360 Degrees of Success: Money, Relationships, Energy, Time: The 4 Essential Ingredients to Create Personal and Professional Success in Your Life

360 Degrees of Success: Money, Relationships, Energy, Time: The 4 Essential Ingredients to Create Personal and Professional Success in Your Life

by Ana Weber


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360 Degrees of Success gives you the tools and the formulas to create your 360 degrees of personal, professional and business success. You will learn how to link the 4 essential ingredients, Money, Relationships, Energy, Time ... successfully in 90-180 days.
If you are a professional— 360 Degrees of Success is for you!
A student graduating—seeking employment— 360 Degrees of Success is for you!
If you have an entrepreneurial mind looking to open up a business— 360 Degrees of Success is a must read
If you are a homemaker looking to find happiness and reduce your stress in life, 360 Degrees of Success is for you!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781614489108
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Publication date: 01/01/2014
Pages: 150
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Ana Weber is a master at coaching entrepreneurs faced with challenging business issues to full-circle productivity and life fulfillment. Her simple yet powerful approach to life and business is documented in her bestselling and inspiring book, The Money Flow and 360 Degrees of Success.

Ana went from being a penniless immigrant from Eastern Europe to starting over in Israel and the United States, eventually becoming a successful executive and entrepreneur. She took a company from annual revenues of $250,000 to $62 million in five years, and another from $100,000 to $12 million in three years. Despite the recession, she tripled sales to $30 million at her current company.
Ana is a financial turnaround and time management expert who specializes in coaching entrepreneurs of small to medium-sized businesses. She helps owners align their passion and values with their business goals and life dreams. She gives them practical concepts and tools to apply to their money and time management issues, business and personal relationships, as well as how a healthy lifestyle and mindset can contribute to boosting energy and business success.

Her warmth of spirit, sense of possibility and resilience come through in her coaching, writing and relationships. She extracts lessons from every part of her fascinating life and career to help others achieve their own success.

Table of Contents

Part I: Money—Master or Servant?
Starting with the Three P’s
Just Ten Minutes a Day? The 3-Step/30 Day Program
Getting Into the Flow
It’s Deep
But It Doesn’t Make You Happy
Part II: Relationships—We Are Not Islands
A Valuable Commodity
5 Levels of Relationships
IGI Principles and ETM Formulas
Log It
Part III: Energy—Spark It, Don’t Sap It
Eat the Foods that Love You Back
Building a Relationship
Why Do I Care?
Break it Down
Before You Begin
3 Steps—30 Days
Try It, You’ll Like It
A Date for your Date
One More!
Take Your Time
Let Food Color Your Life
Never One Size Fits All
It’s All about Relationships
Now We Have 4 P’s Your Personal Food Log
Don’t Sweat it
Learn to Love Mondays
Happy Monday Program
Happy Monday Tips
Take Action
Part IV: Time—It’s Ticking
Arrest the Time Thieves!
Reclaim Your Time
Time Systems
Take a Break
Now Time Works for You
Linking it Together

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