46 Consumer Reporting Agencies Investigating You

46 Consumer Reporting Agencies Investigating You

by Ronald E. Hudkins


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WHO - You might not realize there's false or potentially damaging information being reported about you until you get turned down for a job or insurance. So, get in the habit of occasionally ordering specialty consumer reports along with your credit reports.

The credit bureaus are enormous corporations with enormous power. They are also still primarily motivated by the money they make by selling your credit information.

WHAT - The unfortunate fact is that the big three Credit Reporting Agencies and the many other Specialty Credit Reporting Agencies are not following the FCRA to the best of their ability and in turn are providing inaccurate and/or un-reportable information to agencies requesting your personal information.

WHERE - You need to go to fix things is shown in this booklet as it contains contact data to the three nationwide credit reporting agencies and a large number of nationwide specialty credit reporting agencies.

WHY - You need this book is because fortunately, you do have recourse. The same federal Fair Credit Reporting Act that guarantees you the right to access and correct your credit reports also regulates specialty consumer reporting agencies.

WHEN - Errors on your credit report are made they can be costly, so it's very important to make sure that you see what's being reported about you on your credit report often, especially before you apply for a loan of any kind.

HOW - Because credit reporting agencies deal with millions of data records every month and they are very prone to making mistakes. Even worse, what if someone has hijacked your identity and is poisoning your record with their own bad behavior? According to a report by the FTC, one in five Americans has a mistake on their credit report.

Buy this book now. Read, Check and Know your Personal Data is Correct.

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