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40-Day Healing Journal: God's Word: The Tree of Life

40-Day Healing Journal: God's Word: The Tree of Life

by Ethelene Stanley


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Many of us fail to realize that it is not God’s will for us to be sick. When Jesus Christ gave His life on the cross, He paid the price for our healing. God wants us to live healthy and whole—He says so in His Word! Author Ethelene Stanley presents encouraging scriptures, prayers, and discussion questions to point you in the direction of your healing. You will learn to search the Scriptures and speak words of life over your situation. Invite the power of God to transform you from the inside out. 40 Day Healing Journal will inspire you to reflect on the promises of God, rebuke Satan, and receive your healing!

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ISBN-13: 9781621363651
Publisher: Charisma Media
Publication date: 11/05/2013
Pages: 64
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.30(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Ethelene Stanley is married with three children and four grandchildren. She loves to teach the Word of God.

Table of Contents

Introduction vii

Lesson 1 Healing Is God's Provision

Day 1 God's Will Is for You to be Healed 2

Day 2 God's Great Commission 4

Day 3 I Give You the Authority to Rule the Earth 6

Day 4 Keep Them in the Midst of Your Heart 8

Day 5 Make God's Word the Final Authority 10

Lesson 2 God's Word: A Never Failing Remedy

Day 6 God's Word Never Fails 14

Day 7 The Language of Health 16

Day 8 Put Out the Fire 18

Day 9 Great Faith 20

Lesson 3 Take Heed in What You Hear and How You Speak

Day 10 What Are You Saying? 24

Day 11 Guard Your Heart 26

Day 12 Your Days of Sickness and Disease Are Over! 28

Day 13 Make a Declaration of Faith 30

Lesson 4 Jesus Is The Name That Brings Healing

Day 14 There's Healing in the Name of Jesus 34

Day 15 Pray to the Father in the Name of Jesus 36

Day 16 There's Healing Power in the Name of Jesus 38

Lesson 5 It Takes an Act of Obedience to Release Your Faith

Day 17 You Have a Part to Play 42

Day 18 Who's Calling the Shots? 44

Day 19 Know Within Yourself 46

Day 20 Take a Stand for Your Healing 48

Day 21 Rebuke the Storm 50

Lesson 6 We've Already Been Redeemed From Sickness

Day 22 God's Redemptive Plan 54

Day 23 The Only Way to Live 56

Day 24 Healing Is His Children's Bread 58

Day 25 So Great of a Price! 60

Day 26 The Gift of Healing 62

Day 27 Sickness Is of the Devil 64

Lesson 7 Breaking Generational Curses

Day 28 Renewing of Your Mind 68

Day 29 Life under the Sun or Life under the S-O-N 70

Day 30 The New Breed 72

Day 31 Take Dominion over Your Body 74

Lesson 8 Feeding Your Spirit Continually

Day 32 Looking into the Heart of God 78

Day 33 Possess the Land 80

Day 34 Look What the Lord Has Done! 82

Day 35 Let Go of the Doubt 84

Day 36 Things That Block Healing 86

Day 37 Refuse to Own Sickness 88

Day 38 The Tree of Life 90

Day 39 A Living Sacrifice 92

Day 40 God's Great Mercy 94

Notes 97

About the Author 99

Contact the Author 101

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