2030: The Coming Tumult - Unlimited Growth on a Finite Planet

2030: The Coming Tumult - Unlimited Growth on a Finite Planet

by Richard Mosey




This book explores the role of corporations in creating a debate where no debate exists, the averse effects of religion on the climate debate, the professional and academic global warming deniers and their funding, why scientists are woefully incapable of competing with corporations in a public relations and legislative war, why the American middle class is disappearing, why a select group of wealthy citizens and global elites will survive and even prosper during economic collapse through privatization and exploitation of natural disasters, and why globalization will exacerbate planetary decline, and create poverty for at least 80 percent of Americans (and those in developing countries).

The book will also explore how globalization will accelerate terrorism, how unprecedented migration will cause cultural tensions and conflict, delve into American consumption patterns and why an indebted society will keep spending money it doesn't have, and look the human compulsions driving this behavior. Neither the Democrats nor Republicans in Washington can survive without large amounts of corporate largesse because of the staggering amount of funding involved in running for and remaining in office.

Windows of opportunity are closing rapidly and, unfortunately, are likely to slam shut before we muster the necessary national or global political will. The recent American and global economic meltdown, while serious, pales in comparison to the catastrophic dangers if climate change is allowed to spin out of control. The increasingly desperate scientific reports will almost certainly be ignored or played down - and scientists are woefully outgunned in the sphere of publicrelations.

The book begins with views of respected scientists discussing their fields of expertise, the demographic and cultural situation in Western Europe, the climate change deniers, religious myths competing with scientific truth, corporate influence on American politicians, the precarious situation faced by American-style capitalism and its effects on the middle class and the poor, and the expenditures and sacrifices which will be demanded of the American public which will not be heeded until the tipping point is long past.

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ISBN-13: 9780875867441
Publisher: Algora Publishing
Publication date: 09/01/2009
Pages: 248
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