48 Hour Fat Burn Solution: Lose inches of body fat on demand

48 Hour Fat Burn Solution: Lose inches of body fat on demand

by Miles Beccia


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Avoid the rapid weight gain resulting from starving your body for longer than 48 hours. Use this on demand whole foods solution to remove body fat, control your blood sugar, and support gut health using dietary fiber system created by Miles Beccia.

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ISBN-13: 9781504364881
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 11/11/2016
Pages: 64
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48 Hour Fat Burn Solution

Lose Inches of Body Fat on Demand

By Miles Beccia

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2016 Miles Beccia
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5043-6488-1



48 hours on a restricted-calorie diet is all your body can withstand before you begin moving into a starvation state. You probably know how this feels because it is the point other fad diets need you to get past in order to really accelerate your weight loss. AND, this is the point when most rapid weight loss fad diets fail.

The problem with moving into a starvation phase is that it sets up the body for large amounts of fat storage right after the next big harvest time – that is, when you finally begin eating those yummy full feeling meals again. Yes, remember your body is amazing. It can gain weight, lose weight, lose muscle, gain muscle, and go all directions as we go through life.

After 2 to 3 days of restricting your calorie intake, your body moves into the state of ketosis. Ketosis is the process of creating substances called ketones as the body breaks down fat for energy. Ketosis is a sign that our body has shifted into starvation mode and is beginning to using alternative sources of energy, rather than the standard ones we use when we have a healthy, stable, balanced nutritional intake.

When you haven't taken in enough normal amounts of carbohydrates from food for your cells to burn for energy, your body begins supplying itself with energy instead. The body controls its energy supply in multiple ways, so when you are healthy and eating a balanced diet, you don't make or use ketones. However, when you cut way back on your calories or carbs, your body will switch to ketosis for energy. When your body kicks into this mode, it is slowing down your previously elevated metabolism and is setting you up to store lots of fat once you begin eating normally again.

So why do so many diet programs carry us to the brink of failure with these long, arduous days, weeks, or months where our body is in starvation mode, only to end by storing so much extra fat afterwards? Well, it's because in the short term, restricting calories works – you can get results from changing your calorie intake.

More than likely, you've tried these diets not once, but several times. What you need to realize is that this process is hurting you, and it is never going to give you the lasting results you're seeking. On average, 80 percent to 90 percent of people who use these kinds of calorie-restricting diets regain the weight they lost. Many gain even more back. This is why it's crucial to understand the internal science of how our body responds to restricted calories.

The way to alter this pattern is with choice. The choice to start with a balanced breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the metabolism you are at today. Another problem is that most people fail to monitor whether they're losing, gaining, or staying at the same weight day to day or week to week. Without monitoring your progress, it's hard to know which portion sizes or numbers of calories will help you reach and keep you at the place you want to be.

Case Study:

Maggie is a busy working mom and new grandmother. She knew that her time was limited so that meant she really must set up her daily schedule to accommodate some physical activities and a better meal plan. In her experiences up to now, Maggie had tried just about everything to stay trim and fit for her to be a great example to her kids and family.

She once was a runner and at that point in her life she had more time along with an environment to get out on the road for a run each morning. This gave her more focus toward eating healthy foods to maintain her energy. She came in frustrated with the way she looked and felt. After providing her with the fitness and nutrition stages of progression, she began immediately. Maggie's focus now to move through these stages of success and reclaim her health and fitness from here onward.

She had agreed that just starving herself did not work in the past and she knew that the only way to navigate her way was to do it smart. This empowered Maggie to set time for her physical conditioning of muscle endurance and aerobic improvement along with her following the guidelines set out here in the 48 Hour Fat Burn Solution. Not only did inches of body fat change the shape of her body, but she came in one day so pumped up about how easy it was for her to pick up her kayak compared to the struggle it was prior to her beginning the program with me.

Now, I do have some bad news. The thing is that focusing long and hard on your weight loss is not enough to create the success you seek. We often hear that it takes 21 days to change a habit, but that's really a bit of nonsense.

If you have been on the typical trend of gaining 10 or more pounds per decade since you stopped growing in height, between the ages of 17 and 21, it will take more than 21 days to gain the knowledge and the practice of how to shop, store, prepare, and eat the right portions of real foods to see yourself have lasting success.

The 48 Hour Fat Burn Solution is a program that will change your eating habits for the rest of your life. This program will improve your total health in measurable ways. As you continue my program, you will see the results at your periodic medical exams, as well as in your daily activities and interests.

Those who do not begin immediately to make changes to their meal plan and physical activity daily will be putting themselves into an environment which is ripe for sickness, disease, and poor state of mind. Each of you who sets up a nutritious meal plan and performs purposeful physical activities will find yourself with an abundance of energy, freedom from lasting illness, and a vibrant state of mind.

Write out what you will see yourself being able to do 6 months from now after you lose body fat and improve your physical fitness. Describe in vivid detail your posture, muscle tone, clothing appearance, etc.



The vital combination of factors which must be learned, practiced, and maintained for you to free yourself from a tired, injured, and simply unhealthy body is the culture or growth of fitness and nutrition within you and your environment. Having a kitchen set up for meal preparation, cooking, and storage is a system within itself that will make you happy to be in when things are in the right place or miserable with frustration along with hunger when you do not have each area working properly.

Same holds true for when you have for easy access to physical activities which you can truly look forward to doing on autopilot when designed and practiced right. Let us start by seeing what it takes to have enough energy daily to think, work, and have some left over for a workout.

I want you start by considering how a fit, healthy body weight begins in your gut. This is the most important aspect of my 48 Hour Fat Burn Solution. Why is this so important? As discussed, the body is a manufacturing plant that takes in raw materials, processes them to produce the right energy units (fat or sugar) or building blocks (proteins or amino acids), and eliminates the byproducts.

Your gut is ineffective without both types of dietary fiber. Again, unlike most diets or nutrition plans, we will not be focusing on protein, fat, or sugar intake. Your goal here is to make sure that you have a balanced intake of dietary fiber. To create a healthy gut you need both soluble and insoluble fiber.

These two types of dietary fiber have different roles in maintaining the proper function of your digestive organs. As we touched on earlier, soluble fiber forms gel in the stomach after it is chewed to break it apart. This turns all the food that sits in your stomach into a ball of nutrients that can be used by the body. Insoluble fiber does not break down during digestion; its job is to cleanse the walls of the gut from top to bottom to maintain a healthy environment.

During my early stages of learning how to rebuild my physical conditioning and play sports again, I studied diet and meal plan of every strength athlete I could find. These nutrition plans included olympic weightlifting programs, powerlifting athletes, bodybuilding books, and even Sumo wrestlers because I needed to gain muscle and body weight. The common equation with all of these sports conditioning plans was to eat a base of healthy foods but in portion sizes large enough to add up to more than I was using for activities each day.

As you can understand this strategy works for them and it worked for me. I steadily gained body weight and kept my energy levels up to perform added physical conditioning programs. One of the most impressive parts of learning these weight gain systems was to see how the bodybuilder worked the strategy to maintain level blood sugar by eating very often and keeping calories very balanced when slowly trimming off body fat. This was the opposite of the Sumo wrestler whose strategy was to skip meals, especially breakfast, to trick the body into low blood sugars to add additional body fat when eating more calories than they used each day.

I used both of these strategies when it came to a season of football which required a higher body weight versus a season of track and field which it was best to have a lower body fat for better speed. From these years of experience and the research I did while studying for my degree in Public Health, I gained an expansive knowledge of how to make changes in both nutrition planning and physical conditioning. Some of the most important pieces came from learning about the history of meal plans from other cultures at all corners of the globe and the past and continuing research with regard to dietary fiber food categories.

The intake of proper soluble dietary fiber is the demonstrated by scientific evidence as the secret to maintaining even blood sugar levels, reducing cholesterol levels, and developing a clean healthy gut. Without properly balanced dietary fiber, you will have improper passage of food, either moving too fast or too slow. This balance of dietary fiber is necessary to maintain a healthy level of digestive bacteria and for overall good health.

You can start now to understand how the passage of food from the stomach to the small intestine for its long track of breakdown and absorption, then into the large intestine for final removal of broken down nutrients, and ultimate passage to the colon is a steady manufacturing process that requires proper setup with the right amounts and types of dietary fiber.

The world has changed rapidly in the past half-century to the point where, on demand, we can now consume giant amounts of calories in just a few minutes, yet hardly any of it contains dietary fiber from healthy foods. The average American diet contains less than one-third of the daily requirement for healthy dietary fiber intake.

In more than 100 countries around the globe, people now follow the pattern of eating too many calories with limited amounts of dietary fiber. These high-calorie, low-fiber foods leave you hungry all the time and create low blood sugar, so almost as soon as you've eaten, you have to run out and get some more to boost you back up. Can you see the problem with this cycle?

A little over a century ago, every individual, family, community, neighborhood, and city would eat food from the fresh local markets that had the dietary fiber needed for a healthy gut. This habit of consuming lower calorie, higher fiber foods is still maintained as a regular meal pattern by many rural families around the globe. These families are in great physical shape, yet their cousins who live in communities that rely on fast food or quick-prep foods suffer with health problems. Poor food patterns and lack of physical activity lead to short- and long-term health problems.

Dietary fiber still shows up in the news on a weekly basis, as it has been an easily available key component of the human diet for thousands of years. Spices, an easily traced dietary component, were one of the first globally traded regular food items. Throughout history, the crops harvested for food supply season by season, and decade after decade, could also be easily traced through cultural migrations and the spice trade.

Spices traveled from East to West and West to East, as flavors followed the water seasons that produced the food supply. We can trace these cultural origins of our food patterns to understand the development of healthy diets. Families in these diverse cultures began to thrive and develop the centers of civilization that gave rise to the healthiest and most successful nations.

These amazing changes happened over a long period in history. We are now seeing a renaissance of healthy eating in the abundance of fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds, beans and legumes popping up everywhere in local markets. This new model will make it easy to replace the unhealthy processed foods that are have become so readily available. The fact is that every day we have more locally grown and fresh food farms all around us, and we can harvest the best fiber foods from these local markets.

Great things are happening now with grocery stores, restaurants, and even ready-to-go packaged foods offering low calorie portions that contain plenty of dietary fiber. One problem we have, however, is determining which foods and which dietary fibers are going to help us manage our digestion and make us feel full so that we do not feel hungry all the time.

I will help solve that question for you as you read through my Step-by-Step System in the next chapter. There, you will learn my soluble/insoluble fiber solution. The program will indicate the minimum amount of soluble fiber you need to form a gel in your stomach that will manage the time-release nature of your food as it moves through the stomach, small intestine, large intestine, and is ultimately eliminated in a normal pattern of digestion.

I will coach you through your personal food culture shift. Understand that you will likely experience some awkward emotional changes as you gain knowledge through practice and build yourself an easy-to-maintain menu plan of delicious meals you and your family will love. We will do this together.

My easy to follow my step-by-step soluble/insoluble fiber system will take you through a progressive increase in the right amount of dietary fiber to digest the "Beccia Ball" for time-released energy. You will be able to steadily improve your physical capacity for activity and, more importantly, see your waist-to-hip ratio become what you always dreamed it could be.

The abundance of today's food supply for easy, quick, flavorful meals will be the key to sustaining your weight, looking amazing, and having lots of energy to gain greater success throughout your life.

As you put this easy system into practice, you will gain the edge that will give you a tremendous victory in your weight-control battle. Some of you will lose weight easily on my program. Others will continue to seek the full benefits of my program that will help you transform your digestive process so that you can see the visible results in your health. I know you're still here with me because you're no longer looking for the quick fix. You want concrete information, principles, and techniques that will ensure you are on the right success track to reach your destination.

Write out below what you already make for a meal which is in you family cultural history prior to modern refrigeration. (If you are not sure, please ask someone near you about their experience.)



I will now coach you through my step-by-step system. Learning to focus on the single task of burning body fat in short intervals and monitoring your weight in between the fat-burn intervals will ensure success in shifting your personal metabolism. I will walk you through how the science of natural energy manufacture and waste elimination applies to you to ensure that your digestion follows a continuous, consistent path for lasting success.

My proven system of 48 Hour Fat Burn intervals, during which you consume nutritious high-fiber foods that are abundant and easily available to you, has benefited my clients and will be your key to a vibrant new you.

I previously introduced the concept that your digestive system needs to be fit and functioning at top efficiency from top to bottom so that every last drop of nutrition will fertilize each and every cell within your body. Additionally, all the waste products from every system in your body – like those that engineer rejuvenation and energy production – must be removed for everything to continue working optimally.

We discussed the fact that optimal health is only possible when your digestive muscle tone is adequate, allowing a consistent digestive transit time (approximately 48 hours) for each meal digestion, which allows the complete processes of food absorption and elimination to occur.

When industrialized nations began moving away from basic daily recipes made with local foods that contained items in the 5 Super Fiber Food Categories (i.e., vegetables, nuts and seeds, fruits, grains, beans and legumes), people started replacing these common-sense meals with high-calorie packaged and canned foods, oversized sandwiches, and enormous sugary drinks. The result from eating like that? Your gut grows slack and leaves you constantly hungry from poor digestion and poor nutrition.


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Table of Contents


Introduction, vii,
Chapter 1. Your Body Is Amazing, 1,
Chapter 2. Keeping Your Fitness Forward Focus, 7,
Chapter 3. My Step By Step 48 Hour Fat Burn Solution, 15,
Chapter 4. Why Is Your Metabolism So Out Of Control, 25,
Chapter 5. Boost Your Fat Burning Aerobics With Ease, 33,
Chapter 6. Monitor Your Weight and Keep It Where You Want It, 37,
Chapter 7. Minimize Your Stress for Continued Weight Loss Success, 41,
Conclusion - Do It Now, Don't Wait, 45,

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