30th Hemophilia Symposium Hamburg 1999: HIV Infection and Epidemiology in Hemophilia; Gene Therapy in Hemophilia A and B; Therapy of Hepatitis C; Inhibitors in Hemophilia; Long-term Results after Joint Replacement; Pediatric Hemostasiology; Case Reports

30th Hemophilia Symposium Hamburg 1999: HIV Infection and Epidemiology in Hemophilia; Gene Therapy in Hemophilia A and B; Therapy of Hepatitis C; Inhibitors in Hemophilia; Long-term Results after Joint Replacement; Pediatric Hemostasiology; Case Reports


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This book contains the contributions to the 30th Hemophilia Symposium, 1999. The main topics are HIV infection, inhibitors in hemophilia, modern treatment of hemophilia, drug-induced thrombophilia and pediatric hemostasiology. The volume is rounded off by numerous free papers and posters on hemophilia and associated topics.

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ISBN-13: 9783540676775
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Publication date: 12/12/2000
Edition description: 2001
Pages: 428
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Table of Contents

I. HIV Infection and Epidemiology in Hemophilia.- Causes of Death and AIDS-Related Disease of Hemophilia Patients in Germany (Inquiries 1999).- II. Gene Therapy in Hemophilia.- Genotype—Phenotype Correlation in Hemophilia A.- III. Therapy of Hepatitis C.- Current Therapy of Hepatitis C Virus Infection.- Interferon Alpha-2a Treatment in Patients with Hepatitis C and Bleeding Disorders.- Report on Experience in the Treatment of Hepatitis C in HIV-Coinfected Hemophiliacs.- IV. Inhibitors in Hemophilia.- A New Therapeutic Option for Inhibitor Elimination in Patients with Acquired Hemophilia.- V. Long-Term Results After Joint Replacement.- Long-Term Results After Total Knee and Total Hip Replacement in Hemophilie Arthropathy.- Total Knee Prosthesis in Hemophiliacs with Multilocular Hemophilie Arthropathy—The Zurich Experience.- Corrective Osteotomy of the Lower Extremity in Hemophilie Arthropathy of the Knee and Hip Joint.- VI. Pediatrie Hemostasiology.- Anticoagulant Action of Activated Protein C is Diminished by Alpha2-Macroglobulin in Newborn Plasma.- Functional Consequences of Differences in Carbohydrate Sequences of Fetal and Adult Plasminogen and Fibrinogen.- Hereditary Thrombophilic Risk Profiles in Children with Spontaneous Venous Thromboembolism.- Inhibitor Development in Previously Untreated Patients with Hemophilia A and B: A Prospective 23-Year Follow-Up.- HIT Type II without Thrombocytopenia in a 15-Year-Old Boy with Protein S Deficiency and Recurrent Deep Vein Thrombosis.- VII. Free Lectures.- Modified Bonn-Malmö Protocol.- A Novel Type of Mutation at the Propeptide Cleavage Site (Ala+lThr) Causing Symptomatic Protein C Type II Deficiency.- Lithuanian Hemophilia A and B Register Comprising Phenotypic and Genotypic Data.- Greifswald Hemophilia B Study.- Successful Treatment of Patients with von Willebrand Disease Using a High-Purity Double Virus Inactivated FVIII/vWF Concentrate (IMMUNATE).- VIII. Research Cooperation.- Industry Sponsoring and Acceptance of Benefit by Hospital Officials: Opportunities and Limits of Third-Party Funding.- IX.a Poster: Hemophilia.- Experience with Recombinant Factor IX (Benefix) in Pediatrics.- Articular Cartilage Is More Susceptible to Blood-Induced Damage in Young Than in Old Age.- Chronic Liver Disease in Hemophilia Patients.- Human Immunodeficiency Virus-Negative “High-Risk Patients” with Hemophilia or Severe von Willebrand Disease Type 3: Coincidence or Genetics?.- Quality Management and Economic Aspects in Hemotherapy in the Federal Republic of Germany: Description of a Retrospective Cross-Sectional Multicenter Trial.- How Hemophiliacs View the Services Offered by “Bluter Betreuung Bayern e.V.”.- Alpha-Tocopherol — A Medication with Few Side Effects for Treating Pain in Patients with Hemarthrosis.- Neurosensorial Sequelae in Hemophilia.- IX.b Poster: Thrombophilia.- Effect of Vitamin Supplementation in Venous Thrombosis Patients with Hyperhomocysteinemia.- Therapy and Prophylaxis of the Thromboembolic Syndrome in Pregnancy and Post Delivery.- Is Factor V Leiden Associated with an Increased Risk for Fetal Loss?.- IX.c Poster: Molecular Biology.- Congenital Deficiency of Vitamin K Dependent Coagulation Factors in Two Families: Evidence for a Defective Vitamin K-Epoxide-Reductase Complex.- Twenty-Two Novel Mutations of Factor VII Gene in Factor VII Deficiency.- Prevalence of Common Mutations and Polymorphisms of the Genes of FII, FV, FVII, FXII, FXIII, MTHFR and ACE — Identified As Risk Factors for Venous and Arterial Thrombosis — in Germany and Different Ethnic Groups (Indians, Blacks) of Costa Rica.- Factor V Variants — FV Leiden, FV R2 Polymorphism (ex 13), FV DdeI Polymorphism (int 16) -— Risk Factors for Venous Thrombosis? Results of a Pilot Study.- Relation Between Prothrombin Mutation 20210 G?A, Prothrombin Time, Factor V Leiden and Prothrombin Level.- Localization and Characterization of Mutations within the Factor-VIII-Gene in a Cohort of 212 Patients with Hemophilia A.- Genomic Diagnosis of Hemophilia A in Hungarian Patients.- Indirect Genomic Diagnosis of Hungarian Hemophilia B Patients.- IX.d Poster: Pediatrics.- Relation of Cardiovascular Fitness, Hemostatic and Metabolic Risk Factors for Coronary Heart Disease in Obese Children and Adolescents.- Inverse Correlation Between Thyroid Function and Hemostatic Risk Factors for Coronary Heart Disease in Obese Children and Adolescents.- Heparin-Induced Thrombocytopenia Type II in Three Children and Anticoagulant Therapy with Org 10172 (Orgaran).- Heparin Concentration, Activated Clotting Time, and Markers of Coagulation Activation During Pediatrie Heart Catheterization.- Therapeutic Options in Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura in Childhood.- Camps for Children and Young Adults with Hemophilia in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.- Clinical Experience with the PFA-100 System in Children and Adolescents.- Endothelial Activation Markers in Health and Disease — Big Endothelin-1 and Endothelin-1 in Children.- IX.e Poster: Case Reports.- Dramatic Intra-Abdominal Bleeding — First Symptom of Hemophilia B in a Neonate.- Postoperative Bleeding in a Sufficiently Substituted Patient with Severe Hemophilia A: Successful Therapy with Administration of Recombinant Factor VIIa.- Continuous Infusion of Recombinant FIX (BeneFIX) During Herniotomy in an Infant.- Clinical Course of Intramuscular Bleeds in a Patient with Factor-XIII Deficiency.- Immunthrombocytopenia and Lupus Antibodies in a Patient with Hemophilia A.- Cerebral Sinus Thrombosis After Asparaginase Therapy.- Severe Neonatal Thrombosis in a Patient with Factor V Q:506 Mutation and the G20210A Prothrombin Mutation.- Elevated Lp(a) Level and Heterozygous Factor V Mutation FV 1691 AG in a 26-Year-Old Female with Ischemic Colitis.- Acquired Hemophilia in Women Postpartum.- IX.f Poster: Hemorrhagic Disorders.- Modulation of Antigens of Neutrophil Granulocytes by Extracorporal Apheresis.- Glycoprotein Ilb/IIIa Receptor Antagonist c7E3 Fab and Anticoagulants Show an Additive Effect on Thrombin-Induced Platelet Aggregation after High Coagulant Challenge In Vitro.- Between-Drug Comparison of the Effect of Ticlopidine and Acetylsalicylic Acid on Platelets in an In Vitro Circulation Model.- Rotablation Leads to Significant Platelet Activation: A Flow Cytometric Assessment.- Flow Cytometric Comparison of Platelet Activation During PTCA, Stent Implantation and Rotablation.- Analysis of Hemostatic Capacity before and after Extracorporal Platelet-Pheresis by the PFA-100 Test System.- Heparin Coating of Coronary Stents Increases Time Until Stent Occlusion Due to Delayed Platelet Activation in an In Vitro Circulating Model.- High-Speed Detection of Human Progenitor Cells (HPC) to Support the Timing of Aphereses.- Semi-Automated Flow Cytometry Can Help in Timing the Onset of Stem-Cell Leukapheresis.- IX.g Poster: Diagnostic Problems.- Current Topics of Official Batch Release: Determination of FXIII Activity in Fibrin Glues and FXIII Concentrates and Measurement of Heparin/AT Complexes in FVIII Products.- Comparison of BVDV and SFV Used as Models for Hepatitis C Virus in Virus Validation Studies.- Preoperative Coagulation Screening in Children Focused on PTT Elevation.- Resonance Thrombographic Analysis of Coagulation Status after Transfusion of Platelet Concentrates with Different Storage Times.

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