3 Russian Fairy Tales

3 Russian Fairy Tales

by Natalia Makarova


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Release Date: 12/06/1994
Label: Delos Records
UPC: 0013491601021
catalogNumber: 6010


Disc 1

  1. Prince Ivan and the Frog Princess, for narrator & piano (after Prokofie
  2. No. 11. Evening (Retitled as "Princess Vasilisa")
  3. No. 9. Tag (Retitled as "Shooting The Arrows")
  4. No. 2. Promenade (Retitled as "Looking For The Arrow")
  5. No. 10 (Retitled as "Prince Ivan meets The Frog")
  6. No. 1. Morning (Retitled as "The Wedding Day")
  7. No. 7. Parade of the Grasshoppers (Retitled as "The Frog Helps Prince I
  8. No. 8. Rain & the Rainbow (Retitled as "Transformation in the Moonlight
  9. No. 11 (Retitled as "The Spy in the Kitchen & the Frog's Joke")
  10. No. 10 (Retitled as "The Frog Riding in her Box")
  11. No. 6. Waltz (Retitled as "Waltz of the Prince and Princess")
  12. No. 5. Regrets (Retitled as "Regrets")
  13. No. 3. Fairy Tale (Retitled as "Prince Ivan's Journey")
  14. No. 1 (Retitled as "The Tree and the Stone Chest")
  15. No. 4. Tarantella (Retitled as "Prince Ivan's Friends Repay his Kindnes
  16. No. 12. Moonlit Meadows (Retitled as "Happily Ever After")

Disc 2

  1. Prince Ivan goes on an adventure
  2. Kaschei's magic garden
  3. The Firebird appears
  4. The Firebird appears
  5. Dance of the Firebird
  6. The magic feather and the Firebird's promise
  7. The game with the golden apples
  8. Prince Ivan and Princess Vasilisa
  9. Sunrise
  10. Kaschei's guardian monsters capture Prince Ivan
  11. The Firebird's spell
  12. The infernal dance of Kaschei's enchanted subjects
  13. The Firebird's lullaby
  14. The end of Kaschei and his spells; A day of joy and thanksgiving
  15. The Snow Queen, for narrator & piano (after Tchaikovsky)
  16. The Witch (Retitled as "The Hobgoblin's Mirror")
  17. Sweet Reveries (Retitled as "Gerda and Kai")
  18. The Sick Doll (Retitled as "Poor Kai")

Disc 3

  1. The New Doll (Retitled as "Kai Rides Away with the Snow Queen")
  2. Morning Prayer (Retitled as "Gerda's Prayer")
  3. Mazurka (Retitled as "The Golden Comb")
  4. Folk Song (Russian Dance) (Retitled as "The Ride in the Golden Coach")
  5. Nursery Tale (Retitled as "The Little Gypsy Girl")
  6. The Little Rider (Retitled as "Gerda's Reindeer Ride")
  7. Early French Song (Retitled as "Oh, You have Far to Go")
  8. Soldiers March (Retitled as "Gerda's Ice Soldiers")
  9. At Church (Excerpt) (Retitled as "The Snow Queen's Palace")
  10. Winter Morning (Retitled as "Kai's Trance")
  11. Waltz (Retitled as "Dance of the Ice Crystals")
  12. Polka (Retitled as "Reunion with the Gypsy Girl")
  13. The Organ-grinder (Retitled as "Grandmother")
  14. Song of the Birds (Retitled as "The Birds in the Rose Garden")

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Natalia Makarova   Primary Artist,Narrator
Carol Rosenberger   Piano,Narrator
Gerard Schwarz   Conductor
Adam Stern   Narrator
Seattle Symphony Orchestra   Performing Ensemble

Technical Credits

Igor Stravinsky   Composer
Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky   Composer
Carol Rosenberger   Producer,Liner Notes,Adaptation,Text Adaptation
John Eargle   Engineer
Amelia S. Haygood   Liner Notes,Executive Producer
Bejun Mehta   Producer
Rudi Simpson   Producer
Adam Stern   Producer
Joanna Nickrenz   Producer
J.J. Smith-Moore   Drawing
Ivan Nagy   Contributor
Kenneth Duncan   Cover Photo
Hans Christian Andersen   Text
Kenn Duncan   Cover Photo

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