24 Ways Upon the Bells

24 Ways Upon the Bells

by Christian Rivet


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Release Date: 04/27/2010
Label: Naive
UPC: 0822186001837
catalogNumber: 183


  1. Avant l'heure. Come Ashore, Jolly Tar (after John Playford), for guitar
  2. La demie. Twas within a Furlong of Edinborough Town (after John Playford), for guitar
  3. Robin Hoode (after John Playford), for lute
  4. La Cloche (The Bell) (after John Playford), for lute
  5. Light of Love (after John Playford), for lute
  6. I can not Keepe my Wife at Home (after John Playford), for lute
  7. Le quart. Scots Rant (after John Playford), for guitar
  8. L'heure. Scotch Cap (after John Playford), for guitar

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KeelanTaylor More than 1 year ago
Quite a bit of the music on this album reflects a Pre-Baroque style of playing. It's not cluttered with a lot of instruments. Rather it's just one person and their instrument. Simplicity in music is just as moving as more complex compositions. The feel is just different. In fact, "for me anyways". One instrument being played is the essential foundation and essence of what music is. It's more personal. "IF" your the one playing the instrument. Where playing in a group is more social. If you want more solidarity in the music you listen to. Just imagine yourself the playing the instrument on these recordings. Who knows? It might inspire you to want to learn an instrument.