500 Random Facts about India, vol.3

500 Random Facts about India, vol.3

by Lena Shaw


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Do you want to know a lot about India? Do you like incredible facts - funny and sad, surprising and unbelievable? If your answer is YES, this book is for you.

500 Random Facts about India is the third book in the series Trivia and Facts about the Countries.
This book provides an incredible amount of absolutely random facts about India. The content is unique and family-friendly. Some facts are completely crazy. Some of them are unexpected world records or just interesting things that happened somewhere in India centuries or days ago. Some of them are eye-opening statistics that make you think more about your own life and priorities. In any case, all these facts are entertaining, exciting, and fun. And all of them have connection with India and its people.

The examples of the random facts inside this book:

Over 11% of smokers in the world live in India.
About 22.2 million people in India are under trial. It is one of the biggest numbers in the world which is far more than the population of the Netherlands (17.04 million in 2017).
According to Forbes, the actor Shah Rukh Khan is ranked 65th in the list of the highest paid celebrities in the world.
India was an island about 100 million years ago, while Sri Lanka was connected to India back then.
In 2017, India's capital city, New Delhi banned every single disposable plastic item including bags, cups, cutlery, etc.

and so on...

India is a beautiful, extravagant, unpredictable and unhacked. It is also one of the oldest cultures and civilizations on our planet. There are a lot of facts proving that India is really a very special country, and some of these facts are presented in this book.

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Series: Trivia and Facts about the Countries , #3
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