The 21-Day Consciousness Cleanse: A Breakthrough Program for Connecting with Your Soul's Deepest Purpose

The 21-Day Consciousness Cleanse: A Breakthrough Program for Connecting with Your Soul's Deepest Purpose

by Debbie Ford


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In The 21-Day Consciousness Cleanse, Debbie Ford delivers her most practical and prescriptive book yet —a 21–day, life-changing program for spiritual renewal, emotional transformation, and reconnection with the soul’s deepest purpose. Ford, the New York Times bestselling author of Why Good People Do Bad Things, offers a unique program designed to clear our minds and hearts from the negative thoughts and feelings that build up over time and too often guide our decisions and behaviors.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780061783692
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 12/28/2010
Pages: 239
Sales rank: 176,589
Product dimensions: 14.82(w) x 11.34(h) x 0.61(d)

About the Author

DEBBIE FORD (October 1, 1955 - February 17, 2013) is the national bestselling author of Dark Side of the Light Chasers, Secret of the Shadow, Spiritual Divorce, The Right Questions, The Best Year of Your Life, Why Good People Do Bad Things, and The 21-Day Consciousness Cleanse.

Table of Contents

The 21 -Day Consciousness Cleanse 1

Preparing for the Game 11

The Promise 49

The Process 53

The Preparation 59

The Practice 65

Cleansing Tools 73

The Past 79

Day 1 The Gift of Desire 85

Day 2 The Gift of Self-Awareness 91

Day 3 The Gift of Release 97

Day 4 The Gift of Forgiveness 105

Day 5 The Gift of Reverence 111

Day 6 The Gift of Surrender 117

Day 7 The Gift of Self-Acknowledgment 123

The Present 129

Day 8 The Power of Liberation 137

Day 9 The Power of Responsibility 145

Day 10 The Power of Humility 149

Day 11 The Power of Acceptance 153

Day 12 The Power of Risk 157

Day 13 The Power of the Present 163

Day 14 The Power of Truth 169

The Future 177

Day 15 The Light of Realization 187

Day 16 The Light of God's Will 193

Day 17 The Light of Devotion 199

Day 18 The Light of Transcendence 205

Day 19 The Light of Purpose 209

Day 20 The Light of Compassion 215

Day 21 The Light of Possibility 221

Conclusion: Soul Power 229

Acknowledgments 237

What People are Saying About This

Deepak Chopra

“Once again, Debbie Ford offers a simple and elegant process to get you in touch with the deepest part of your being, so you can live a life of meaning and purpose.”

Judith Orloff

“Life coach extraordinaire, Debbie Ford, offers an inspiring program to cleanse toxic thoughts and behaviors to help everyone achieve an emotionally freer, loving, more authentic life. This book is a 21 day guide that is easy to practice and benefit from.”

Harville Hendrix

“No matter what one’s spiritual beliefs may be, anyone who engages in the practices prescribed by the author cannot but benefit. The message is clear and the practice is specific and systematic. I recommend to anyone who wishes to engage in a journey of psychological healing and spiritual growth.”

Marianne Williamson

“Living fully in the present. Discovering our true calling. These are not impractical concepts out of reach. In Debbie Ford’s wonderful new book, she walks you through a process of discovery. Our outer shells crumble to reveal the soul’s gold that has been waiting to be discovered.”

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