300 Best Stir-Fry Recipes

300 Best Stir-Fry Recipes

by Nancie McDermott



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Publication date: 09/01/2013
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Nancie McDermott is an expert on the food and culture of Thailand and the author of several other cookbooks. She contributes recipes and features on food and travel to Food and Wine and Bon Appetit magazine and lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Table of Contents

History of Stir-Fry Cooking
Stir-Frying and the Modern Kitchen
Prep Work for Stir-Fry Cooking
Equipment Glossary
Ingredient Glossary


  • 31 recipes


  • 30 recipes


  • 32 recipes


  • 27 recipes

Ham, Sausage, Lamb and Roasted Meats

  • 21 recipes

Fish and Seafood

  • 24 recipes

Meatless Mains

  • 25 recipes


  • 25 recipes

Fried Rice

  • 26 recipes


  • 27 recipes

Rice, Grains and Other Sides

  • 22 recipes


  • 13 recipes




This book is a recipe box, designed to introduce you to an ancient way of cooking, one that translates beautifully into the language and demands of the 21st-century kitchen. Simple in concept, essentially healthy and intrinsically quick, stir-frying makes sense for Western cooks, whether they are experts or novice cooks. With stir-frying in your kitchen repertoire, you have almost endless options for making delicious, healthful home-cooked meals, even on a busy day.

Wonderful as it is, stir-fry cooking is presented here not to replace the cooking methods you use now, but rather to offer you another technique to use in cooking wonderful, satisfying and delightful food in your kitchen. If you don't cook, it's an excellent place to get started. If you do cook, stir-fry cooking fits right in to what you already do, while expanding your options to create wonderful food.

I consider stir-fry cooking to be an essential part of my repertoire as a cook and I use it often to bring freshly cooked, beautiful and delicious food to our dinner table. I still stew, sauté, fry, steam and grill. I still make curries and soup and slow-cooker feasts, and I love having breakfast for dinner, meaning pancakes with maple syrup and sausage, or eggs and bacon and grits on a dark, wintry night. But stir-fry cooking is a cornerstone of my kitchen routine -- a simple, endlessly varied kitchen technique that helps me cook weeknight dinners for my family and celebration meals for our extended family and friends.

The main course dishes in this book presume that you will enjoy them Asian-style, as a flavorful and substantial accompaniment to rice. Quantities of meat and vegetables in a given dish in most cases serve four people who are eating them along with a generous portion of rice or noodles or couscous or another satisfying accompaniment.

Unlike a European-style stew or a bowl of chili con came, which can be a meal in a bowl along with an optional serving of bread, stir-fried dishes exist in tandem with rice or another grain or noodle. They are seasoned to this end, with generous amounts of salt, herbs, and other intense ingredients, so that the flavors of the stir-fry balance and brighten the "comfort food" portion of the meal, which traditionally consists of unseasoned rice.

One reason for this is that rice is what Asia has been eating for thousands of years, even before the wok appeared on the culinary scene as a tool for cooking. In Thailand, the very word for stir-fries and other substantial dishes, such as curries, steamed fish and soups, is "with-rice." It is a phrase, used as a noun, to encompass all that will be provided as a meal. It acknowledges that the traditional role of such dishes is to season, accompany and make more delightful the rice, which on any given evening was all that was available along with chiles, fish from the stream and greens from the garden.

I hope you enjoy learning how to stir-fry or that you find a few new recipes to add to your repertoire if you already know how. I hope that your cooking brings you pride and pleasure. I hope that it makes your table a place where you can set aside your cares and enjoy being here, now, eating good food, whether you are alone, with family, or with friends.

Nancie McDermott

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