3000 Evil Shopping Math Puzzles

3000 Evil Shopping Math Puzzles

by Kalman Toth


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3000 Evil Shopping Math Puzzles by Kalman Toth

Become a cash register pro! Don't get cheated at the checkout anymore! Make your brain sharper! Most of us love to shop. So, Shopping Math Puzzles - word puzzles based upon shopping - will prove particularly enjoyable, even if word problems were not one of your favorite math assignments in school.
Each page in this book contains twenty shopping, word-problem puzzles. Some are multiple-choice, with four possible answers provided, and some require a numerical answer. The correct answers are in reverse order at the bottom of each page.
Benefits of Solving Shopping Math Puzzles
The benefits of solving Shopping Math Puzzles are many. They help teach you how to solve problems in everyday life. You began to practice and solve mathematical word puzzles in elementary school, and you continue as an adult to encounter math word "puzzles" everyday, in real-life situations.
Shopping Math Puzzles is an excellent resource to use when teachers test the understanding of a new concept. The puzzles aid in not only understanding the application of math principles, but also improve reading comprehension.
Shopping Math Puzzles
Provide an Interesting and Enjoyable Activity
Shopping Math Puzzles are implicitly interesting, partly because solving them does not involve a sequence of very similar steps that are designed to practice the same skill. The novelty of the puzzles adds to their interest. Solving Shopping Math Puzzles involves detective work, which most people enjoy. We become deeply involved in the process required for solving the puzzle, and relish getting the answer after having struggled.

Create Greater Understanding of Mathematical Processes
Solving Shopping Math Puzzles requires an understanding of the mathematical process. As we struggle with a puzzle, we often immerse ourselves in obtaining the solution so much that we apply mathematical methods spontaneously. This application gives us a deep understanding of problem solving methods.

Promote Positive Attitudes
As we work through a shopping math puzzle, we become so involved we forget that the puzzle solving involves mathematics. Success when we find the answer helps us gain a positive attitude. This is especially effective when these Shopping Math Puzzles are used with students.

Introduce and Enhance Research Methods
The method used to solve Shopping Math Puzzles is similar to the Scientific Method used by a researcher. The solver moves step-by-step through the process. Hence, while solving the puzzle, you learn to apply the thinking processes of the scientific method.

Promote Flexibility and Creativity
Solving a shopping math puzzle provides an opportunity to explore ideas and to extend creativity. You need to be creative and come up with new ways of tackling problems. What works on one puzzles, may not work on the next. Flexibility in your approach is necessary.

Teach General Problem Solving Skills
The strategies and techniques used in mathematics are used to solve other types of problem. Word problems cannot be solved effectively without the four steps of problem solving:
• Understanding the problem
• Devising a plan
• Carrying out the plan
• Looking back and asking if the plan was correct and the problem solved
These steps are applicable in any problem solving situation.

Can be used to Teach Cooperative Skills
Shopping Math Puzzles are ideal to work with someone else or in a group. Research has shown that talking out loud helps learning and understanding. Sharing methods of solution can help produce original ideas and increase understanding, resulting in increased enjoyment, learning, and social skills, such as communication.

Allow for the Practice of Basic Math Skills
Shopping Math Puzzles use basic skills in an interesting situation. Frequently, more than one mathematical function is used to derive the solution. Teachers will find these Shopping Math Puzzles a creative way to practice basic skills.

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