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24 Ways to Move More: Monthly Inspiration for Health and Movement

24 Ways to Move More: Monthly Inspiration for Health and Movement


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Are you in an exercise rut, tired of doing the same old workouts? Or perhaps you have resolved to be more active but know you'll have trouble sticking with it? Maybe be what you need is a new mindset-and some fresh ways to move your body! Yoga instructor and fitness expert Nicole Tsong is here to lead you through a year's worth of new activities-24 fun, accessible ways to move more that will benefit your body and your soul. With two motivating choices each month and ideas on how to self-pace, 24 Ways to Move More makes it easy to infuse new energy into your life! Explore activities such as Trampoline Jumping, Ultimate, Tai Chi, Trail Running, Rollerskating, Cross-Functional Fitness, Snowshoeing, Stand-Up Paddleboarding Throughout the book, space for journalising helps you reflect on how you feel, both mentally and physically, after you've tried a new activity. After twelve months, you'll feel more inspired, and healthier, too!

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ISBN-13: 9781680512748
Publisher: Mountaineers Books, The
Publication date: 10/01/2020
Pages: 208
Sales rank: 1,037,401
Product dimensions: 7.20(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Known for a playful, accessible approach to fitness, health, and wellness, Nicole Tsong wrote the popular column "Fit for Life" in The Seattle Times for more than six years and is the author of Yoga for Hikers and Yoga for Climbers (Mountaineers Books). She has taught strong, essential yoga classes for more than a decade and consults as a success coach.

Erika Schultz is a staff photographer for The Seattle Times and teaches photography and video at the University of Washington’s School of Communications.

Table of Contents

My Movement Journey 7

Get Moving 19

12 Months of Movement 25

Month 1 Walking 30

Cross-Functional Fitness 38

Month 2 Swimming 45

Hip-Hop Dance 51

Month 3 Hiking 56

Trampoline Jumping 62

Recovery: Massage 67

Month 4 Tennis 69

Tree Climbing 75

Month 5 Stand-Up Paddleboarding 80

Yoga 86

Month 6 Swing Dance 92

Ultimate 98

Recovery: Healing from Injury 103

Month 7 Kickboxing 105

Trail Running 111

Month 8 Indoor Climbing 116

Roller Skating 123

Month 9 Zumba 128

Biking 133

Recovery: Acupuncture 139

Month 10 Stair Walking 140

Tabata 144

Month 11 Snowshoeing 149

Tai Chi 154

Month 12 Skiing 159

Pilates 165

Recovery: Myofascial Release 171

Keep It Going at Home 173

Exercise at Home 175

Stretch at Home 178

The Next 12 Months 181

Acknowledgments 199

Resources 201

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