300 Fantastic Facts - Dinosaurs

300 Fantastic Facts - Dinosaurs


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ISBN-13: 9781782097389
Publisher: Miles Kelly Publishing
Publication date: 12/01/2016
Series: 300 Fantastic Facts
Pages: 128
Product dimensions: 9.00(w) x 11.00(h) x (d)
Age Range: 7 - 11 Years

About the Author

Rupert Matthews is a freelance writer of books for children on a variety of subjects. He has been writing books for some years and has had more than 150 titles published in 30 different languages. Some of those books have been for grown ups, but others have been for children aged 5 upwards. He has also presented TV shows and performed on radio as well.

History - Rupert has written more than fifty history books for children. His works show a great attention to detail and frequently take a new and refreshing look at the subjects in hand. Rupert is able to provide artwork references and to check artwork for accuracy. He is also able to produce maps and very often photos as well.

Dinosaurs - Dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals are a complex subject that need to be explained clearly to younger readers. Rupert keeps track of the latest developments in the palaeontological world to ensure that the books he produces are fully up to date.

Born in Warrington, Cheshire in 1952, Parker attended Strodes College, Egham and gained a BSc First Class Honours in Zoology at the University of Wales, Bangor. He worked as an exhibition scientist at the Natural History Museum, and as editor and managing editor at Dorling Kindersley Publishers, and commissioning editor at medical periodical GP, before becoming a freelance writer in the late 1980s. He is a Senior Scientific Fellow of the Zoological Society of London. Parker is based in Suffolk with his family.

Publishing work
Parker's writing career began with 10 early titles in Dorling Kindersley's multi-award-winning Eyewitness series, from the late 1980s to the late 1990s. He has since worked for more than a dozen children's book publishers and been shortlisted for, among others, the Rhone-Poulenc Science Book Prize, Times Educational Information Book of the Year, and Blue Peter Book Award.

In 2013 Parker's title Science Crazy (QED) won the UK School Library Association's Information Book Award, and Fizzing Physics (QED) won the Hampshire Information Book Award.

Parker also writes adult books, recently including Extinction: Not the End of the World? (Natural History Museum, 2013),the million-selling The Human Body Book (Second Edition, Dorling Kindersley, 2013) and Kill or Cure, an Illustrated History of Medicine (Dorling Kindersley, 2013.)

In 2014 Kill or Cure entered the New York Times Science Bestsellers and also won the 2014 British Medical Association Book Award for Public Understanding of Science.

In 2015 Parker was general editor of Evolution: The Whole Story (Thames and Hudson), heading a team of 12 expert authors in paleontology, paleobiology and paleoecology. Popular weekly New Scientist described the work as 'highly accessible - such an attractive and friendly book - the approach breathes life into everything, including boring stuff (that is, non-dinosaur stuff) - bright, breezy and modern'. [10]

In 2016 Parker produced two of the largest and most complex titles of his career, Medicine: The Definitive Visual History (Dorling Kindersley), and BODY: The infographic book of us (Aurum Press) with graphic designer, illustrator and academic Andrew Baker. He also continued his collaboration with London's Natural History Museum with publication of Colour and Vision: Through the Eyes of Nature.

Educational work
Parker travels extensively around Britain to hold talks, workshops and book signings at schools, libraries and science events.

Table of Contents

Life begins, Animals swarm the seas, Very fishy, Animals invade the land, Life after death, Wars around the world, Reptiles take over, Living with the dinosaurs, In and over the sea, After the dinosaurs, As the world cooled down, What fossils tell us, Prehistoric prowlers, Amazing ancient elephants, Animals with hooves, Cats, dogs and bears, Prehistoric giants, A giant island, Our prehistoric relations.
When were dinosaurs alive? Before the dinosaurs, Dinosaurs arrive, First of the giants, What teeth tell us, Auper-size dinosaurs, Killer claws, Deadly meat-eaters, Look! Listen! Sniff!
Living with dinosaurs, How fast? Built like tanks, Nests and eggs, Dinosaur babies, The end for the dinosaurs, What happened next? How do we know? Digging up dinosaurs, Dinisaurs today.
Terror of its age, A giant predator, Profile of T rex, Was T rex clever? What big teeth, Tiny arms, big legs, What did T rex eat? Hunter or scavenger? Growing up, Where in the world, Tyrannosaur group, Close cousins, Discovering T rex, Rebuilding T rex, The story od Sue, Stan, Jane and the rest, Bigger than the 'King', T rex superstar, What next for T rex?


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