365 Ways to Live Generously: Simple Habits for a Life That's Good for You and for Others

365 Ways to Live Generously: Simple Habits for a Life That's Good for You and for Others

by Sharon Lipinski


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"Sharon Lipinski highlights a path to greater personal and professional success."—Adam Grant, Wharton professor and New York Times bestselling author of Give and Take

Create Your Best Life through Generosity

The only thing standing between you and the life you want are your habits. 365 Ways to Live Generously features lessons each day that focus on one of the seven generosity habits:

  • Physical health
  • Mindfulness
  • Relationships
  • Connecting with yourself
  • Gratitude
  • Simplicity
  • Philanthropy

Each habit appears once a week, giving you a year to practice and make them all a part of your daily life. Learn why the habits are important, discover tips based on the latest research about making positive change, and explore simple exercises for building new routines. Improve yourself and make a difference in the world with journaling prompts and generous acts. Using this inspiring book, you'll develop the habits needed to create a life that's good for you and others.

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ISBN-13: 9780738749600
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide, LTD.
Publication date: 01/08/2017
Pages: 480
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.00(h) x 1.30(d)

About the Author

Sharon Lipinski (Loveland, CO) is the founder of the non-profit Change Gangs: Virtual Giving Circles, which helps people make small donations that make a big impact by pooling their small donations with the donations of other people who care about the same cause. She also maintains the largest repository of information documenting the tools, strategies, and accomplishments of some of America’s eight hundred charitable giving circles. Visit her online at www.SharonLipinski.com.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Introduction    32


Week 1

Taking the First Step; Benefits of Mindfulness; Boundaries; Boundaries Pt 2; Function of Gratitude; Value of Simplicity; Role of Philanthropy


Week 2:

Thoughtless Habits; What is Mindfulness?; What’s Your Impact?; In Control; Undeserved Gifts; Short life in a very old world; Month 1 Giving Challenge- Homelessness


Week 3

Triggers; Limits of Mindfulness; Loving Requires Giving; A Feeling Of Belonging; Ask A Better Question; Importance of Nature; Money Vs. Time


Week 4

Plan for Success by Planning for Failure; Raisin Meditation; Introverts Vs Extroverts; Self Confidence; Who inspires you?; The Necessity Drawer; Giving Time


Week 5

Use Rewards; Wash A Bowl; Tools For Introverts; What Is Happiness; A Cure for Affluenza; More Money; Giving Money


Day 30: Monthly Check In


Week 6

Variety is the Spice of Life; Loving Kindness Meditation; Shyness; Your Eulogy; Memory Stacking; Curate Your Time; Month 2 Giving Challenge- Seniors


Week 7

The 4 Steps To Creating A Habit; Meditating With Kids; The Definition of Connection; Perseverance; Thank You Spree; Where Do You Live?; No Such Thing As A Small Donation


Week 8

How Long It Takes To Make A Habit; Simple Breathing Meditation; The Benefits of Connecting; Fake It Until You Become It; Gratitude With Kids; The Linen Closet; Be like Batman


Week 9

The Family Doesn’t Want to Change Pt 1; The Meditation Habit; The Risks Of Not Connecting; Negative Self Talk; Simple Pleasures; Money Can Buy Happiness; It’s Working!


Day 60: Monthly Check In


Week 10

The Family Doesn’t Want to Change Pt 2; A Successful Meditation; The Definition of Selfish; I love you!; Everything Is A Miracle; Your Brain Is For Processing; Month 3 Giving Challenge- Pets


Week 11

One Habit At A Time; Where should you meditate; Good For You And Good For Others; Forgive Yourself Step 1; Gratitude Letter; Discover Something Unusual; How much should I donate?


Week 12

What Are You Eating?; 3 Skills Of Meditation; Giving at Work; Forgive Yourself Step 2; Whose shoulders are you standing on?; Your Clothes Closet; Your Donation Rules


Week 13

My Favorite Food Advice; Meditation Eases Physical Pain; Pay Attention; Forgive Yourself Step 3; Good Morning; The Advertising Affliction; How to Say No


Day 90: Monthly Check In


Week 14

Health Vs Weight; Excuses; Enlist Support; Feeling Important; Good Night; No Dinging; Month 4 Giving Challenge - Environment


Week 15

Food Doesn’t Fix That; Meditation Improves Focus; Celebrate Their Success; The Desired Things; Gratitude Stroll; Don’t just do something. Sit there.; Giving With Kids Guiding Principles


Week 16

To Cook or Not to Cook?; Greeting Yourself With Friendliness; Takers; Let Your Light Shine; What do you have?; Purse or Wallet; Giving With Kids In Practice


Week 17

The Essential Pantry; Prayer Vs Meditation; Matching Giving and Taking; Shit Happens; Unhistoric Acts; Your Brain On Scarcity; Charity Research Level 1


Day 120: Monthly Check In


Week 18

Picky Eaters; Different Types of Meditation; Checking In; Repetition; Things You Don’t Have to Worry About; Daily Routine; Month 5 Giving Challenge- Education


Week 19

Willpower Will Fail; Pain Journal; Appreciate; Pamper Yourself; Anonymous kindness; Take a walk; Charity Research- Level 2


Week 20

What’s Stopping You; Physical Pain Meditation; Powerful Body Language; Feedback Loops; Mothers; Papers; Charity Research Level 3


Week 21

Bulk It Up; Emotional Pain Meditation; 5 Minute Favor; Role Models; Gratitude Rampage; Humility; Charity Research Level 4


Day 150: Monthly Check In


Week 22

The Right Diet; Practice with Physical Pain; Get Curious; Something New; Fathers; Get Things Done; Month 6 Giving Challenge- Food Bank


Week 23

Try a New Veggie; Dig A Well; The Wrong People; Prepared For Anything; Thank Your Body; Discover Something New About Something You Already Know; Calling the Charity


Week 24

Just Say No Once; Walking Meditation; Send A Card; Three Words; Even Cancer Has Gifts; Simplicity With Kids; Overhead Ratio Myth


Week 25

Energy for Life; Mindful Eating; Cluster Giving; Be Proud; Stormy Waters; Memories; How Do You Feel About Money


Day 180: Monthly Check In


Week 26

Breaking Bad (Habits); Shhhhh; Judging; Desire; Gadget Gratitude; A Pale Blue Dot; Month 7 Giving Challenge- Social Justice


Week 27

Water Is Life; Physical Body Impermanence Meditation; Following Up; Better than perfect; Wisdom; The Oldest Living Things; Respecting Their Dignity


Week 28

Liquid Sugar Loop; Mini Meditations; More Than This; Shame Is A Vampire; Freedom; Your Kitchen; Double Your Donation


Week 29

Go Dense; Material Impermanence Meditation; Interview An Elder; Your Purpose; Food Gratitude; Needs Ands Wants; Your Bank Account is a Moral Document


Day 210: Monthly Check In


Week 30

Your Eyes Are Better Than Your Stomach; There’s an app for that; Give It Time; Anger; Gratitude Trigger; Your Brain Is Limited; Month 8 Giving Challenge- Water and Sanitation


Week 31

Make It Hard; Body Scan Meditation; Life Math; The Gift of Sadness; If Nothing Else; Layers; Accounting


Week 32

Screw It!; Mindfulness Trigger; Ask For Help; Your Sexuality; I’m Not Grateful; Your Home; Start A Giving Circle


Week 33

Sleep Epidemic; Holding Them In Light Meditation; A Long, Happy Relationship; Your Spirituality; More Simple Pleasures; Some People; Your Giving Plan


Week 34

A Good Night’s Sleep; In The Moment- Arguments; Go First; You’re Going To Be Ok; You’ve Already Won The Lottery; Daily Action Plan; Month 9 Giving Challenge- Donate Blood


Day 240: Monthly Check In

Week 35

Create A Consistent Sleep Schedule; Forgiveness Meditation; Family Is A Verb; Alter Egos; Friends; Birding; Ignore the Founder’s Story


Week 36

Sleep Rules; Moving Meditation; Be A Good Neighbor; Regret; The Magic of Music; Your Desk; Charity Races


Week 37

Sleeping and Happiness; Breathing Regulation; Stewardship; Be Honest; Expressing Gratitude; In Case You Missed It; Disaster Donations Pt 1


Week 38

Snacking; How To End A Meditation Session; Spread Light; Invest In Yourself; What Can You Do With What You Have?; It’s Not A Priority; Month 10 Giving Challenge- Health


Day 270: Monthly Check In


Week 39

Give Your Heart Legs; In The Moment: Implicit Bias; Surprise!; I Might Be Wrong; Deep Gratitude; Life and Death in Nature; Disaster Donations Pt 2


Week 40

Love Your Body; Exercise Mindfulness; Tell Me More; Comparing; Getting Older; A Little Mess Is OK; Giving With Teens


Week 41

You Are Beautiful; Soft Front, Strong Back; Ask For Advice; Used To…; Your ancestors; Finding Quiet; A Successful Donation


Week 42

How To Visualize Success Part 1; Saying Grace; What You’ve Meant To Me; Have Some Fun; Work Gratitude; Busy-ness; Should I Start My Own Charity?


Day 300: Monthly Check In


Week 43

How To Visualize Success Part 2; Wait Patiently; Reconnect With An Old Friend; Your Escapes; Facing It As A Family; Where The Sidewalk Ends; Month 11 Giving Challenge- Veterans


Week 44

Sonic Impact; In The Moment: Safety; The Fear We Share; I Am…; What do you have to give?; Stuff; Give Monthly


Week 45

The Mental Game of Physical Activity; Being With Dying; Compassionate Empathy; Dance With Fear; Group Gratitude; Take A Break; Build the Giving Muscle


Week 46

Put Your Scale In Its Place: Being With Living: Intimacy; No; Teacher Gratitude; Acts of Love; Volunteering


Day 330: Monthly Check In


Week 47

Be Strong; Sound Meditation; Be Contagious; Problem Solving Step 1; What You Gain; Nature At Home; Month 12 Giving Challenge- Arts


Week 48

Plowing Through Plateaus- Intensity; The Wandering Mind; Support A Friend; Problem Solving Step 2; Community; What’s Left?; Spread The Word


Week 49

Plowing Through Plateaus- Variety; The Zone; Vulnerability; Problem Solving Step 3 ; Bravery; Drive Slowly; The Practice of Philanthropy


Week 50

Define Your Healthy Body Rules; The Practice Of Connecting With Others; The Practice Of Connecting With Yourself; The Practice of Simplicity


Year In Review (Week 52)

Physical Health; Mindfulness; Connecting With Others; Connecting With Yourself; Gratitude; Simplicity; Philanthropy


Table of Contents By Habit


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