time doing work we planned to do here. And so, we pack our nightclothes and have our suitcases ready when a shuttle from the hotel will return us to the airport. However, we stay long enough to have a good breakfast of waffles. Who knows when we will have time to eat again.

At the airport, we rent a medium-sized car and then begin tackling SF traffic. This city is BIG! One does not realize how many cars are on the city streets until one begins driving. We move along smoothly going south with our minds on Santa Cruz because we know we only have to go a bit further to reach Aptos, location of the Rio Sands Hotel where we should have stayed last night.

When we reach the hotel, a pleasant surprise greets us. Front desk receptionists wearing friendly smiles tell us we have been given a free cancellation for last night's room. They have taken pity on us because of the awful weather performance to the East. Also, they have even extended our reservation for a couple more nights. We are happy.

We are soon at the nearby beach, not only feeling happy for the friendly hotel people being so kind to us, but also we are happy that the friendly Pacific is right here in front of us, showing us a warm friendly personality.

Margaret begins carving Vortexes in the sand at the water's edge. These Vortex symbols have been given to humanity as a gift to the planet via Chief Golden Light Eagle and Grandmother SilverStar. Our work is to place their powerful energy around the world to help Mother Earth and all who live on her.

The two Native Americans have spent years bringing in this 'off world' information. At the back of our book is a Glossary explaining symbols and Vortexes. Also in the Glossary is an explanation of sacred music called Musical Rapture, A Healing Gift for Humanity. We use this music with our work.

While Margaret is placing the Vortexes on the sand, I am playing the sacred music to bring in singing from the Angelic Kingdom. This singing comes from a higher dimension than the third. When the two dimensions meet, this is Zero Point. I put my energy field at Zero Point and send out thoughts that I want the water to be healed. In the Middle Ages, if done correctly, lead could have been turned into gold. Because I want the water to be healed, I work in this manner while Margaret is drawing symbols by the ocean and encircling each for activation.

Margaret speaks to the ocean as she puts down the Vortexes. She draws symbols for the Vortex of Symmetry and the Vortexes of Strength, Health and Happiness and Right Relationship. The ocean comes in and takes the symbols immediately. She draws more and a great wave comes in and takes them all. Then she puts down the symbols of Love and Healing and the ocean keeps them on the sand as a gift to humanity and all who live on Mother Earth. A seagull watches intently.

Margaret's channeling from the whales tells her to use the energies of the Niagara Escarpment to bring power to the ocean. At one time the Niagara Escarpment was once the bottom of the ocean when negativity was not on this planet. Therefore, the remains of the escarpment consist of positive energy. We overlay this energy on the water. Also, we sprinkle sacred healing Agnihotra ash on the water to counter radiation. At the same time, we are using our minds to put this ash over all the waters of the world.

A seal appears to acknowledge the Vortex gift and Margaret wonders if this seal is a relative or friend of the blind seal living in an aquarium in Galveston, Texas. The blind seal was originally from San Francisco harbor.

A flock of ducks swim by and pause near the Vortex area. We think they can feel the energy that just has been put into the ocean here. Sea gulls fly overhead.

Then a depressed young man walks by and walks over the traces of the Vortexes. His manner appears to be close to one who would commit suicide. We give him intense love.

We spend a long time here at the ocean. When the sun begins to set, it brings intense colors of gold and shimmering green on the water. Margaret says she sees the water become the sea life of birds and fish. We feel the consciousness of whales and dolphins and we send love to the Sea Consciousness as a whole. Margaret is in tears.

When we return to the hotel, we phone Grandmother SilverStar to report the events of the day and the gifting of the Vortexes. She sings a sacred water song for us and we send it out to the ocean.

We go to bed early because we are tired, but before 9:00 p.m. we are awake. Our minds are on the trip tomorrow. We need to go to Moss Landing located at a place where the ocean floor becomes a canyon that goes down twelve thousand feet, like the Grand Canyon. Here, in the deep canyon of Moss Landing, whales and other sea life find abundant food. But now their food, small fish, are dying. Whales and other mammals who eat them will have a diminished food chain to rely on. How can whales survive?

We also know that radiation from Fukushima is killing sea life, and this diminishes the food chain. How can we stop radiation? Margaret and I ponder on this and we realize that sunlight on water can be a technique. We can use neutrinos from the sun to turn the radiation into the energy of love.

* * *

Margaret channels, calling to the dolphins and whales for help.

The response: Work with the sunlight on water, neutrinos on the surface and below the surface. Sunlight on water is a key. In plain sight. Command particles with love for the higher good. Focus on neutrinos dealing with dispersing of radiation.

Lift your mind out of the box and place the radiation frequency in a separate holding dimension. Sound can change frequency. Command by love.


Excerpted from 2014 World Journals by Barbara Wolf, Margaret Anderson. Copyright © 2014 Barbara Wolf & Margaret Anderson. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Introduction, xiii,
Chapter 1: Pacific Ocean ~ California Joint Journals, 1,
Chapter 2: Africa ~ Uganda Barbara Journal, 20,
Chapter 3: Africa ~ Uganda Margaret Journal, 31,
Chapter 4: The Middle East ~ Qatar Barbara Journal, 40,
Chapter 5: The Middle East ~ Qatar Margaret Journal, 48,
Chapter 6: New York City Barbara Journal, 56,
Chapter 7: Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant Joint Journals, 71,
Chapter 8: Healer Braco Joint Journals, 75,
Chapter 9: Star Knowledge Conference, Nashville, Tennessee Joint Journals, 81,
Chapter 10: Niagara Falls Joint Journals, 96,
Chapter 11: Loveland, Colorado, Star Knowledge Conference Joint Journals, 108,
Glossary, 117,

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