21st Century's New Chakra Healing: The Revolutionary Method of Healing That Will Make You Healthy and Balanced

21st Century's New Chakra Healing: The Revolutionary Method of Healing That Will Make You Healthy and Balanced

by Michael Nudel, Eva Nudel



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21st Century's New Chakra Healing: The Revolutionary Method of Healing That Will Make You Healthy and Balanced by Michael Nudel, Eva Nudel

The book describes the Nudel's method of Ether "Double" Image Chakra Healing letting you perform Chakra, Color, and Crystal Healing in an absolutely new way to make yourself and others physically, energetically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy.

From the Authors: As authors, we believe that anyone can learn how to perform energy and distant healing and start helping self, loved ones, families and friends to be healthy and balanced. For this reason, we wrote our most recent how-to-do book "21st Century's New Chakra Healing," where we revealed our secrets and described Michael Nudel's method of healing performed on the Ether "Double" Image. With our book, we open a new page in the Chakra Healing, which had remained almost the same for thousands of years without any progress. We propose our unique method which had been proven as an effective and powerful healer's tool diring many years of experience.

With help of this how-to-do guide, you will be able to control your bio-energy and thoughts, prepare your mind for energy work, work with your energy, free yourself of energy blocks and maintain your energetic, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and balance. —Michael Nudel & Eva Nudel, Ph.D.

Michael Nudel and Eva Nudel, Ph.D., are energy healing specialists of Bio-Energy System Services, based in Los Angeles, CA. They are experts in energy healing and distant healing. They help people to restore and maintain their energetic, physical, mental and emotional health and balance.

Michael Nudel has an inborn ability to perceive bio-energy fields around people and energy information. He had developed ability to determine roots of people's health physical and energetic imbalances and problems by looking at people or perceiving them from people's personal energetic information. He had had twenty-five years of energy healing experience and developed his own methods and techniques of an energy assessment and bio-energy and chakra healing. Michael had started his healer's practice in Uzbekistan, and he continues his energetic work in America helping people to be healthy and energetic.

Eva Nudel has started studying natural health topics and mind healing in Uzbekistan. In America, she graduated from Clayton College of Natural Health, Alabama, and earned her Ph.D. degree in Holistic Health Sciences and M.S. degree in Natural Health. Along with her husband, she practices energy healing and counseling.

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ISBN-13: 9780967751412
Publisher: Bio-Energy System Services, Incorporated
Publication date: 10/28/2000
Pages: 155
Product dimensions: 5.37(w) x 8.52(h) x 0.48(d)

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As small parts of the Universe, we must submit to the Laws of the Universe. People use five senses to perceive the material world around them. However, our material world consists of more subtle occurrences than can be perceived by the five senses, and if we become attuned to the higher dimensional worlds, we can more easily comply with the Laws of the Universe. In other words, by developing your ability to sense energetic fields, you will perceive the world around you with a more complete perspective that includes a newly developed bio-energetic ability.

This book presents a revolutionary method of chakra and bio-energy healing. This never-before published method of energetic cleansing, balancing, normalizing, and healing can be utilized by anyone to heal the self and others. While chakra healing has been used for thousands of years, I have synthesized these ancient teachings with my own techniques to form a unique and innovative method named Ether "Double" Image Healing. My book reveals this method of chakra energy healing, which may be performed by anyone, on anyone, and at any distance.

At birth, we are all given the unique ability to feel our own bio-energetic field and that of others, as well as the energy field of any live matter. People hold powerful energetic strength and potential, inside and out. This book will give you special techniques to open and develop bio-energetic ability and use it for your own health and balance. You will not only be able to help yourself be healthy¾ you can help family, loved ones, and pets as well. By learning to control and direct your own energy, or even the energy of anyone else, you will learn how to achieve optimum health for yourself and others.

I have been developing methods for bio-energetic and chakra healing for over twenty-five years. I have helped many people, and I continue my healing practice helping people in their healing process with my naturally strong bio-energetic field. In this practical handbook, I am passing on valuable discoveries made during my healer's experience.

Developing bio-energetic abilities is a fascinating and evolving process. Once you begin developing your energy and healing abilities, it is not possible to stop, turn away, or forget the experience. Once I started, I could never stop learning. I experimented with bio-energy and chakra healing, developing new methods and possibilities to heal and assess bio-energy. Thereafter, my deep understanding of human energy fields and energetic information, through intensive research and step-by-step experimenting in energy healing at close and long distance, have determined my new vision of employing bio-energy in the healing and balancing process.

Excerpt # 2: People are energy beings. The roots of human problems are energy problems. Thoughts, emotions, feelings, and actions are energy actions. You influence other people with your bio-energy, and other people in turn influence you. Energy fields interact when people stay close to each other. When an influence is positive and peaceful, you gain positive energy and balance. On the other hand, when people are faced with an angry communicator or prolonged stressful event, they are involved in a negative energetic influence. In many cases, people's energy may be blocked, become unbalanced, stagnant or stale.

This book will teach you how to release energy blocks, whether they be emotional, mental, or even spiritual blocks, and to release bio-negativity in a new way never published before in bio-energetic and chakra therapy. You will be able to open your chakras and make them working and functional. Functional chakras bring vital energy to the chakra and energy system.

In addition, you will learn how to prepare your mind and your bio-energy to perform the bio-energetic healing work and maintenance of physical, mental, emotional, and energetic health on an everyday basis. You will learn how to achieve a meditative state of mind – an important healer's tool in energy and chakra healing. You will learn how to develop visual memory and the ability to visualize. A vast amount of healing work is performed with the help of visualization. Visualization may be healing in its nature, just as positive thought may be healing. Nevertheless, you will learn to use your newly developed ability to visualize in an absolutely new and unique way.

Finally, you will learn how to achieve an energetic balance in order to prevent physical illnesses, and to perceive positive healing information and discharge unwanted energetic information or harmful bio-negative energy from human energetic systems. You will be able to relieve imbalances and discomforts on the energetic and physical level. You will be able to use color and crystal chakra therapy on the ether "double" image in a new and innovative way that works to influence the physical state. And moreover, you will be able to maintain your healthy energy state and heal illnesses.

You do not need to be a specialist, psychic or healer to gain awareness from this book. Nevertheless, you may grow spiritually and energetically. Our teaching will give you the possibility of self-awareness, personal growth, wisdom, new understanding and maturity.

New Chakra Healing will help you to be healthy and to live a highly energetic, distress-free, balanced life. You will improve your relationships and communication, learn to be more successful with high self-esteem and inner-self knowledge, and be happy and positive-minded. The unique method of Ether "Double" Image Chakra Healing can be your effective healer's tool forever. You need not believe my words ¾ you will be able to know, practice and observe miracles of healing and energetic influence on your own. I believe my method of Ether "Double" Image Chakra Healing opens the door to the Future of Medicine: self-healing, health and energetic balance, and intuitive control over energetic or any kind of information and influence. Using the Ether "Double" Image Method of Chakra healing, you will be able to find any imbalances and problems in your chakras and chakra system, your organs, body parts, and body systems. You will fix them all with 21 Century's New Chakra Healing.


Table of Contents



Chapter 1—Subtle Bodies of a Cosmic Organism

Chapter 2—Chakras as Psychic and Energetic Centers

Chapter 3—Meditation and Visualization-Preparing for Bio-Energetic Work

Chapter 4—Ether "Double" Image as Energetic Information

Chapter 5—Ether "Double" Image Chakra Assessment

Chapter 6—Ether "Double" Image Chakra Healing

Chapter 7—Ether "Double" Image Color Chakra Healing

Chapter 8—Ether "Double" Image Crystal Chakra Healing



What People are Saying About This

Frankie Avalon Wolfe

Intriguing, simple and effective work! The authors lead you through concise steps to heal the energy centers (chakras) of the body. While doing the mental exercises, you can actually feel the physical sensations in your body--it's quite extraordinary!
— (Frankie Avalon Wolfe, Ph.D., M.H.H., R.N.C.P., Author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Reflexology & The Complete Idiot's Guide to Herbal Remedies)

Phyllis Light

Phyllis Light, M.H., Director of Herbal Studies, Clayton College of Natural Health
Energy medicine is the Next Wave in the holistic health arena. The Nudels are at the forefront of this wave bringing an awareness of energy systems and use that only an intuitive and studied approach and practice can bring. More so, their depth of commitment to helping others heal and to educating other healers shines through in their work. 21 Century's New Chakra Healing is an easy to read book which can help anyone learn to cleanse, balance, and normalize the Chakras and remove blocks which can impede physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

The Nudels provide an excellent foundation which can help anyone understand chakras and their role in health. Their use of drawing the energetic double image to aid in the work is both innovative and brilliant. Chakra healing is a very useful tool in any healer's repertoire of working modalities. Their explanation of the chakras and the organ systems is both usable and easy to use. This is one book worthy a place on any healer's bookshelf.

James L. Harvey

James E. Harvey, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor, Clayton College of Natural Health
The Nudels in their most recent book, 21 Century's New Chakra Healing, provide us with an opportunity to better understand the concept of walking in balance. Step by step, they teach us a new and exciting method of healing the chakras for ourselves and for others, both present and at a distance. It is a wonderful reference book for anyone interested in Natural Healing.

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