2018 Australia & Japan Journeys

2018 Australia & Japan Journeys

by Barbara;Margaret Wolf;Anderson


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We wrote about our travels throughout the world. Recently, we went to Australia and Japan. We spoke two times in Japan. As usual, we returned from our journeys with fresh memories, and we sat down and wrote our books.

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ISBN-13: 9781546254294
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 08/07/2018
Pages: 116
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.24(d)

About the Author

Barbara Wolf is an author, world lecturer, and founder of a vast internet organization called Global Meditations Network,

Margaret Anderson receives channeling from whales and dolphins and others. Earlier, they have written Memories 2017 Part II, Memories 2017, 2016 World Journals II, 2016 World Journals, 2015 World Healing II, 2015 World Healing, 2014 World Journals, 2013 and Beyond Part II, 2013 and Beyond, What Can You Do To Help Our World?, Healing by Contacting Your Cells, Journal Excerpts from the Ring of Fire.

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Sunshine Coast, Australia

From Barbara:

We are ready to leave for Australia and Japan and our first attention will be the Sunshine Coast of Australia.

While we are preparing our journey, we learn that Mother Earth is experiencing shifts, and twenty-two shifts are expected this year. They will make one feel uncomfortable, a bit nervous, a bit upset. This will continue for a day, maybe two days, and then the unrest within us is gone.

Fortunately, those who know about shifts have sent out this message and we have read it.

Humanity is only a portion of what is living on this planet. Is there evidence of shifts being felt by the land? My thought is that these shifts, if felt by the land, would be felt as earth eruptions, quakes, volcanic explosions.

We learn that if Mother Earth decides to begin an extensive eruption on her surface, she will begin this eruption in the Pacific Ocean in the area we call Hawaii. Molten lava will come from the center of Mother Earth to her surface. If Hawaii is not hit first, then attention should be focused on Japan being hit first.

Just as we are ready to begin our journey, we learn that on May 3, Hawaii encountered a very big eruption. Should we cancel our journey which begins on May 5? Our suitcases are ready to go. What should we do? Go or not go?

Faith, we realize. We need faith that we are behaving properly. We will go. First we will go to the Sunshine Coast in Australia and then we will go to Japan to speak two times.

* * *

May 5:

We take a short flight from Rochester to Chicago where a Qantas flight flies us across the continent to Los Angeles. This is the first time we have taken a Qantas flight and we are impressed. Our flight is full and two middle-aged stewards and some female stewardesses accommodate us, all smiling. They give out beautiful, well-designed menus that make our mouths water as we read.

When we reach the West Coast near the location of Los Angeles, the sun has left us and it is dark. I look down at lights extending for miles along the water line, and I realize a huge population lives here. Big, lighted highways stretch here and there. Lighted buildings are everywhere. Yes, there are many who live here.

Interesting, between Margaret and me sits a male, probably in his twenties, who is returning to his home in Los Angeles. He says he loves the place and he is happy to come home again. He comes home as often as possible.

We change planes in Los Angeles and this next plane, headed to Brisbane, Australia, is jammed with people going home. I cannot sleep and so most of the night I watch the screen in front of me showing the location of the plane -- where it is going, the names of the places we will be passing, etc. When we reach the Equator, the screen says our watches need to move forward.

The screen also shows Brisbane's location to Tokyo which is where we will go after leaving Australia. Yes, the screen in front of me is fun to watch because it shows our locations for the next eighteen days.

Now Margaret will tell us about the beginning of her trip.

* * *

From Margaret:

Packing for this trip to Australia and Japan is very complex because I need to take many folders and files in my carry-on bag. When we are ready, Joan the taxi driver arrives and we are soon at the Rochester Airport where we are given boarding passes for Chicago, Los Angeles, and Brisbane, Australia.

In Chicago, our gate for Los Angeles is far across the airport from where we land. To transfer for our next flight, we must go through a new section of the airport. This does not include the towering dinosaur skeleton we are accustomed to seeing and we are sad. At our proper departure gate, we settle in for a two-hour wait.

When it is time to board, our seatmate is a young man from Los Angeles and Chicago who is delightful and enthusiastic when he speaks. As we move along, I think of the continent below us and I send out thoughts of calm across the country which I feel is unsettled. When we reach the West Coast, I place my mind on the dolphins and whales traveling up the coast.

On arrival at the Los Angeles Airport, we must reach a far gate where large Qantas airplanes are parked. Our Qantas plane to Brisbane is a new one and we are given seats in row 54. The stewards and stewardesses are extremely kind and attentive, and they serve a delicious dinner before most everyone begins to sleep. I rest and then explore the screen in front of me showing me a series of engineering miracles about present-day technology based on past discoveries. I watch films ranging from the design of the earliest wooden roller coaster to the newest world radio telescope, and life on the space station.

My mind is uplifted by the dedication of past and present scientists and engineers bettering life on the planet. I love so much the English astronaut saying that everyone works for the good of the mission and everyone shares knowledge and experience for the betterment of the whole. These words uplift me because I know humans need to live on this planet by cooperating and sharing.

After long hours of flying toward Brisbane, our plane crosses the Equator and International Dateline. Here I connect to the whole Pacific and I send deep into the ocean a beam of radiant crystalline Light full of healing, Love, peace, and appreciation. I know the Light spreads deep into the ocean.

When we approach the continent of Australia, I acknowledge the Aborigines who so carefully held the land. I address their ancestors and guardians of the land. I telepathically send out a message that we are coming to Australia to honor and to give gratitude for their stewardship of the land and its inhabitants – human, animals, birds, reptiles, plants and all life forms.

It is a privilege to be here.

* * *

From Barbara:

May 7:

When night becomes day, May 7, the pilot is ready to land in Brisbane and he brings the plane down smoothly. As he moves us to the terminal, I am surprised at the size of this airport. It is huge. Los Angeles and Chicago are big, but I do not expect Brisbane to be in that category.

When we exit the plane, I have in my hands a customs form warning me that if I do not answer its questions correctly, I will be caught and punished. I am worried about my energy bars and I show them. WHEW. They pass.

I go with many passengers here and there, up elevators, down escalators, and finally we are at doors opening to the outside. Now we have a new concern. Where is Macky, son of Stella, Margaret's sister, who will pick us up and take us to the home of his mother? Many people are waiting for their rides and we do not see him.

Well, we have to be patient. Maybe he is late for some reason. In less than fifteen minutes he joins us and tells us to follow him to his car. There are many, many cars and he says it has taken him forty minutes to find a place to park.

When we reach his bright red car, I open the door and of course I have forgotten he drives on the wrong side of the road, as I call driving British style rather than American style. Without comment, he opens the back door and puts me in.

Now he drives slowly, passing many parked cars until we reach a road that connects us to a main road taking us north to his mother's home. I expect this road to be busy and I am amazed at how few cars are using this road. However, Macky has told us today is a holiday, which, to me, indicates many are not driving today.

As we go along smoothly, I notice we are passing no houses. Only big, beautiful forests. Miles and miles of green forests. No humans, I am thinking, have planted them. They have come up on their own.

I am also thinking I do not feel the energy of the Aborigines who once lived in this forested area and I do not think they are living here now. That was the past, before the country became occupied by foreigners. In any case, I enjoy looking out the window at magnificent trees.

Finally we reach population and there is strong evidence that trees living alone are now living with houses. We pass a farming area where kangaroos are munching on the land.

When we reach Stella's house, it is wonderful meeting her again!

* * *

From Margaret:

Before 6:00 a.m. we land in Brisbane and pass through customs easily. Soon we are with my sister Stella's son, Macky Edmundson, and he is driving us to her house on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. Traffic is light because it is a holiday, Labor Day. I watch from the window magnificent forests growing. There are no houses.

It is wonderful to be with Stella again in her home. From the U.S.A., I often talk with her by phone, but there is nothing more wonderful than being with my sister in person.

She is a visionary artist and her home is filled with magnificent artwork displayed on the walls. Barbara and I admire her framed hooked rugs that show exquisite scenes of animals and birds of Australia and ancient life and pageantry of India. Her home is alive with Light and Love of creativity.

We also like her two cats who are hiding under the bed waiting to be convinced that they will be okay if they come out to be petted.

Stella soon has food on the table for us and we sit and eat and happily talk. Also, we begin making plans. First, we want to see the waters of the Pacific.

Is this water choppy and upset or is this water calm? What is its attitude?

* * *

From Barbara:

After our meal, Macky drives us to the ocean which is close to Stella's house, but we have not seen it because of magnificent tall trees blocking the ocean view from the road.

As he parks the car at the beginning of a dirt pathway, we can hear the mighty big roar of the ocean but we cannot see it. A powerful wind nearly takes our heads off as we get out of the car to walk toward the ocean we cannot see.

Now we reach a viewing platform overlooking a beach with the water beyond. But, we realize the wind is so powerful, we cannot go farther. We stand and watch the mighty waves and we are sad we cannot go to them. Tomorrow will be a better day to visit, we decide, and we turn and follow the dirt pathway to the road and the car.

* * *

From Margaret:

After a delicious breakfast, Macky takes us to the ocean, which is quite nearby. I have sacred healing symbols with me for the ocean, but the wind is too strong and the ocean is too rough for me to draw the healing Symbols. I need to wait another day.

Now Macky takes us to the top of a forested hill where we can see the distant Glass House Mountains, volcanic plugs now exposed by millions of years of wind, rain and soil erosion. In one direction we can see the Glass House Mountains, and in the other direction we can see the ocean. What magic! There is amazing power here!

Now we go to the Eric Joseph Foote Nature Reserve in Buderim, a park of ancient trees and flowers. I see a forest of tall magnificent trees and I am drawn to looking up at their impressive canopy. I also marvel at the root system that holds these sacred trees in place.

Signs tell us of the early use of these trees by the Aborigines who were keepers of this land. Not many are not here in the present but the Aborigine Spirits, ancestors and guardians are here in feeling and presence. We cherish our walk in the complexity of the nature world -- the trees, soil, ocean and forest -- the vast complexity of Australia.

* * *

From Barbara:

When Macky takes us to Eric Joseph Foote Park, we walk along a pathway to view magnificent tall trees that have been here many many years. I have a strong feeling of the energy of the Aborigines. They knew these trees. They were comfortable with this place. We walk along a pathway and stop to read signs explaining about specific trees. The first tree has a sign saying it was used as food by Aborigines and birds that had a name I do not know. Then we walk to another tree with a sign explaining about Aborigines and these trees.

Yes, this is interesting. I feel I am in the homeland of the Aborigines. Their energy is quite different from the present-day Australian owners.

* * *

From Margaret:

On our return to Stella's home, we are gifted by seeing kangaroo families in an open field. Also, today we have heard parrots and cockatoos and we have seen the mountains and the ocean. I feel deeply blessed.

* * *

May 8:

From Barbara:

When we were in Australia a few years ago, we went to the zoo to see the kangaroos and it was a wonderful experience. My thought is that the kangaroos have been living on this continent a very, very long time. They represent ancient animals still on this planet, which means they represent ancient Earth still managing at this present day. Even though the Earth is now probably more upset than earlier, they still seem to manage. They knew the Aborigines and the Aborigines knew them. I connect Australia with both.

This morning, Stella drives us to the zoo to see the kangaroos. As she is driving, I watch the multitude of tall green trees we are passing. I know they like water. As for myself, I realize the weather today is being kind to us. It is not raining and not too cold or too hot.

When we arrive at the zoo, Stella drops us at the entrance and she drives the car away to park it. Although we see many parked cars, we do not see any people because they are already inside the zoo. When she returns to us, we buy food to feed the kangaroos and then we begin our walk to them. First, we pass enclosures for huge turtles that I remember from an earlier visit.

Now we are following signs saying we are walking in the right direction to reach the kangaroos. And yes, soon we are among them. But, I am surprised they are lying on the ground, sprawled all over the place. They do not seem interested in eating. Some people are among them offering food, but their attempts fail.

However, we now see at the edge of a pathway a mother wallaby smaller than a kangaroo eating food from the hand of a visitor. What is so remarkable is that a tiny, tiny baby is sticking his head out of his mother's pouch as she is eating. What fun to watch this!

Now we walk a bit further to reach about ten disinterested kangaroos sprawled on the ground. We are thinking, will they allow us to be photographed with them? Maybe such a photograph would be good for the cover of our book.

A man with a camera is standing nearby. Will he take our photograph with the kangaroos? Yes. With Margaret's cellphone.

When that is accomplished, we have thoughts of checking on what is happening just ahead of us. There is an outdoor stadium where people are beginning to gather for a crocodile performance. We have never seen a crocodile performance, and so we gather with them to sit on chairs in the stadium.

However, the performance does not begin with crocodiles. Instead, colorful birds are released to fly across the stadium from one end to the other. Some swoop close to us, and I note they are not afraid.

I know these birds are living in captivity at the zoo, but I am curious they seem controlled and will not fly away. Then I see zoo members sitting in the audience with food in their hands. The birds are flying from one food source to another. They are used to doing this. When the food is over and their flying performance is over, they are used to returning to their zoo home.

When it is time for the crocodile performance, we watch as a huge dark body of a crocodile swims underwater into the stadium. He moves slowly, very slowly, as we watch. Above him, on the stadium ground surface, are zoo employees dangling dead birds from their hands. I note they are very careful about protecting themselves. And yes! They need to be careful. We watch as this huge crocodile suddenly launches his head out of the water to catch a dangling dead bird. His open mouth comes CLOSE to the hands of the park employee holding the dead bird.

When the entertainment is over, suddenly it begins to rain hard and we take shelter to wait for it to stop. Well, the rain seems to have no intention of quitting. We wait patiently and when it does stop, we climb aboard a free shuttle tram which shelters passengers from any chance of more rain. One of its destinations is the entrance to the zoo, and here we leave the tram and Stella drives us to her home.

Later in the afternoon, we return to the beach which we tried to see yesterday when the wind and waves were TOO POWERFUL. Today, the water is calm. The beach is inviting.

* * *

From Margaret

May 8:

As Barbara has just told you, this morning Stella drives us to the Australia Zoo to see the kangaroos. Here, we buy three packages of kangaroo food of corn and grains. To reach them, we pass two large turtles eating their breakfast of dark leaves.

Then we walk to Roo Heaven, the area devoted to wallabies and kangaroos, and we are remembering the last time we were here. They were completely tame and enjoyed eating from the outstretched hands of visitors. But, to our surprise today, the feeding desire is over, and they are sprawled on their sides to enjoy the moist grass and the attention of the people.


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Table of Contents

Acknowledgements, vii,
Foreword, ix,
Introduction, xiii,
Chapter 1 Sunshine Coast, Australia, 1,
Chapter 2 First Days in Australia, 13,
Chapter 3 Ayers Rock (Uluru), The Olgas (Kata Tjuta), 21,
Chapter 4 Alice Springs and Corroboree Rock, 33,
Chapter 5 Japan Journey Begins, 47,
Chapter 6 Our Talks in Shibuya (Tokyo), 55,
Chapter 7 Countryside of Japan, Chiba, 65,
Chapter 8 Symphony Of Peace Prayers, Mount Fuji, 71,
Chapter 9 Second Talk Session, Japan, 79,
Chapter 10 Australia 1989 Visit, 85,
Glossary, 93,
Vortex Symbols, 97,

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