2016 World Journals

2016 World Journals


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When reading 2016 World Journals, Barbara and Margaret take you on an exciting journey to Australia to feed the kangaroos and visit the White Eagle Lodge in high mountains and the Pacific Ocean. They go to Japan as guests of honor at a big peace gathering of ten thousand people. They also stay at an ancient Japanese farmhouse. Then they go to Arkansas to investigate crystals and diamonds. In New York City, they join an audience of two thousand howling like wolves at a solstice celebration. Also 2016 World Journals has exciting New Age insights to bring peace and healing to the earth.

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ISBN-13: 9781524621179
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 08/01/2016
Pages: 148
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2016 World Journals

By Barbara Wolf Margaret Anderson


Copyright © 2016 Barbara Wolf & Margaret Anderson
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5246-2117-9


New York City

Joint Journals:

First from Barbara:

December 18, 2015:

2015 World Healing II, our last book, is finished and at the printers. The year of 2016 has not yet begun, but our 2016 book begins just now.


We want to tell you about attending musician Paul Winter's Solstice concert he has been performing yearly in December at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, New York City.

See Glossary: Paul Winter.

Winter's main objective is to celebrate with optimism that at the Winter Solstice, the Light will begin to overcome the dark, a thought that has been with humanity across the world for a very long time. Here, in the Northern Hemisphere, the sun departs more daily until the Winter Solstice when it stands still for a moment before beginning its long journey toward the earth. At the Summer Solstice the sun is the closest to the earth for the year and it will begin its long journey to the darkest moment of the year.

At the Winter Solstice, Paul Winter says Happy New Year to the beginning of the return of the sun.

On December 18, Margaret and I take the train to New York City and we leave at a leisurely hour of 8:36 a.m. A taxi takes us to the station area which is a wreck. Big cranes are taking away the remains of a station that has been serving trains and passengers a long time. A small, very small temporary station has been built to serve customers until a big station is built. We are told this will be two years.

When we enter the tiny, temporary station, we see it is big enough to seat only a few customers, and there is little room for others to stand! FORTUNATELY, our train arrives on time and we stumble to the outside platform to board it. Those taking the train to New York City, its final destination, are told to board a car close to the front of the train, and this car is for us. We take seats on the right side of the train in order to have a good two-hour view of the Hudson River once the train turns south after we go through Albany.

As for our weather, there is no snow. Mother Earth has forgotten winter. I sit at the train window and look at the scenery as the train begins moving smoothly along. There are no leaves on the trees and so the scenery is not very inviting, but after we reach the Hudson, it is fun to look at this big, big river.

The river has little activity. I see only two big barges being towed northward, and I assume these are barges coming from Europe. I remember last year when the river turned to such solid ice, no boats of any type were using it. Will this happen this year?

I see only a few ducks and seagulls on the river, and I am hoping that the decision was to go South for the winter. Or, and I do not want to think about this, they have died because of poison put on the water to kill a rapid-growing water plant that has somehow found its way to the Hudson. It has been strangling the water.

I think of Pete Seeger, America's famous folk musician who worked tirelessly to clean pollution from the Hudson River.

His boat, Clearwater, often has been seen on the Hudson and I see a boat that looks exactly like it. Hellooooooo, Clearwater. Hellooooooo, Pete Seeger, wherever you may be 'upstairs' in Heaven.

At New York Penn Station, the final destination of our train, we disembark and find ourselves with a great many at the station. Is everyone visiting New York City to buy Christmas presents? It is only a week before Christmas.

We maneuver ourselves to the proper place to take a metro to 96th Street and Broadway, and we are soon on our way to Day's Inn where we will spend three nights. This is a small, comfortable hotel and has the advantage of being close to the metro station we can use to go here, there and everywhere. Another advantage of staying at this hotel is to be able to walk three minutes to a very good restaurant, the Manhattan Diner.

* * *

December 19:

This morning we will visit the American Museum of Natural History, one of the world's largest museums. We have time to visit before going in the afternoon to Paul Winter's Solstice celebration at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. The American Museum of Natural History is famous for paying attention to dinosaurs, and when we walk in, HELLO DINOSAUR! A big one is greeting us at the front door, mouth wide open showing HUGE teeth ready to eat something. Well, not today, Mr. Dinosaur.

We walk past him to ask a museum attendant where is the big crystal exhibit, and he begins walking with us, showing us the way. Soon we three are stopping in front of a skeleton looking like Lucy, the ancient old woman who certainly has created a lot of speculation over the years. She is with a male skeleton but we have little interest in him. Lucy has all our attention! Are we looking at the real skeleton? Last year we were at a museum in Uganda and unexpectedly we were standing in front of a skeleton called Lucy. Her skeleton was first spotted in Ethiopia only a stone's throw from where we were in Uganda.

And so, where is the real Lucy skeleton? In Uganda or in New York City standing in front of us? The museum attendant with us does not know, which means that Lucy remains a mystery to us.

We are soon at the crystal collection and it is large! Each stone is identified, but I feel like a stranger to most of them. I do not recognize the names. There are over 100,000 gems here, including diamonds, sapphires, rubies, etc., and yes, I do recognize these names, but there are so many I do not recognize. Mother Earth, I think you hide much of what is within you.

When it is coming close to turning our thoughts to our next adventure, the Winter Solstice at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, we leave the museum by a 'back door' and take a taxi to the cathedral. It is not far, and on the way we are talking to the taxi driver who is from India and has been a taxi driver in New York City for 36 years.

When we reach the cathedral, a line has already formed outside its doors and Margaret and I know these are people waiting to seat themselves for the big Solstice celebration. We point out these waiting people to our taxi driver and tell him that close to 2000 will be in the cathedral from 2 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Then there will be a scramble to find taxis.

Margaret and I join the waiting people, and when the doors open and the 30-foot line begins to move, we are soon inside the cathedral looking for seats. We do not have reserved seats, but the unreserved seating area has good visibility for the performance. At the end of a big row of seats, we sit, and there are bright stained glass windows only a few feet from us.

Yes! We have chosen well! Just when Paul Winter's performance begins, the sun comes brightly into the stained glass window and shines directly on Margaret and me! Hello, sun, you have surprised us! We are happy you are shining on us!

Paul Winter's 36th Winter Solstice Celebration is called BRING HOME THE SUN. Well, the sun has heard and is responding. As I am writing you, I have in front of me a brochure from Paul Winter explaining that when the sun has moved to its southernmost point from the Equator, that is the moment of the Solstice, which means the sun is standing still. It pauses, and then it begins to return. Well, when we are sitting at his Solstice Celebration and the sun shines in the window, we feel it is at its southernmost point and it is acknowledging this to us! Wow!

This afternoon Paul Winter has with him Brazilian musicians, and among them are singers Renato Braz as well as Fabiana Cozza who, in 2012, was awarded the best samba singer. Joining their singing is traditional Brazilian drumming and instrument playing. Paul Winter, who has been a long-time friend of Renato Braz, fits in with all this. We in the audience are spellbound.

Similar to last year, gongs and bells and chimes accompany the music, and we watch as a sun gong climbs toward a stained glass window of the Christ wearing a bright red robe.

Then, to my amazement, a VERY BIG plastic balloon symbolizing the world with all its land and oceans begins to slowly rise until it is high up and close to the ceiling.


Optimism. Beautiful optimism. Yes, Paul Winter is an optimist.

The Cathedral is full bright when the program ends, and now he asks us all to sound like wolves. Today, 2000 plus howl. I do not know the significance.

After the performance, Margaret and I shake hands with Paul Winter who remembers us from last June's Summer Solstice.

* * *

December 20:

This morning, Sunday, our thoughts are on the Brooklyn Tabernacle and we will go there via the metro that is only two blocks from our hotel. I remember a few years ago when I wanted to take the metro early on a weekend morning. To my dismay, repair work was being done and the metro was very delayed. Will this happen today, a weekend?

Well, no. An express metro comes and for a couple minutes we are zooming before we transfer to a Brooklyn-bound express metro! Very quickly we reach Hoyt, the stop for the tabernacle.

But what is this? The terminal exit has changed. An employee seated nearby explains how we are to reach the tabernacle, and so we begin walking, knowing we will recognize 'signposts' from the last time. But, we do not see them! Why is this happening?

Males on bikes are carrying big plastic sacks containing empty beer cans and we are soon asking them for directions. They stop and politely help us. My memory recalls that few speak with them. Well, it is fun speaking with them, and I am actually happy that we became lost because it has given us a chance to speak with them!

And yes, we do reach the big, outer wooden doors of the Brooklyn Tabernacle. When we open them and enter, we encounter volunteers who have been escorting people through the next wooden doors to reach the big seating arrangement for the performance that is going on right now. I think probably 2,000 have found seats.

Margaret and I are escorted inside the auditorium and we walk no more than twenty feet to two available seats. One has a 'reserved' cloth on it and this is whipped aside for me to be seated.


A full stage of singers as well as all the audience are lustily singing and we immediately join them. Above our heads are small TV screens with the words of the song we are singing.


We sing about ten minutes and then the audience seats itself to listen to the pastor who is on stage and ready to speak --- we think. Well, no. The pastor tells us to stand again, shake hands, and give hugs to our neighbors. And so we stand again to greet our neighbors. FUN. Everyone is smiles and smiles and giving kind words.

When we are seated again, in a boisterous voice, the pastor begins telling us about the Tabernacle's relationship to the community. This is Christmas time and there have been exciting events and more to come.

The day before, he says, the tabernacle has put on a grand celebration for homeless people living in shelters who were brought together for the celebration. From 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., 400 tabernacle volunteers worked with close to 3,000, greeting them, feeding them, giving them gifts and clothing. 700 toys were given to the children, and many had arrived in 50 school buses. When it was time to leave, some homeless children began to cry because they wanted to stay.

In addition to this amazing event, the Brooklyn Tabernacle delivered presents to 6,000 plus prison inmates. The pastor showed us a box containing what each inmate received -- a pair of socks, a toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, and a green t-shirt with Brooklyn Tabernacle lettering.

All of us in the congregation listen to the pastor and we clap and smile as he speaks to us about these wonderful events. We know this is the true meaning of Christmas. A giving from the heart.

The chorus at the Brooklyn Tabernacle begins singing and we join them. When Margaret and I leave, our minds are still on the great giving of this place, and we are full of joy and love for all that we have heard and seen.

* * *

We take a taxi to the aquarium at Coney Island, our next destination. Our attention will be on the big walrus we love to watch here as he splashes, dives under the water, then comes up just below us as we are watching. Did he survive Hurricane Sandy who drove the Atlantic Ocean into the aquarium destroying much in its wake? We ask when we arrive at the aquarium, and yes, the walrus did survive. His water home was destroyed and so rescuers found him a temporary home while a new aquarium is being built to replace the damaged one.

It is a disappointment not to see him.

We turn our attention to the Atlantic Ocean and the long span of white sand reaching out to the water from the boardwalk in front of the old aquarium. We walk to the shoreline and Margaret draws Vortex Symbols in the sand just at the water's edge. The last time she did this, the ocean came up to swallow the Symbols, and we know the ocean will do this again. Margaret watches to be sure her shoes and feet will not be swallowed.

She will tell you more about that. It is her turn now to write you about our wonderful trip to New York City.

* * *

From Margaret:

I am ready to energize the Atlantic Ocean with the Vortexes. What are Vortexes? These are energy Symbols given to Native Americans Chief Golden Light Eagle and Grandmother SilverStar by the Higher Worlds to help Mother Earth, water, humanity, and everything on her during this time of change.

It is cold today. I find it is too cold to walk in the water with bare feet. My heart walks in. I begin drawing the Vortex Symbols on the hard sand at the water's edge. When the plastic knife breaks, I use the blunt end to make strong outlines of the Symbols. In two rows close to each other, I draw twenty-two for the healing of the ocean, honoring the ocean and all oceans. I speak the name of each Symbol and when the Symbols are combined, I speak the name of the Vortexes formed:

Vortex of Light, Sound, and Vibration.

Vortex of Integrity.

Vortex of Symmetry.

Vortex of Strength, Health, and Happiness.

Vortex of Right Relationship.

Vortex of Growth.

Vortex of True Judgment.

Vortex of Perception.

Vortex of Connection to Life.

Vortex of True Nature.

Vortex of Love.

The ocean is happy and moves in to take the Symbols. They are all taken by the time we turn to leave and walk over the sand on our way to the subway to return to our hotel in New York City.

When we board, we ride along relaxed. There is no crowding and riders are diverse, attentive and kind. Most are young and busy with their cellphones. The older generation reads books or newspapers or sits quietly thinking their own thoughts. What a difference is riding the subway today.

As I sit quietly, I begin thinking about how Vortexes give Light. Here is channeling given to me from the Sun.

Welcome to New York. Your job is to bring back the Light to the city, to the planet. Humanity needs to greet each other in Love. There is no separation between the people. Their hearts are the same. It is the mind that pulls apart and separates. Bless this time of the Return of the Light – the sun in the Northern Hemisphere. The planets are with you. The universes are with you. We say, wake up dear humans to the many gifts given to you today in all the different dimensions including the 3rd. Smile – that opens the heart. Greet each other with a smile, a simple gift that will set Love ablaze on the planet.

A message of Light and Love from the Sun.

* * *

I love receiving messages from the Sun, and even when the Sun is not sending a message, I love looking up and focusing on what is far above me.

When Barbara and I began our journey to New York City to attend the Paul Winter's Solstice Celebration, I looked up and saw in the grey sky a long horizontal line opening up within a massive cloud formation. A line of brilliance suddenly let shafts of sunlight come to the ground. First there was only one narrow shaft and then came many shafts of sunlight to the land. I merge into the brilliant view.

Yes, on my train journey to New York City I felt very relaxed, then tired and ready to sleep. I had amazing dreams and one of them was with a beautiful golden retriever who shows me how dogs heal -- how animals heal. He took a gold ring of sunlight, a solid gold ring about 8 to 10 inches in diameter, and expanded it as healing energy to send to a person needing healing. So I knew how this healing is done, the happy dog did this many times. What a gift from the Sun and the Dog Kingdom!

I realize the golden retriever is a Sundog on earth -- a representative of the Sun's grace and joy on the planet. Afterward, I thought of other animals, such as the lamas connected to the Sun. I was thinking that the curved ears of lamas can hold an esoteric sun disc between their ears. I realized that humans need to wake up to the gifts the Sun gives daily -- the giving of unconditional Love ceaselessly to everyone, to everything in the Solar System and beyond.

I wake from my dreaming to realize the train is just outside Croton Harmon and the sun is shining brilliantly over the Hudson River, creating magnificent, sparkling reflections of the sunlight on the water. What an amazing gift to me, the viewer! And, I realize the sky has changed from grey to amazing bright sunlight to welcome us to New York City for the Return of the Sun -- the Winter Solstice celebration.

* * *

More channeling:

Enter the Sea of Love. New York is a teacher. It teaches the world that everyone can get along. All want to be here on these streets, in these buildings, seeing the life of the city - the stores, the museums, the shows, the sites. We, too, are here to see the Paul Winter Concert celebrating the Return of the Sun, the Light, Love shattering the darkness, fear and hatred. Today we celebrate Christmas coming, the birth of Christ, the giver of Light, the projector of Love.


Excerpted from 2016 World Journals by Barbara Wolf Margaret Anderson. Copyright © 2016 Barbara Wolf & Margaret Anderson. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
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Table of Contents


Acknowledgements, vii,
Foreword, ix,
Introduction, xiii,
Chapter 1 New York City, 1,
Chapter 2 Serpent Mound, 14,
Chapter 3 Australia, 25,
Chapter 4 Australia, 42,
Chapter 5 Japan, 60,
Chapter 6 Japan, 74,
Chapter 7 Arkansas, 84,
Chapter 8 Arkansas, 103,
Chapter 9 New York City, 120,
Glossary, 127,
Vortex Symbols, 131,

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