50 Natural Ways to Cure a Headache

50 Natural Ways to Cure a Headache

by Raje Airey



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ISBN-13: 9780754809999
Publisher: Anness Publishing, Ltd.
Publication date: 11/15/2002
Pages: 60
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Table of Contents

Headache Treatments10
Live in Harmony...
1)Refreshing water12
2)Regular exercise13
3)Easy neck stretches14
4)Relaxing yoga positions15
5)Healthy eating16
6)Quick-fix snacks17
7)Identifying food intolerance18
8)Green leaf cleanser19
9)Have more sex20
10)Get a good night's rest21
11)Keep a pet22
12)Laughter is the best medicine23
...And in Peace
13)Crystal healing24
14)Headache healing spell25
15)Blue colour therapy26
16)Green colour therapy27
17)Relax your body28
18)Relax your mind29
19)Protective bubble visualization30
20)Gentle candlelight31
21)Clear the clutter32
22)Healing homeopathy33
23)Reiki headache treatment34
Nature's Medicine Chest
24)Healing herb tub35
25)Gentle lavender & rosemary oils36
26)Soothing bath water37
27)A relaxing atmosphere38
28)Soothing away eyestrain39
30)Evening primrose41
31)Herbal steam inhalant42
32)Comforting compress43
33)Lime blossom & lemon balm tisane44
34)Wood betony infusion45
35)Herbal sedatives46
36)Lavender tincture47
37)Hangover headache treatments48
38)Bach flower remedies49
Smoothing Headaches Away
39)Calming head massage50
40)Neck & shoulder easer51
41)Shoulder reliever52
42)Anxiety calmer53
43)Shiatsu massage54
44)Foot reflexology55
45)Scalp massage56
46)Head revitalizer57
47)Migraine easers58
48)Calming sleep massage59
49)Draw out the pain60
50)Tension reliever61

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