27 AD

27 AD

by J. D. Morrison


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Was the Messiah a time traveller?
Is the past determined by the technology of the future?

In 27 AD, a 21st Century man transports to 1st century Palestine in attempts to demystify irregularities in his company's time travel experiments
Christian, working on nanorobotics, finds significant biblical characters present in ancient Palestine. However, Jesus, someone he really wanted to meet, is nowhere to be found. After exploring a myriad of possibilities, Christian reluctantly accepts the calling to emulate the ministry of Jesus.
He has foresight, teaches modern religious philosophy, and employs nanite technology to accomplish his newfound mission of fulfilling the Gospels. Through the course of his ministry, he learns that he must die before he is able to return home, and, more specifically, that he will be crucified.
Christian revives in modern day where he learns that he was not the only time traveler in ancient Palestine and his calling to fulfill history is not yet over.

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ISBN-13: 9780999524329
Publisher: All Things That Matter Press
Publication date: 03/19/2018
Pages: 298
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.62(d)

About the Author

After 25 years at IBM, J. D. Morrison decided to follow his passion and began to write. His books span the genres of sci-fi, contemporary YA, psychological thriller, and the paranormal. All defy the status quo, shatter paradigms of accepted truths, and give voice to taboo topics. Morrison has a bachelor's degree from the University of Maryland and master's degree from Syracuse University, both in engineering. Besides writing, he enjoys playing guitar, spinning and achieving his obligatory 10,000 steps per day. He is married to his muse and editor, Jena. Together they have five children and two grandchildren. He lives in northern Virginia with his wife and two cats, Black and Decker.

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