48 Hour Stress Relief

48 Hour Stress Relief

by Lou Diamond

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48 Hour Stress Relief by Lou Diamond

"Is The Pressure Of Your Job And Living Under Constant Stress Taking Its Toll On Your Health And Well being?"

Do you have difficulty saying no to people only to wind up spreading yourself too thinly and taking on more than you can handle?
Do you constantly feel overwhelmed with all the things going on in your life that it stops you from taking important decisive action?
Do you lack motivation and a passion for life?
Do you often feel physically weighed down with the amount of stress you have in your life?
Are there times where you find it difficult to switch off from problems and work related dramas that you have a tendancy to bring them home?

If this is you then there’s a good chance you’re living in a constant state of stress and anxiety, a natural byproduct of the stressful environment that we in the 21st century live in.

For some reason living in this fast paced society we’ve come to accept the fact that it's normal to cram a week’s worth of work and tasks into a 24 hour day.

We accept the fact that we need to do more that life becomes a big blur rather than moments of clarity and enjoyment.

Did you know that it’s natural to have a certain amount of stress in our lives but it’s when that stress escalates to the point where we find ourselves living in a state of constant stress that it becomes damaging to both our mental and physical health.

It’s not surprising that the world we live in is a much more stressful place than that of our ancestors. With so many stresses and pressures life throws at us on a daily basis it’s no wonder we’re becoming a society on the edge dying from more stress related issues than any other generation in history.

Stress Kills -- Staggering Stress Facts

Around 1 in every 8 Americans suffers from some form of anxiety related disorder which equates to almost 20 millions Americans.

The National Institute of Mental Health has discovered that women are afflicted with anxiety and stress disorders at almost twice the number as men.
Stress, anxiety, nervousness and tension have all been contributing factors in raising blood pressure increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke and heart attack.
30% of employees recognize stress as the major cause of job burnout.
Stress is responsible for billions of dollars in lost revenue and productivity each year.
Stress has also been linked to digestive problems, allergies, skin rashes, and can even interfere with the body’s immune system causing a host of other illnesses and conditions, including:

Back pain
Jaw pain
Acid reflux disease
Hardening of the arteries
Blood sugar disorder

So Why Do We Get Stressed?

We live in an environment where there are more stressors now than at any other time in history. Stress due to divorce and relationship breakups.

Greater pressure on children to perform that they often feel displaced and lose a sense of their childhood trying to get an education, extra curricular activities, a job and a social life.

There are more pressures on women. These days women have more to do than before. Not only do they run the household but go out to work to earn a wage and with many having to play the role as both mother and father.

By uncovering the stress factors that literally surround us on a daily basis, it's easy to see how we've become a nation under the influence of chronic stress.

To Free Yourself From Stress And Its Harmful Effects You Need To...

Retrain yourself to react differently to it. Perhaps you may not be in a position to eliminate the cause of your stress such as your job or where you live but you can learn techniques that will change the way in which you deal with stress.

It’s about re-wiring yourself and changing the way you think. You many not necessarily be able to change your immediate circumstances but you can change the way in which you view them and how you react to certain stressful situations and you can do it with our simple system "48 Hour Stress Relief - Cutting Edge Techniques To Dramatically Cut Your Stress And Anxiety Levels Within Just 48 Hours".

With 48 Hour Stress Relief You'll Discover:

Quick Fire Techniques To Help Eliminate The Effects Of Stress And Completely Change Your State Of Mind No Matter How Much Stress You're Experiencing

The Difference Between Chronic And Periodic Stress And The Damaging Toll It's Physically Taking On Your Body

How To Recognize Your Stress Triggers And Nip Them In The Bud Before They Steer Out Of Control.

The Secret Of Getting Back In Control Of Your Life And To Truly Be Present To Enjoy The Things You Love Most

How The Type Of Music We Listen To Can Positively Affect Our Moods

Discover The Technique Of Distraction To Disrupt Your Old Stress Habit Patterns And Reprogram Them With New, Positive Ones Before You Ever Have A Chance To Get Stressed Again

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