44 Secrets for Great Indoor Soccer

44 Secrets for Great Indoor Soccer

by Mirsad Hasic


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Discover 44 Secrets That Will Transform You into a Super Efficient Indoor Player, Today!

How to Shield the Ball with Success

Being able to shield the ball from the opponents is one of the most fundamental skills when it comes to playing indoors. It is crucial for being able to keep the ball in possession for longer periods.

Yet, you can often see many players who don't know how to utilize it properly and lose the ball as soon as they receive it which cause a lot of problems to the rest of team.

In this book I will explain how to properly protect the ball from the attacking opponent's and the efficient strategy for getting out most of this crucial skill.

How to Indirectly Score More Goals Indoor

Most players believe that in order to score many goals you need to pose exceptional shooting skills. However, this is only one part of the story because there is one more skill that will indirectly lead to more goals, even if your shooting is below the average.

This is a skill that has helped me take my goals scoring from the bottom to the top and you can do the same by simply adapting the tips in this book.

How to Beat the Keeper During a Penalty?

In my experience, many players start shaking as soon as they realize that they will need to take a penalty during the game. This often occurs during shootout where most players must take a penalty whether they want to or not.

However, there is a trick you can do to beat the keeper easily without actually putting any efforts in it. Get an advantage on the keeper and find out how to score on him during the penalty no matter how skillful he is.

How to Avoid the Biggest Pitfall with Receiving the Ball

Being able to safely receive the ball without losing it to an opponent is really critical for your overall performance indoor. Because of the small pitch losing the ball could easily give the opponents an ideal opportunity to score.

However, there is one thing you can do in order to prevent this from occurring and it is a steel proof strategy that I have been using for many years that will help you receive the ball safely without ever needing to worry about losing it.

Do You Want To Learn all of These Skills?

Become a successful indoor soccer player today and start dominating your games!

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