20th-Century Speeches, The Penguin Book of

20th-Century Speeches, The Penguin Book of

Paperback(1st ed)

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20th-Century Speeches, The Penguin Book of by Brian MacArthur

Whether it was Churchill rousing the British to war, Fidel Castro inspiring the Cuban revolution, Bill Clinton defending himself against Monica Lewinsky or Tony Blair leading New Labour out of the wilderness, great speakers have always had the power to stir hearts, uphold great ideals and lead nations to new frontiers.

The dreams of Emmeline Pankhurst, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela inspired millions. This anthology, newly revised to include speeches from the end of this century, including Earl Spencer's stirring philippic over the coffin of his sister, Princess Diana, contains the most famous or notorious speeches in English since 1899, as well as speeches in translation from world leaders, including Lenin, Hitler and Stalin. There are also lesser-known masterpieces from such speakers as Roger Casement, J. B. Priestley and Salman Rushdie. Many helped to change the history of the twentieth century.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780140232349
Publisher: Penguin Group (USA) Incorporated
Publication date: 08/01/1994
Edition description: 1st ed
Pages: 512
Product dimensions: 5.10(w) x 7.76(h) x 0.92(d)

About the Author

Brian MacArthur is the Executive Editor (features) for the London Times. He is also the editor of The Penguin Book of Historical Speeches.

Table of Contents

'The doctrine of the strenuous life' (1899)1
'Methods of barbarism' (1901)4
'Socialism' (1901)6
'I believe in a British Empire and I do not believe in a Little England' (1903)9
'I warn the Government' (1906)13
'The men with the muck-rakes' (1906)18
'The plight of women' (1908)20
'The People's Budget' (1909)23
'We are in for rough weather' (1909)28
'The new nationalism' (1910)30
'Freedom or death' (1913)33
'Ulster is asking to be let alone' (1914)37
'The great pinnacle of sacrifice' (1914)39
'Ireland unfree shall never be at peace' (1915)45
'There is no salvation for India' (1916)47
'Ireland summons her children to the flag' (1916)50
'In Ireland alone, in this twentieth century, is loyalty held to be a crime' (1916)52
'The world must be made safe for democracy' (1917)59
'A new phase in the history of Russia begins' (1917)62
'The dustbin of history' (1917)65
'We need an army' (1918)66
'While there is a lower class, I am in it' (1918)69
'A fit country for heroes to live in' (1918)72
'American I was born' (1919)75
'Man will see the truth' (1919)78
'A man as low and mean as I can picture' (1919)81
'The eyes of the whole Empire are on Ireland today' (1921)83
'Non-violence is the first article of my faith' (1922)85
'A message to every land where the Jewish race is scattered' (1922)91
'The sounds of England' (1924)94
'The life of the Negro race has been a life of tragedy' (1926)96
'I am never be guilty, never' (1927)100
'Rugged individualism' (1928)103
'The nation has to be mobilized' (1930)106
'We are not on trial' (1930)109
'Either we do it--or they crush us' (1931)112
'Bolshevism run mad' (1931)114
'An indomitable aggressive spirit' (1932)116
'The bomber will always get through' (1932)124
'The only thing we have to fear is fear itself' (1933)128
'The supreme justiciar of the German people' (1934)133
'England again dares to be great' (1935)136
'They shall not pass' (1936)137
'The forces of selfishness and of lust for power met their match' (1936)139
'The locust years' (1936)141
'I shall always trust the instincts of our democratic people' (1936)143
'The Jews carry Palestine in their hearts' (1936)146
'I have determined to renounce the Throne' (1936)153
'The House today is a theatre which is being watched by the whole world' (1936)155
'God Save the King' (1936)158
'I stake my life' (1937)160
'The oppression is growing' (1937)164
'My patience is now at an end' (1938)166
'Peace for our time' (1938)170
'My bead erect' (1938)171
'A total and unmitigated defeat' (1938)172
'Is this an attempt to dominate the world by force?' (1939)175
'This country is at war with Germany' (1939)179
'In the name of God, go' (1940)181
'Sacrifice the seals of office' (1940)184
'I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat' (1940)187
'Be ye men of valour' (1940)188
'This was their finest hour' (1940)190
'The flame of French resistance' (1940)191
'This little steamer' (1940)194
'The arsenal of democracy' (1940)196
'The four freedoms' (1941)199
'A grave danger hangs over our country' (1941)203
'A date which will live in infamy' (1941)206
'The final solution' (1942)208
'We will stand and fight here' (1942)211
'Give me your children' (1942)214
'The vision of such an Ireland' (1943)218
'That son of a bitch Patton again' (1943-4)221
'Obliteration is not a justifiable act of war' (1944)223
'Our deep moral dependence' (1945)227
The 'iron curtain' (1946)231
'A choice between the quick and the dead' (1946)234
'The noble mansion of free India' (1947)237
'The light has gone out of our lives' (1948)241
'I have in my hand...' (1950)243
'The agony and the sweat' (1950)246
'There is only one hope for mankind' (1951)248
'Let's talk sense to the American people' (1952)251
'The motion of destiny' (1953)253
'History will absolve me' (1953)257
'Shall we choose death?' (1954)262
'There comes a time when people get tired' (1955)265
'We must abolish the cult of the individual' (1956)267
'We have to act up to different standards' (1956)274
'Naked into the conference chamber' (1957)277
'Hola Camp' (1959)279
'An ugly society, a rulgar society, a meretricious society' (1959)282
'The wind of change' (1960)286
'Do not reject this man' (1960)291
'A new frontier' (1960)294
'The torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans' (1961)297
'That man was Eichmann' (1961)301
'We will fight, fight and fight again' (1961)308
'The brotherhood of man' (1961)310
'Duty--Honor--Country' (1962)313
'The end of a thousand years of history' (1962)319
'Ich bin ein Berliner' (1963)322
'Never glad confident morning again' (1963)324
'I have a dream' (1963)327
'The white heat of technology' (1963)332
'Let us continue' (1963)334
'An ideal for which I am prepared to die' (1964)337
'The Great Society' (1964)344
'Extremism in defence of liberty is no vice' (1964)347
'A time for choosing' (1964)350
'More African than American' (1965)353
'We shall overcome' (1965)357
'This is the goal' (1966)362
'A tiny ripple of hope' (1966)366
'The decent opinion of mankind' (1967)372
'We will be free' (1968)376
'I shall not seek nor will I accept nomination as your president' (1968)380
'I seem to see "the River Tiber foaming with much blood"' (1968)383
'The time has come for an honest government' (1968)392
'A woman's civil right' (1969)396
'Millions will rejoice' (1971)400
'Au revoir' (1974)403
'Our human stock is threatened' (1974)405
'Let me give you my vision' (1975)409
'I late, ignorance and evil' (1975)413
'The red flame of Socialist courage' (1976)418
'What is the joy about?' (1978)421
'Home Thoughts from Abroad' (1979)424
'The dream shall never die' (1980)429
'We are reaping the whirlwind of all our yesterdays' (1981)431
'The Falklands Factor' (1982)434
'Our neighbours are indeed like us' (1982)436
'I warn you' (1983)439
'We do not want a Poland which costs us nothing' (1983)441
'The great she-elephant, she who must be obeyed' (1984)444
'A monstrous carbuncle' (1984)446
'Let us make a vow to the dead' (1984)449
'You can't play politics with people's jobs' (1985)451
'The future doesn't belong to the fainthearted' (1986)454
'Why am I the first Kinnock in a thousand generations to be able to get to university?' (1987)456
'Now is the time' (1988)459
'Keep hope alive' (1988)460
'The frontiers of the State' (1988)464
'A contaminated moral environment' (1990)468
'Our march to freedom is irreversible' (1990)472
'A conflict of loyalty' (1990)475
'I cannot hand away powers lent to me' (1991)479
'What is my single life worth?' (1991)482
'Annus Horribilis' (1992)491
'If Martin Luther King were to reappear' (1993)494
'Let freedom reign' (1994)498
'A modern constitution' (1994)501
'Listen to the silent screams' (1995)506
'The most hunted person of the modern age' (1997)508
'A beacon to the world' (1997)511
'The causes of defeat' (1997)518
'May they rest in peace' (1998)522
'This has hurt too many innocent people' (1998)524

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