30 Second Success: Ditch the Pitch and Start Connecting

30 Second Success: Ditch the Pitch and Start Connecting


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Have you ever struggled at a networking event when it’s your turn to share your thirty-second message? Have you ever gotten so distracted by what to say that you aren’t able to connect well with the people in the room? Or are you just looking for tips on how to stop feeling “salesy” when it comes to your turn?

After observing numerous successful, confident business owners and professionals fumble their way through introducing themselves, Laura Templeton decided she needed to do something about it. She believes no one should ever have to struggle to express who they are and how they serve their clients, and she set out to share her 30 Second Success formula.

This book contains a step-by-step process and all the tools you’ll need to write—and share—your own thirty-second message with confidence and ease. Having this tool and other networking strategies in your toolkit will help you increase referrals, grow your business, and become the master connector you’re meant to be.

Editorial Reviews

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"If you have ever struggled with networking, knowing what to say, how to position yourself, or even how to speak up at networking events... this book will help you stop stressing and start connecting. Pay attention as you read Laura's practical, step by step approach to networking that will help you build systems, develop confidence, and deepen connections." - Neen James, Neen James Inc., Keynote Speaker and Author of Attention Pays

"Laura is truly insightful as to how to network. It is after all network and not netplay, she digs into the realm of what it is, how to do it and deliver! Fantastic book. I would recommend this book to all who want to know more about networking!" - Kim Marie Branch-Pettid, CEO/Owner, LeTip International, Inc.

"This enjoyable book provides you with strategies and insights to understand how to do networking the right way. And when you do it right you will achieve wonderful results. Period. Laura's engaging and direct style makes this book a true page-turner!" - Mari Carmen Pizarro, High Performance Executive Coach, Speaker, Author and Founder of International Women's Leadership Academy

"Panic. Every person who has ever had to introduce themselves at a networking event, or explain who they are and what they do, has experienced it. Laura Templeton's new book 30 Second Success takes the fear out of delivering our "elevator pitch," as well as more extensive public speaking, by asking us to determine our "why" and concentrate on building relationships. Her practical tips and well thought-out, strategic approach make this a book everyone who speaks in public (meaning EVERYONE!) should read!" - Mary Fran Bontempo ~ 2x TEDx Speaker, Author--The 15 Minute Master

"If only someone had written this sooner… Being the Founder of a relationship company I would recommend this to any of our Members. Teaching the key fundamentals on how to build rapport, tell your story, and making new connections is vital for success." - Robert Wilson, CEO, and Founder of OnDoc

"For entrepreneurs, sales executives and professionals responsible for business development, networking is essential to growing relationships that lead to revenue. However, one of the biggest mistakes these business leaders make is investing time, energy and resources into “networking” and getting little to no results. That is where Laura Templeton comes in. Laura has mastered the art of building relationships and converting them into referral partners and clients. In her book, she shares her most practical networking strategies to "ditch the pitch" and start building meaningful connections to grow your business". - Brynne Tillman, The LinkedIn Whisperer and CEO of Social Sales Link

“Laura has created a tried and true method to get clear, concise and comfortable with your messaging while still staying true to yourself. In this book, she provides a roadmap that explores your why and will help you thrive building both professional and personal connections. Laura recognizes the value of networking as a business strategy. She has seen that value firsthand for her own success and her book will help many others realize that the first 30 seconds can be the beginning of real magic.” - Jennifer Lynn Robinson, Esquire CEO Purposeful Networking

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ISBN-13: 9781734376401
Publisher: Highlander Press
Publication date: 01/29/2020
Pages: 150
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.32(d)

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