365 Daily Inspirational Quotes

365 Daily Inspirational Quotes

by Bankole Onibonoje


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Growing up under my father, a highly successful publisher, I couldn't help but notice that no two statements leave his mouth without a quote in the middle. He almost always delivers his messages using quotes.

You can call them words from the wise one or even crumbs from the table of wisdom, but those powerful words have had a great impact on me while growing up, and has greatly helped me become who I am today. I had since learned more of these quotes and taught hundreds of people for the past 20 years in a bid to make our world a better place.

365 Daily Inspirational Quotes is a collection of some of those powerful words from my father and a host of other successful people around the world.

It is designed to be used one per day. This is because all you need to have a great day, really, is a dose of some inspiration. And that... is exactly what you get with this book of quotes.

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