40 Days of Love: A Prayer, Care, Share Devotional

40 Days of Love: A Prayer, Care, Share Devotional

by Chris Vennetti, Kathy Branzell


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What does God want us to do together that we can’t do apart?

The soul of every person on earth longs to know the love of God. Billions have never had an opportunity to respond to His love, and many sincere followers of Jesus long for a deeper revelation of His love with capacity to love those God brings into their lives. But where do we start?

40 Days of Love is a devotional to help you experience God’s love each day and then express it to those around you in practical ways. It will encourage and equip you to pray for, care for, and share the love of Jesus Christ with people in your sphere of influence over forty days.

God’s love can do more than change your life; it can change the world. Be a part of the movement to bring the transforming love of Jesus to every person on earth.

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ISBN-13: 9781424555222
Publisher: BroadStreet Publishing Group, LLC
Publication date: 09/01/2017
Pages: 192
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About the Author

CHRIS VENNETTI is the co-founder of the “40 Days of Love,” an initiative that seeks to empower Christ-followers in a lifestyle of prayer, care, share evangelism. Chris also helps to steward Disciples Nations International, an international missions organization focused on personal, family, and community transformation. Chris and his wife live with their five children in Orlando, Florida.

KATHY BRANZELL is a speaker, author, National Coordinator of LOVE2020, and has been an active member of the Mission America Coalition since 2000. Kathy began her ministry journey as the founder and president of Fellowship and Christian Encouragement (FACE) for Educators. FACE has grown to over 130,000 public and private school educators who meet and pray in their schools each week. She is also a board member of the National Prayer Committee and a working member of the Board of Directors for The National Day of Prayer. Kathy lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband and is mom to two grown children. 

Table of Contents

Introduction xiii

Section 1 Preparing Our Hearts to Love

Day 1 What Is Love? 3

Day 2 The Source of All Real Love 7

Day 3 Staying Connected to the Source 11

Day 4 The Great Exchange 15

Day 5 To Love God Is to Obey God 19

Day 6 Love Awakens Faith 23

Day 7 We Can Trust God's Love Wholeheartedly 27

Day 8 Called to Forgive 31

Day 9 Love Prefers Others above Ourselves 35

Day 10 Let's Get Real 39

Section 2 Meditating on God's Great Love

Day 11 God Loves You Unconditionally 45

Day 12 We Are God's Children 49

Day 13 True Love Disciplines 53

Day 14 God's Holiness Compels Us to Love 57

Day 15 God Desires All People to Be Saved 61

Day 16 Without Love We Can Accomplish Nothing 65

Day 17 Love Is Always a Choice 69

Day 18 A Finished Work 73

Day 19 Love Is the Greatest Thing 77

Section 3 Enemies to a Life of Love

Day 20 Our Flesh Cannot Love 83

Day 21 God's Grace Rescues Us from Our Flesh 87

Day 22 The World Does Not Know Love 91

Day 23 Our Faith Overcomes the World 95

Day 24 Battle in the Heavenly Places 99

Day 25 Loving God Overcomes the Enemy 103

Section 4 Spiritual Keys to Remain in God's Love

Day 26 A Lifestyle of Praise and Worship: God Is Seeking Worshipers 109

Day 27 A Lifestyle of Praise and Worship: Give Thanks at All Times 113

Day 28 A Lifestyle of Waiting and Listening to God's Spirit: God's Children Hear His Voice 117

Day 29 A Lifestyle of Waiting and Listening to God's Spirit: Be Still 121

Day 30 A Lifestyle of Being Filled with the Word of God: The Word of God Sets Us Free 125

Day 31 A Lifestyle of Being Filled with the Word of God: The Word of God Is Living and Active 129

Day 32 A Lifestyle of Prayer and Intercession: Power in the Prayer of the Righteous 133

Day 33 A Lifestyle of Prayer and Intercession: Praying the Will of God 137

Day 34 A Lifestyle of Accountability and Mutual Submission: Encourage One Another Daily 141

Day 35 A Lifestyle of Accountability and Mutual Submission: Iron Sharpens Iron 145

Section 5 The Fruit of God's Love

Day 36 A Lifestyle of Effective Evangelism: Ambassadors for Christ 151

Day 37 Developing a Lifestyle of Effective Discipleship 155

Day 38 Unconditional Love: It Begins with Receiving 159

Day 39 Unconditional Love: Loving Our Families 163

Day 40 Unconditional Love: Love for Our Enemies 167

Conclusion 171

About the Authors 173

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