35 Original Dramatic Plays for Two Females (Forensics Duo Series)

35 Original Dramatic Plays for Two Females (Forensics Duo Series)

by Ira Brodsky, Barbara Lhota


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ISBN-13: 9781575254074
Publisher: Smith & Kraus, Inc.
Publication date: 01/28/2005
Series: Forensics Duo Series
Pages: 192
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.95(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction vii
Tips from the Pros xi
Prison Guards
Wing and a Prayer
Entanglements of Ivy
Writing Circles
Extenuating Circumstances
Moving Day
Always Have England
In Quiet Dark Places
Below Expectations
The Mating Habits of Frogs
Twin Towers
Apple & Absinth Together
Not Everyone Sees It
My Invisible Angel
Out in the Woods
The Diversity Project
The Good Son
Hanging by a Thread
Friendly Advice
Swimming in the Colored Lights
Once Upon a Time in New Jersey
The Soul Mates' Caf�.
The New Year's Song
Third Person
Rereading Lost Horizons
Night Daughter
A Little Initiation
United Front
Lifting Voices
Index of Plays by Character Age
The Authors


This volume extends our Forensics Series to four. Other volumes available are:

    Forensics Duo Series Volume I: 35 8- to 10-Minute Original Comedic
    Plays for Duo Practice and Performance, ISBN 1-57525-308-9, $14.95, 304 pgs.
    Forensics Duo Series Volume II: 35 8- to 10-Minute Original Dramatic
    Plays for Duo Practice and Performance, ISBN 1-57525-309-7, $14.95, 303 pgs.
    Forensics Duo Series Volume III: 35 8- to 10-Minute Original Comedic Plays for Two Females, ISBN 1-57525-380-1, $14.95, 361 pgs.

This series is specifically crafted to meet the needs of more than 200,000 middle school, high school, and college students competing in Forensics duo speech events yearly. These exciting short plays offer challenging new material for pairs of female actors. Forensics coaches, acting teachers, judges, and students alike will find dozens of comedic and dramatic plays that meet their criteria and tastes.

Each volume provides thirty-five fresh and compelling short new plays written for pairs of female actors.
Each play can be edited to fit the 8- to 10-minute competition time limit.
Each play is active and complete on its own.
Each volume offers plays suitable for student actors from middle school through college (ages 13-22).
No play relies heavily on props or costumes.
Every play gives equal time and focus to both characters.
The plays are stylistically diverse, so actors and coaches can find material that is just right for them emotionally and aesthetically.
Interesting and unusual character types of all ages are represented.
Each play opens with a synopsis designed to make it easy to find the right material.
A "Tips from the Pros" section offers helpful hints from coaches and judges on improving presentations.
Plays are indexed by character age.

These exciting volumes of new two-female plays will find a home in academic and professional theater classes and on every actor's professional bookshelf. They are ideal for scene work and forensic performance. What's more, these plays open up new possibilities for one-act play festivals and competitions. This is the series the Forensics community has been waiting for!

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