50 Shades of Grades: My Journey Through Wacademia

50 Shades of Grades: My Journey Through Wacademia

by Andrew Nixon


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Andy Nixon learned early on that he was considered less than his classmates due to his poor grades. Report card day became a time of high anxiety as he took his report card home for the required parent signature. Accusations of "You could be doing much better," and, "You're just lazy," were regular comments to him by adults.

From a traumatic childhood as an abject failure academically, to a chance opportunity to attend college, and his awakening to the fact that he learned differently from most other students, to the achievement of the ultimate degree - Doctor of Education, he tells his story with humor and tears. Somehow, Andy made it through the taunting, humiliation, and demeaning comments by teachers, and lived to tell the tale of his exploits.

In his book, 50 Shades of Grades, My Journey Through Wacademia, Dr. Andy Nixon offers a testament to the difficulty many children encounter in early grades and beyond, to what he dreamed he could achieve in life. This despite the fact that the traditional education system was geared against his learning style, and the power of determination and willingness to stick with the struggle and overcome the odds. Dr. Nixon's philosophy is, "It is no sin to be knocked down. It is only a sin to not get back up."

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50 Shades of Grades: My Journey Through Wacademia 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
DiscerningReader6 More than 1 year ago
Dr. Nixon candidly reveals personal laughter and tears throughout his journey from failure to success in academics and life. Crediting his determination and support, he neglects to mention his huge helping of charm and intelligence which surely played a role. Recent memory neuroscience experiments at MIT conclude that recollections may be unreliable. Memories may be modified when recalled in new and different emotional situations. While those close to the author may recall some family events differently, Dr. Nixon offers a dynamic, entertaining, and heartfelt challenge to re-evaluate and remedy our children's educational development. A must read in these complex global times!