53 Paris Travel Tips: Secrets, Advice & Insight for a Perfect Paris Vacation

53 Paris Travel Tips: Secrets, Advice & Insight for a Perfect Paris Vacation

by Rory Moulton

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Quit dreaming about Paris and start planning!

Save money, beat the crowds and learn about Paris' coolest "secret spots" with 53 Paris Travel Tips. 

Few cities on Earth induce such passion, such wonderment as Paris. France's capital, long drawing artists, writers, bon vivants, world leaders, fashionistas and travelers, holds an unassailable position in the hearts and minds of all who have ever strolled her tangled streets.

There's simply something about Paris. It's not only the plethora of illustrious art, seemingly endless museum halls, historic ghosts or acclaimed café scene. Paris seems to create its own heartbeat that, much like the mysterious attic of our childhood years, holds a fascinating allure; the city invites you to tap this vein and forever see the world and yourself differently.

"Paris, however - because of her purely fortuitous beauty, because of the old things which have become a part of her, because of her entanglement of buildings and tenements - Paris yields herself in discovery as an attic beloved in our childhood gave up its secrets." 
― Jean Cocteau, The Paris We Love

But if Paris is like a beloved attic from our childhood, it is becoming an increasingly crowded one. More than 15 million international tourists descend on the city every year. It's now imperative for savvy travelers to make the necessary reservations, beat the tour groups and seek out lesser-known, "secret" spots.

In 53 Paris Travel Tips, I dispense my very best advice for traveling Paris. Gleaned from over 15 years of travels to the great City of Light, my secrets and insight will help you plan and execute the perfect Paris getaway. You'll learn how to skip crowds, find the city's best values and experience the city more like a savvy local than a bewildered tourist. Whether it's your first time in Paris or you're back for more, this book will teach you something new.

53 Paris Travel Tips offers Paris travelers invaluable advice on how to make the most of a Paris vacation. 53 Paris Travel Tips includes little-known nooks and crannies in Paris, quintessential shopping experiences, travel hacks for skipping lines and saving time and money and everything you need to know for an awesome Paris experience -- condensed into the most important travel tips for Paris.

Chock-full of Paris travel tips from a longtime Paris visitor and veteran travel writer, this Paris travel guide covers:

  • Tips on how to avoid long lines in Paris
  • Insight on how to make the most of Paris' museums and attractions
  • Advice on how to beat the Paris crowds and have the coolest Paris experiences
  • Plus, tons of Paris shopping and eating tips!

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ISBN-13: 9780986237843
Publisher: Rory Moulton
Publication date: 10/08/2018
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Pages: 112
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About the Author


Who am I? I'm a writer, editor, book author and entrepreneur living in the Colorado Rockies with my wife and son. When away from my desk, I'm passionate about travel, woodworking, museums and the great outdoors. And beer. I also really like beer.

When it comes to travel - my passion of passions, and likely the reason you're here - I adamantly advocate for independent, ground-level budget travel. Here are my tenets for satisfying travel:

>> Focus on experiential - not checklist - travel. Go. See. Do. Make memories. Be in the moment. Instagram accounts aren't required.
>> Eat and shop local. Don't seek the tastes and comforts of home. After all, experiencing the strange and new is exactly why we leave home.
>> Stay in family run hotels and guesthouses, small hostels or neighborhood Airbnbs.
>> Meet local families. Practice their language.
>> Picnic in parks, church steps, alpine meadows, cliffside beaches.
>> Ride overnight trains. Book passage by ferry. Take public transportation.
>> Sit in the cheap seats.
>> Eat street food.
>> See the major cultural sights before or after the crowds. Even if it means getting a little creative.
>> Avoid glossy tourist traps in all iterations. Be they plastic restaurants, overwrought (and overpriced) attractions or entire destinations.
>> Plan ahead. However, prepare to chuck the itinerary on a moment's notice when spontaneity calls.
>> Slow down.

In sum, ditch the all-inclusive, find an affordable flight to a foreign country, fill a carry-on backpack and off you go!

I'd love to hear about your travels.

Table of Contents

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Bonjour! (French for the Rest of Us)

Six Killer Apps

Never Get Lost

Metro Like a Local

Safety Meeting

Cash is King

The Toilette Quest

Free Wi-Fi

II. PART 2: GO >> SEE >> DO

One Pass to Rule Them All

Do You Have a Reservation? Part 1

When All Else Fails

First Impressions

Rise and Shine

Free Orientation

Sunday Funday Free Day

Kids Go Gratis

Globe Envy

Commune Art

Kitschy Cabaret

Hop-on, Hop-off River Cruising

Bike Like a Local

The One-Hour Rule

Eiffel Tower the Awesome Way

The Eiffel’s Lit!

Orsay Evenings

Gargoyles on Your Shoulder

Organic Notre-Dame

Ascending Montmartre

The Apex of Montmartre

Paris’ Quirkiest Museum

The Louvre’s “Super-Secret” Entrance

Sunny Sainte-Chapelle

See Napoléon First, as He’d Want It

Art Trains to Versailles

Don’t Forget Your Passport

A Wax Museum You Won’t Immediately Regret

Sundays are for the Birds

Hunting Ninja Turtles

Free Look at a Writer’s Life

Best of Bastille Day

Statue of Liberty's Doppelgänger

It’s All Downhill from Here

Paris on Sale

Shopping for Picasso's Pastels


Restaurant 101: Tipping & the Bill

Eat Like a Local

Do You Have a Reservation? Part 2

Drink Wine Like a Local

Tap Water, S’il Vous Plait

Restaurant? Brasserie? Café?

Subsidized Baguettes

(Almost) Secret Picnic Spots

Bière Here!

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