20K a Day: How to Launch More Books and Make More Money by Writing Faster, Better and Smarter

20K a Day: How to Launch More Books and Make More Money by Writing Faster, Better and Smarter

by Jonathan Green


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Do you want to write faster, and not just spend your life stuck behind a computer? Do you want to write Twenty Thousand Wordsevery day?

Are you struggling to find the time to finish that great novel? Are you always late with your publisher or stuck choosing between writing and your family?

Writers, authors, and screenwriters - you need to read 20K a Day - as soon as possible! In this book, you’ll learn how to use the power of ritual to unlock "the ZONE" every single time you sit down to write...FOREVER

You cannot underestimate the power of speed.

Learn how to isolate the distractions that slow down your writing and remove them from your life immediately. You will discover the fast writer living within you right now just waiting to burst forth into the universe. As a 20K Writer, you will finish projects sooner, get paid faster and have more free time to spend doing the things you love than ever before.

Packed with wisdom you can put to use right away, you’ll learn how to become the writer you always knew you were.

What pragmatic and actionable tactics will you learn?

  • How to quickly isolate your writing distractions.

  • The secret to rock-solid outlines that unlock your creativity

  • The foolproof method for getting into the zone.

  • The most common timing mistakes even smart writers make and how to avoid them.

  • The singular best way to create profitable, engaging books

Also the following insights:

  • The 16 internal causes of procrastination you must conquer to achieve success

  • Six different ways you can “cheat” and outperform the competition.

  • A step-by-step process for unlocking the new, super-motivated version of you.

  • How to achieve absolute mindfulness with seven meditation secrets.

  • PLUS, a powerful quiz to jumpstart the process!

Here’s what this book ISN’T: this isn’t about making empty promises, starting diets that have no chance of succeeding, or jumping on the latest fad. This is about building a consistent, unique and permanent work ethic that will allow you to get ahead in business and life.

How will your life improve?

  • Follow a process only a few WRITERS have ever mastered

  • Get KNOWN for your ability to finish projects early

  • Work on projects and tasks that you LIKE and enjoy every day again

  • Stop stressing about deadlines and start looking forward to PAYDAYS

  • Build the 20K Habit and LOOK FORWARD to finishing your book in weeks, instead of months

Implement these techniques and watch your profits skyrocket.

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ISBN-13: 9781539302551
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 05/16/2017
Series: Serve No Master , #3
Pages: 230
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.48(d)

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