21st Century Poetry

21st Century Poetry

by Kennyatta Duveil

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“SOUL TREASURES” Between bosoms of pleasure, caressing mounds of luscious lure, with nipples erect, sweeter than grapes for sure! To taste this fruit is heaven; pleasing to the eye, taste, touch, smell, And I now breathe heavily! Hair complimenting the reflection of the face of the most high! So beautiful-- golden, dark, light, and all shades of females… Soul treasures. I think you are God’s gift to me. Thank you, Father. And when you made the thighs and the premier of pleasure between, Heaven and earth opens as the soul treasures parts before me! I just know she won’t be mad at me! Not with the stroke I’ll be using. And the aroma after a warm spring shower, excitement builds as I kiss life again and again! So sweet and wet is life’s soul treasures enjoyed by two, a gift from God! That all may partake and be in heaven even if for a moment only! And if I could recreate you, I would change nothing… add or take away! The same furriness that surrounds this succulent fruit, shaped in a drop of life. And God has made no other touch as pleasing… And verily I say unto you Soul treasures is the ultimate expression of creation! How divine, so asterios, so for real, so accessible. I love you, stay warm.

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Publication date: 10/30/2003
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