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30 Day Log for the Everyday Weight Trainer: WRSFO And 50 Affirmation Post by Charles K Bunch PhD


There are varieties of reasons to lift weights. Weight training is a popular sport around the world. "Lifting" has come in to its own place of importance because

It is easily learned
You can do it at the gym or at home
It is portable and you can do it in a vacation hotel or a gym in Rio de Janeiro
The health benefits are phenomenal: gaining and maintaining muscle tissue and bone density is critical for a good life
It evokes a healthy lifestyle of exercise, good eating, and self care
There are easy books that will guide you
A trainer or class can be utilized to learn
It can be used from teen years and is greatly popular for use with aging seniors
Men and women equally benefit from weight training
It's a sport that grows with you and can be personally adapted

Weight training is also a "good friend" of all sports and exercises. People are trained in safety and lifting limits, so injuries are actually few.

Unlike football, there is no impacting or damage to the body. If you have a weakness in some part of the body, you can find an adaptive exercise or simply skip that area.

The most common problem with weight training is that "we get in our own way". Time, food, over eating and personal sabotaging stop "lifts". The, given a couple weeks, for some, the routine is over.

But, weight training is that "good friend". You can quickly return and after 2 weeks of deserved painful punishment in the gym, the body allows you to step back into routine quickly. You don't lose all ground with some time off or an illness as you would with running or basketball.

Who is this 30 day log for?

It is for you the reader who is a beginning or advanced lifter, but not power lifter or bodybuilder. Those guys have their more complex journals or have everything ingrained in their brains.

While you might see guys at your gym with the bulging muscles and veins, 90% of lifters are like you:

Making a go at it
May quit from time to time
Need to affirm themselves
Like going to the gym, but the couch is a powerful siren, too.
Set goals
Are trying supplements, and likely take at minimum a weight training pre workout drink and powdered supplements
Can make better choices for proteins in meals and at restaurants
And see gains from workouts!

So, this SIMPLE journal or log is for you.


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