25 Methods Of Overcoming Pain, Helplessness, Anger,Sadness, Guilt, Fear, Hurt Etc.To Be Happy: Redefining happiness , a soul's perspective

25 Methods Of Overcoming Pain, Helplessness, Anger,Sadness, Guilt, Fear, Hurt Etc.To Be Happy: Redefining happiness , a soul's perspective

by Swati Shiv


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25 Methods Of Overcoming Pain, Helplessness, Anger,Sadness, Guilt, Fear, Hurt Etc.To Be Happy: Redefining happiness , a soul's perspective by Swati Shiv

Happiness is a vibrational science which cannot be achieved by pursuing success. This book has 25 Methods of overcoming negative feelings so as t convert negative energy into positive energy within the body and mind. Happiness arises when there is more focus on positive vibrations than on negative feelings. . Every technique addresses a different kind of negative situation. The book combines information from several courses on self healing and downloads of meditation.
The intention of the author is to spread the awareness of a need for redefining happiness in mass belief system for evolving consciousness in alignment with the NEW AGE.
People focus on the problem to dissolve the negative energy but this method backfires often as the problem magnifies due to focus on its negative aspect. Focus multiplies energy and aggravates the spread of negativity in mass consciousness as a whole, without leading to happiness .
You can go on finding problems with the world and your life but never find happiness.
Focusing on negative aspects to bring a positive change is like trying to catch the nose from behind the head when it can be easily held from the front. The easiest route to good health, peace in the world and happiness in life is direct, not roundabout.
Happiness requires that we learn skills of emotional management to stay positive through ups & downs. World peace is affected by individual peace . Just accepting the negative does not help us defeat the energy of problems .Worry increases difficulties. Detachment helps but does not stop the flow of the negative current for long periods . Being neutral needs to be followed by being happy to stop the flow of negative energy in our life. We always feel like we always breathe . We create a life which manifests what we focus upon in emotional energy circuits of the subconscious mind. Feeling happy or peaceful is necessary so that we do not feel unhappy or stressed.
Being happy requires application of self help exercises to control and re-direct emotional energy specifically connected with each type of negative feeling. The more we make efforts to find peace in our lives, by overcoming negative feelings; the more we would help reduce violence and unrest in the world. The soul's vibration as the co-creator is more important than action in movement of energy in mass consciousness.
We create & attract the energies we focus upon. Energies are released through feelings. We increase unrest and unhappiness if our core focal point is focused on a negative vibration. A happy future life is the result of being happy in the present. Self help and energy healing exercises are necessary to be happy .Just positive thinking on the surface cannot make a vibrational shift.

This book teaches skills of how to be happy without trial or error techniques. It includes:
1. Understanding energy movement from the mind to the soul which creates pains and diseases
2. Controlling how conscious mind passes negative instructions to subconscious
3. Finding the exact link between feelings, thought, anxiety and diseases
4. Healing body pains through energy rotation and reversal in subconscious aura
5. Removing anxieties, and healing physical problems with emotional healing focus
6. Understanding how reality is an illusion through practical application.
7. Spirit Release, removal of external control
8. Learning and applying detachment to rise in soul ascension
9. Why and how to stay aligned with soul's purpose
10. Finding and applying soul lessons underlying difficulties
11. Grasping Laws of Creation and Repetition to control the future feelings and manifesting dreams
12. Understanding karmic consequences and pay backs - rising above suffering and punishment to realize soul evolution
13. Developing intuition, and connection with good spirit guides through using self -hypnosis with meditation techniques
14. Understanding the positive intention of the soul in cases of abortions, betrayals in love , failure et

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ISBN-13: 9781506004778
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 01/10/2015
Pages: 498
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About the Author

Shiva Swati @ Dr. Swati R Shiv , Ccht. , RMp ( A.m) is an Energy healer , Soul Empowerment Guru and Emotional Management therapist. She specializes in healing emotional or physical problems with unknown causes. She has been practicing hypnotherapy, pranik healing, NLP, spirit release, life between life counseling, reiki and past life therapy for several years. Her work focuses on teaching happiness as a mind discipline while helping clients ascend their souls through healing physical diseases like asthma, diabetes, spondylitis etc. , relationship conflicts, confidence problems, removal of phobias, negative spirit attachments etc.
She works for light and channels a rainbow soul . In her free time, she meditates intensively and downloads information in silent conversations with cosmic light. Her passion is to be one with God. The purpose of her soul is to help change the educational structure of the world so that everyone feels free to be happy, in peace and healthy , as an outcome of a conditioned habit to focus on positive feelings, from childhood. She is an enlightened, multi-dimensional soul, working for upliftment of human consciousness to a higher positive frequency in tune with cosmic awakening energy of the NEW AGE.

For any queries, you can contact the author at:

Dr. Swati Shiv,
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression Therapist, Life between Life therapist, Master NLP Practitioner, Time Line Therapist, Spirit Release Therapist, Reiki Master, Advanced Pranik Healer, DNA2 Theta Healer, Behaviour Analyst

Sahyog apartments, Mayur Vihar 1, Delhi 91, INDIA
E mail - rswaati@yahoo

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