2015 World Healing II

2015 World Healing II


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2015 World Healing II speaks about the need to help humans as well as the natural world of birds, horses, buffalo. Big healing centers, Mount Shasta and Sedona, are presented as well as Niagara Falls and Ganondagan, an ancient Native American settlement.

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ISBN-13: 9781504968157
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 12/16/2015
Pages: 130
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.28(d)

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2015 World Healing II

By Barbara Wolf, Margaret Anderson


Copyright © 2015 Barbara Wolf & Margaret Anderson
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5049-6815-7


World Children's Festival

From Barbara:

July 1, just before 6 a.m., Margaret and I board an Amtrak train to take us to New York City to board another train for Washington D.C.

Why are we going to Washington D.C.? We will be attending a WCF, a World Children's Festival where children globally compete with each other in music and dance and art. They will be competing peacefully and not with violence on their minds. They will be learning how to accept strangers and foreigners without reacting negatively, and when they finish their schooling, their former peaceful competitive experience can help them remain peaceful.

Our friend Mike Ssembiro of Uganda has told us he took children to the last competition and they won first prize. He will again be taking a group of children to compete this year and we have told him we will attend and support these children.

Will the Ugandans win first prize again? If they do, they do. If not, never mind. We will go to Washington anyway to watch them perform.

But now, less than a week before Mike and the children are to fly from Africa to Washington D.C., they do not have visas for entering the U.S.A.


We learn that on June 8, visa regulations to come to the U.S.A. have changed for anyone living elsewhere in the world. And so, the process of issuing visas has been stalled.


I phone the White House and speak with an excellent 'listener' who patiently tells me that the White House can do nothing. Only the State Department can do something.

And so I phone the State Department one time, two times, three times, then four times before I can actually speak to someone who will listen to me about the visa problem and the children ready to compete in Washington D.C.

I am told that only the specific U.S. Embassy issuing the Ugandan visas can help.

Well........... I
am doubtful that is the only place that can help, but............. what can one do?

I phone Mike and his wife in Uganda and urge them to connect with someone in the Ugandan President's office who can phone the U.S. Embassy to urge a moving along of the visas. I know Mike and his wife have close contact with the President's office.

The next day, when I again phone them, I learn that some of the children have received their visas. Others, including Mike, will receive them on June 30. That is the day their plane will be leaving for the U.S.A.!

Well, one can only keep one's fingers crossed that the visas are issued in time.

And yes, later, when I reach Washington, I learn that all have received visas, including Mike.

As for Margaret and me, when we begin our journey by train, we go first to New York City in order to transfer to a Washington D.C. train. But........ WHAT IS THIS? Our train to New York arrives just under two hours late, and our train for Washington D.C. is ready to leave within fifteen minutes.

We grab a 'red cap' baggage handler to help race us to the train. First, he takes us to an ascending escalator where he squats, and with a key, he stops the upward movement of the escalator and changes it to descend!

We race down it and then race along corridors to reach the train, which, for some unknown reason, is empty. It is not going anywhere.

And so the 'red cap' races us upstairs to service counters where many are waiting in line to be served. The 'red cap' bypasses all of them to reach a service counter specifically used by 'red caps' to get prompt service.

Our tickets are changed so we will leave for Washington just after 3 p.m., and now the 'red cap' takes us to this train, which is empty. We sit in it and wait about a half hour before others begin boarding.

When all are aboard and the train begins moving slowly along underground tracks, we wait patiently for 'day light'. And yes, when it comes, we love the sun shining above us. We know there has been much rain down here and we would prefer that none falls while we are here.

When we come to our first stop, Newark Station, some passengers get off and others get on, which is normal. But, we are puzzled when a conductor walking along the train aisle announces we are on our way to Richmond via Philadelphia.


My memory is that we go nearly directly from New York City to Washington and certainly not to Philadelphia and Richmond. He has not even mentioned we are going to Washington.

We flag down another conductor who says yes, we will eventually reach Washington. I do not ask, but I wonder why we are first going to the south of Washington and then north to reach it.

Well, I do not have a road map, and so one has to depend on the train reaching Washington no matter how strange is the route.

And yes, after we do go south, we are told we will soon reach Washington, and that our engine has to be changed. WHY?????

We do not ask why, but one begins to think that traveling by a means other than by train would bring less anxiety.

FINALLY though, we reach our destination, Union Station, and we pick up our bags, leave the train and walk to a sidewalk that has access to taxis. Nearly twelve hours of riding trains is enough for one day.

Our hotel, the Washington Court Hotel, suggested by Amtrak when we bought our tickets, is close to the train station and we are immediately impressed with the place. It looks new; is spacious, and our room on the eighth floor looks like no one had ever used it. We have dinner in the downstairs dining room overlooking the spacious lobby.

* * *

July 1:

I peek out the window. Is it raining? No. GOOD.

We eat a quick breakfast and then we are on our way to the Ellipse where the children's competition will be held. This is a very big grassy area behind the White House. Apparently, this Ellipse was originally water before it was filled in. Just now, because Washington has had much rain, the grass at the Ellipse is soggy. I note that the grass is long and should have been cut before the children's festival. Maybe it was too wet to be cut before the festival. One has to watch one's step while walking! Here and there are soggy patches that become somewhat deep. A misstep could bring water into the shoes!

In any case, our attention is on the outdoor covered stage that is wooden and circular with a number of chairs facing it. The children will be competing here, and we choose chairs in the first row. By coincidence, we have chosen chairs close to Dr. Ashfaq Ishaq, an official of the International Child Art Foundation who, for many years, has organized the World Children's Festival. A couple days ago, I spoke briefly on the phone to him about the children's visa problem and today we both express gratitude that the problem is solved.

Of course Margaret and I are ready to cheer the Ugandan children but where are they? We listen to explosive song expressions from Maori children of New Zealand and singing Swedish teenagers being accompanied by two violinists. We watch and listen to a number of performing groups. But, where are the Ugandans?

When they do arrive and begin singing, we and the entire audience are MESMERIZED! Of primary interest is that they sing with their hearts open with love. Strong voices, positive words. Yes, they should receive an award!

Well, we saw no awards given to anyone while we were at the festival. Later, Mike emails saying that at the evening banquet, three awards were given to outstanding figures. He won an award for mobilizing the biggest and best music performance group.

Hurray! Hurray!


Sedona Journey

From Barbara:

Sedona is a place where I could live forever. It's atmosphere is 'angelic', peaceful, and at the same time, stimulating. The energy is incredible and it doesn't turn on and off. It stays on.

Sedona sits amid gorgeous scenery of red rock that towers mightily and stretches for miles and miles and miles. Its history goes back millions of years, and the majestic red rock mountains display the area's history. Much of the red rock remains without vegetation, and so one can look at these red mountains and see a change in rock formation where Mother Earth has changed her way of living and where another way begins.

Can you imagine looking at these mountains and seeing this?

As I am writing you, I have in front of me a big Sedona pamphlet called 2015-2016 Official Visitor's Guide whose front cover has a photograph of a gorgeous red rock landscape stretching miles and miles.

Why have we chosen to go to Sedona this June? We will attend the Kryon Summer Light Conference at the Sedona Red Rock High School auditorium. This is a summit meeting called "The Birth of a New Earth Consciousness". Twelve channelers will gather to speak to the audience.

Yes, this conference interests us, and so Margaret and I will be part of the audience.

* * *

June 4:

This morning, 4:15 a.m., Joan the taxi driver picks us up to take us to the airport so we can take Delta Airlines to Detroit, transfer, and fly to Phoenix. On landing, we will be renting a Hertz car to drive to Sedona.

It is always fun to ride along with Joan who, even at this early hour, is alert and talkative. We three are soon laughing and cracking jokes.

On arrival at the airport, because we have earlier printed out our boarding passes, we can go directly to Security which gives us no delays. Then it is only a matter of waiting for the plane to leave. And yes, we do leave on time, and we arrive in Detroit on time.

Our Delta plane to Phoenix leaves at 8:43 a.m. and we arrive in Phoenix at 9:43 a.m., Phoenix time. A short ride, yes, but, our New York watches tell us that we have flown three hours more than what the Phoenix clock tells us.

On arrival, we note that the temperature in Phoenix is 95 degrees Fahrenheit. We should feel hot, but the humidity is low and so, to us, the temperature feels more like 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

A quick shuttle ride to Car Rentals soon has us renting a Hertz car, and we are given a shiny, black car that looks like it has just been driven off the assembly line. Is it a new car? It sure looks like a new car. In fact, it is so new, we have to be taught the system for starting it. Put a foot on the brake and then push a button on the dashboard before the car will start. We have other new items to learn about this car.

It has a GPS guidance system which a Hertz employee programs to direct us from the Phoenix airport to our hotel in Sedona. Well, the woman inside this GPS guidance system has a mind of her own, and her first instruction for leaving the rental car area is to turn to the right. Hertz has told us to turn to the left. Who is right, the woman or Hertz?

We follow the woman's instructions and within a minute or two, we realize we are going in the wrong direction to reach Expressway 17 North, our route to Sedona.

Well, woman, you have started off on the wrong foot with us.

We correct our driving to reach Expressway 17 North, and we are soon on it and moving along steadily with traffic that does not behave hysterically. Good! Because the car is new and unfamiliar to us, Margaret, who is driving, drives slowly.

After a time, unexpectedly, the GPS woman makes a comment about being in a particular lane and we realize she is correct.

Okay, woman, maybe you have decided to speak correctly to us.

We go along feeling as if Phoenix stretches its arms out forever, but finally we are driving in countryside with few homes and other buildings. I remember when I was a child and my parents drove me and my sisters through unpopulated Montana land that had light poles with antelope standing in the scarce shade of the poles.

Do I see any antelope today? No. Suddenly I miss them.

I do not see any grazing animals on this journey. Not even grazing animals at farms. Maybe they live and eat in barns.

When we are coming close to Sedona, we see signs for Route 250 and we know this is the route we must take to Route 89A that will take us to our destination.

Will the woman agree? No.

Well, woman, you can jump from your GPS box and go your own way and we will go our way.

When we do reach 89A, she makes no comment until a few miles further along when she tells us to go on a road that has nothing to do with reaching Sedona! I have thoughts of people listening to a GPS box woman and they have wandered around until they are high in the mountains or out of gas in the middle of nowhere.

In any case, we do arrive in Sedona, and, to our DELIGHTFUL SURPRISE, the hotel where we will be staying, Days Inn, is on 89A! We come to it without realizing we would be coming to it.


As for the GPS woman, when we reach our hotel, we turn her off and she will stay off permanently throughout our entire journey.

Interesting, when we make comments in Sedona about this GPS woman, we learn that we have not been the only ones who have been given misleading information. Apparently, GPS can be programed to unexpectedly take people high up into the mountains and elsewhere. Well, we do have an interest in seeing the mountains of Sedona, but we wish to see them on our own terms. Meaning, we can view them from the base rather than from the top.

I am excited to begin viewing millions and millions of years of Mother Earth's red rock staring me in the face, but we need to drive a bit further to have a good look. Now it is time to check into the hotel, take our suitcases out of the car, put them in the room, find a place to eat, and then collapse for the remainder of the day. Tomorrow, the mountains will be 'spoken' to.

The hotel man at the front desk gives us the name of a pizza restaurant and we easily drive a few minutes to this place. And yes, it is a friendly place and we enjoy talking with our waitress. She brings us open fire pizza and we are eating it when a sudden storm with lightning arrives. One sharp blast of lightning and the restaurant power fails.

Well, we have our pizza and we continue eating as we listen to remarks about earlier power failures in Sedona. No one seems alarmed. Only patient. I hear that storms have been striking this place often in the past months, and the electricity quits.

What is this all about????

When we leave the restaurant, the electricity has not returned. I am thinking that Mother Earth has a consciousness as well as the red rocks of gigantic mountains here at Sedona. There is no 'death' of consciousness. In ancient times, Mother Earth was not endowed with negative energies, nor were the red rocks of the Sedona mountains. She wore only positive energies, and all who lived on her wore positive energies. They remain with positive energies.

I believe that negative actions of humanity can occasionally put a small dent into Sedona, such as a quick storm, but this will only be temporary. THE POSITIVE ENERGIES ARE POWERFUL and they will remain. It is understandable to me that artists and writers gather here to live at this powerful energy place. It is also understandable to me that the Kryon Summer Light Conference is here. I am excited to attend!

* * *

June 5:

Our plan is to spend the day looking at Sedona and the mountains. Tomorrow we will attend the conference, and the next day. This morning, after a good night's sleep, we have a delightful breakfast with other hotel residents and then we climb into our shiny black rental car to begin our first destination for the day -- the Chapel of the Holy Cross, home of Mother Mary. Years ago, I visited this place, and it is indeed holy.

As we begin driving, we first must travel along Route 89A through the city itself, and I note how much more 'grown up' this place is. Many, many more shops and buildings than when I was here over fifteen years ago.

Well, one has to expect growth and I am pleased the city feels comfortable. Much is here for tourists, and their energies are not spoiling the landscape.

When we turn from Route 89A to Route 179, I begin looking for Chapel Road which will take us to Mary's place, and yes, we do easily see the sign for Chapel Road. Now we will begin driving a bit upward until the road becomes steeper, and this means we are close to the Chapel.

Yes! Here are parking spots for cars, and we choose one, park the car, and begin walking upward toward a lookout place that is just below the Chapel.

Few people are here this morning, and in fact, when we reach the lookout place, we have it to ourselves.

And now I am disappointed. I vividly remember the last time I looked out and down at what is before us. A wide, wide area that years ago looked like the remnants of a wide river. Not today. Houses and houses and houses are built here, and many, many trees are growing.

In ancient times, dolphins used to swim where I am looking, and when the great shift came and the water rushed out, good-bye home of the dolphins. My memory showed me this the last time I was here. Well, not today!

Now Margaret and I are turning away from the lookout place to take a concrete walkway upward to the Chapel itself. When we are nearly at the Chapel entrance, we come to a tiny fountain beside a small cluster of cultivated, multi-colored flowers that look happy. We pause to put a speck of healing water here before entering Mary's Chapel.

And yes, I am happy because the energy inside is exactly the same as the positive energy of years ago when I was here. Good!


Excerpted from 2015 World Healing II by Barbara Wolf, Margaret Anderson. Copyright © 2015 Barbara Wolf & Margaret Anderson. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Acknowledgements, vii,
Foreword, ix,
Introduction, xiii,
Chapter 1 World Children's Festival, 1,
Chapter 2 Sedona Journey, 6,
Chapter 3 Sedona Journey, 18,
Chapter 4 Mount Shasta Journey, 27,
Chapter 5 Mount Shasta Journey, 36,
Chapter 6 Niagara Falls, 47,
Chapter 7 Niagara Falls, 57,
Chapter 8 Pope Francis Comes To U.S.A, 62,
Chapter 9 Buffalo, Horses, Birds Buffalo, 75,
Chapter 10 Native American Ganondagan, 89,
Chapter 11 To Mother Earth, With Love, 97,
Glossary, 109,
Vortex Symbols And Earthstar Calendar, 113,

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