52 Simple Ways to Be Vegan: Easy Ways to Eat Natural, Save the Earth, and Live Cruelty-Free

52 Simple Ways to Be Vegan: Easy Ways to Eat Natural, Save the Earth, and Live Cruelty-Free


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Level up your animal-kind life with 52 Simple Ways to reduce your food budget, eat organics, and keep your diet super vegan-friendly. As you progress through each of the five levels, you'll find tips for ditching animal-based products at every mealtime. Learn surprising facts about the impact of meat and animal products on the environment and change your habits with do-it-yourself ideas. Start with small changes, like reducing your meat intake, and work your way up to replacing eggs, dairy, and even leather clothing. You can be cruelty-free every day of the year with 52 Simple Ways To Go Vegan.

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ISBN-13: 9781633530614
Publisher: Mango Media
Publication date: 07/20/2015
Pages: 132
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.90(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Terri Paajanen has been living on 5 acres for the past seven years, growing a wide mix of fruit, vegetables, herbs and even a few apple trees in her gardens. Before that, she worked hard to produce food in various small city lots, containers and balconies. Over the years, she's honed her backyard agriculture skills and learned the tricks to a successful garden without the heavy use of chemicals or synthetic products. Terri has a B.Sc in biology and botany and has mastered the fine art of putting bushels of food on the table every year. She is looking to expand her home’s acreage and plans to experiment with nut trees, more fruit and joining a new farmer's market. Terri is also the author of FIG’s 52 Simple Ways to Live Green published in 2014.

Table of Contents

Level 1 Vegan Basics 09

How to Get Started 11

Isn't Vegan Diet Expensive? 12

Look for the Logo 15

History of Modern Veganism 16

How Veganism Helps Animal Welfare 19

How Veganism Helps the Environemt 20

How Veganism Helps Your Body 23

Celebrity Vegans 24

Can You Make a Difference? 27

Level 2 Foods & Products to Avoid 29

Avoiding Meat 31

Avoiding Milk 32

Avoiding Dairy Products 35

Avoiding Fish 36

Avoiding Eggs 39

The Happy Hour Vegan 40

Free the Bees 43

Hidden Ingredients in Sweets 45

Hidden Ingredients in Snacks 46

Hidden Ingredients in Cosmetics 49

Hidden Ingredients in Medical Products 50

The Clothes on Your Back 53

The Shoes on Your Feet 54

Be a Vegan Gardener 57

Level 3 Foods to Embrace 59

Get to Know Nutritional Yeast 61

Cooking with Vegan Proteins 62

Cooking More Beans 65

Eating More Fruit 66

Eating More Nuts & Seeds 69

Cooking More Leafy Greens 70

Vegan Probiotics 73

Getting Calcium & Iron 74

Even Junk Food! 77

Level 4 The Vegan Lifestyle 79

Dealing With Non-Vegans 81

Can Vegans Keep Pets? 82

Taking it on the Road 85

Eating Out 86

Raising Vegan Kids 89

Should You Date a Non-Vegan? 90

Being Vegan on a Date 93

Being Vegan on the Holidays 94

Animal Entertainment 97

Groups to Support 98

Level 5 Recipes 101

Spicy Black Bean Burgers 103

Tofu Pad Thai 104

Mock Tuna Salad 107

Tofu Scramble 108

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies 111

Meatless Tacos 112

Apple Spinach Smoothie 115

Indian Tempeh Curry 116

Creamy Stuffed Shells 119

Vegan Vanilla Cake 120

Vegan Margarita 123

Bonus 125

Further Readings 131

Author Bio 132

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