6 Figures By 30: Career Navigation Guide

6 Figures By 30: Career Navigation Guide

by Cecilyn Cayetano Hutchinson


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At the start of her professional journey, author Cecilyn Hutchinson was far from focused on her future. Losing her only career opportunity during her senior year of college was a wakeup call. She then became serious about her future and changed the course of her life. Once she landed her first job after graduation; with a starting salary of $36,000 at 23 years old. Cecilyn decided she wanted more financially. She set a goal to earn 6 Figures by 30 and the rest is history. Throughout Cecilyn's career transition from slacker to six figures and from job-seeker to hiring manager, she learned valuable tried and true career strategies along the way.

6 Figures by 30: Career Navigation Guide is loaded with essential tools for success including how to: create a 6-figure career plan, develop a standout resume, navigate interviews, strategize job searches, negotiate salary increases, and much more. This guide is designed to be your career GPS that will reduce detours and steer your career through the fast track to six figures.

Why gamble with no plan? Bet on your success! The first step is believing you can do it and the next step is cracking this book open and getting started. Don't waste another day procrastinating.

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ISBN-13: 9780998228013
Publisher: Cecilyn Hutchinson
Publication date: 10/31/2016
Pages: 152
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.35(d)

About the Author

Cecilyn Hutchinson is a millennial author, hiring manager and motivational speaker who loves inspiring others to be their best self. After learning significant lessons in her 10 years of professional experience and going from a $36k salary at 23 years old to 6 Figures by 30, Cecilyn wrote the book 6 Figures By 30: Career Navigation Guide to help guide others through their career trajectory process. In it, she shares her personal stories and provides an easy-to-follow 5-step career planning formula to help readers maximize their earnings throughout their career.

Cecilyn has held and exceeded in management positions in the supply chain field across leading industries including travel, hospitality, manufacturing, distribution and retail. She has successfully led global strategies in her positions at private and public Fortune 500 organizations and has also been on the decision making side of the interview process. She received her BA in accounting from Clark Atlanta University and an MBA from Mercer University.

The 6-Figure Movement, started by Cecilyn, is about empowering those interested in earning 6-figure salaries in their careers & giving back along the way. Join the movement at 6figuremovement.com!

Table of Contents

Slacker to 6 Figures 2
The Turnaround Kid

Chapter 1 8
Time to Rise and Grind
The Power of Belief
Your Vision and Motivation
Friend or Frenemy of 6 Figures
Early Decisions in My Journey

Chapter 2 22
6-Figure Career Plan
1. Choose Your Professional Field and Major
2. Conduct a Job Aggregator Review
3. Pull 6-Figure Job Descriptions
4. Identify Job Requirements
5. Develop SMART Goals
Sample Career Plan

Chapter 3 46
Strategic Resume Writing
Key Areas of Focus
Niche Positions
Job Titles and Dates
Posting and Reposting Tip

Chapter 4 62
Interviewing with Confidence
Rehearsing Builds Confidence
Bring Your "A" Game
Suited Up
Connecting the Dots for Your Audience
Interview Q & A
Closing Out the Interview

Chapter 5 82
Managing Your Brand and Impressions
Managing Perceptions
Good Communication
Career Killers
Google Me? by Sarah L. Simpson
Treats Win 'Em Over Every Time

Chapter 6 104
Salary Sense
Salary Jumps
Seeking a Promotion by Monique Miklovic
Internal Promotions vs. Salary Jumps

Chapter 7 124
Time for a Change: Job and Career Moves
Adjusting the Plan
You Do Not Need to Know It All
Keeping Your Plan Close to the Vest
Networking and Job Searching
The Risk of Job Changes

No Room for Average 142
Money Money, More Options

Acknowledgements 147

About the Author 148

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