60 Days to LinkedIn Mastery: Optimize Your Profile, Make Meaningful Connections, and Create Compelling Content . . . In Just 15 Minutes a Day

60 Days to LinkedIn Mastery: Optimize Your Profile, Make Meaningful Connections, and Create Compelling Content . . . In Just 15 Minutes a Day


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Now a Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestseller!

There's only one place in the world where you can find and connect with hundreds of millions of professionals every day, and that's on LinkedIn. Are you taking advantage of it? Or are you who Gary Vaynerchuk is talking about when he says, "So many . . . are missing out on the insane opportunity on LinkedIn right now."

Tragically, too many of the almost 800 million people on LinkedIn are missing out because they use it the wrong way, but that spells opportunity for those who use it correctly. The good news is, with this book as your guide, you'll be an expert LinkedIn user in no time.

Whether you're an employee who dreams of finding a new job, an executive who needs to hire star talent, or an entrepreneur who wants to grow a business, LinkedIn Mastery is the super-simple, straightforward, practical blueprint that will help you achieve your goals.

This step-by-step guide to mastering LinkedIn will teach you how to:

  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile so it's something you're proud to show off, rather than something you want to hide

  • Make high-quality connections on LinkedIn with your ideal audience—the people you can serve and who can serve you

  • Create compelling content—quickly, easily, and affordably—that will bring your dream opportunities to you

This book contains 60 LinkedIn lessons, each short enough to understand and implement in 15 minutes or less. If you complete one each day, within 60 days you'll fully master LinkedIn. If you're looking to find a new job, your LinkedIn profile will attract the best employers and the best offers. If you're recruiting, you'll find and connect with top talent. And if you're generating leads and growing your business, you'll create content that brings your ideal customer to you.

Are you ready for your first lesson?

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ISBN-13: 9781734718447
Publisher: Taft House
Publication date: 10/11/2021
Pages: 250
Sales rank: 107,858
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About the Author

Josh Steimle is an entrepreneur, speaker, and author whose posts on LinkedIn have been seen millions of times. He’s a TEDx speaker, and has written or appeared in over three hundred articles in publications like Fortune, Time, Forbes, Inc., Mashable, TechCrunch, and Entrepreneur. He’s the founder of BlueMethod (BlueMethod.io), a LinkedIn agency. He lives in Arizona with his wife, three children, and their dog and three guinea pigs. Follow him at JoshSteimle.com.

Virginie Cantin is the creator of LinkedIn BREAK-IN, an online course for professional women who want to attract more of the right career opportunities. Virginie has worked in digital marketing since 2013. She uses her knowledge to help women advertise their career. She lives in Switzerland with her husband and daughter. Follow her on LinkedIn and find her at VirginieCantin.com.

Andy Foote is a reassuringly expensive LinkedIn coach, and the founder of LinkedInsights.com. He created the Foote-Notes podcast last year and since being granted access to LinkedIn Live has focused on finding unique and innovative ways to maximize engagement with fun livestream shows like “16 Questions” and “The Blinkety Blank Quiz Show”. He co-authored Linkedin Made Simple with Ryan Rhoten.

Kyle Weckerly is a LinkedIn expert, nonfiction ghostwriter, and certified grant writer who helps engineering consulting firms secure funding for projects and programs.

Ben Wise is a ghostwriter and LinkedIn agency owner who helps founders and executives communicate their stories in an authentic, humanizing way. With over 200 million views on content he's ghostwritten, his clients have gotten leads from Fortune 500 companies, media attention from top publications, and interest from both investors and top talent. He homeschools his kids, practices Muay Thai, and consumes ramen.

Aaron Wrixon, founder of WRIXON, has been paid for writing well over seven million words. That’s the equivalent of nine copies of the King James Bible. Aaron has written for more than 120 different industries across the English-speaking world. He lives in Canada, surrounded by women—his wife, his two daughters, two dogs, and a bearded dragon. In his spare time, he reads, plays board games, writes music, enjoys television and movies, and listens to a lot of weird CDs. Find him online at wrixon.com.

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