63 Innovation Nuggets: for aspiring innovators

63 Innovation Nuggets: for aspiring innovators

by George E.L. Barbee

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63 Innovation Nuggets (for aspiring innovators) are derived from the real life, practical experiences of George E. L. Barbee's corporate world experience—45 years, across 40 countries. He’s has successful entrepreneurial experiences (founded 3 companies) and has lead innovation with Fortune 100 companies like Gillette, General Electric, PepsiCo, IBM, and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Barbee broadens the concept of innovation from the historically narrow view around new products emanating just from R&D. Instead, today’s innovation emanates from a diverse array of individuals across a wide range of functional areas including finance, technology, manufacturing, marketing, engineering, and sales. His innovative global leadership is wide ranging across consumer products, entrepreneurial financial services, and global professional services.

Barbee’s experience convinces him that most of us have an innovative spark that can be ignited. Being innovative is personally rewarding and can add great value to any organization. Innovation is all around us, and using these nuggets can help improve observation skills, transfer skills, and many others.

The analogy to panning for gold nuggets is intriguing. Pioneering prospectors would sort through and collect individual pieces. At first each individual nugget may appear to have minimal value, but the total collection takes on the greatest wealth.

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ISBN-13: 9780996753128
Publisher: Innovation Etc. Publishing Company LLC
Publication date: 10/15/2015
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Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 160
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Table of Contents

Innovative Strategies: 1. Leading Innovation With Vision; 2. Piloting at 30,000 Feet. Piloting at Ground Level; 3. Outsourcing Within the U.S.; 4. Challenging the Dominant Player; 5. Innovating Through Integration; 6. Working Across Divisions; 7. Building an Innovative Network; 8. Talk About the Future; 9. Deconstructing an Industry: Reconstructing an Enterprise; 10. Deconstructing Leads to Reconstructing; 11. Extending Beyond Experiences; 12. Sharing-Items for Rent; 13. Focus on Heavy Users; 14. Capitalizing on Satisfaction Gaps; 15. Optimizing Intelligent Data; 16. Be There . . . Without Really Being There; 17. Imagining; 18. Implementing and Executing; Innovative Observations: 19. Observing as an Art; 20. Realizing Most Entrepreneurs Are Innovative, but Not All Innovators Are Entrepreneurs; 21. Handling a Customer ... or a Client?; 22. Adjusting Attitude; 23. Transferring Innovations; 24. Presenting as an Art; 25. Making Someone Happy; 26. Respecting the Absurd Idea; 27. Pricing Innovatively; 28. Serving Few to Many; 29. Reaching Globally; 30. Innovating via Iterations; 31. Advertising vs. PR: The Innovator's Choice; 32. Giving Innovatively; 33. Marketing and Branding for Higher Value; 34. Be Local; 35. Identifying the Experience Continuum; Organizational Effectiveness: 36. Progressing in Career; 37. Being Transparent and Open; 38. Diversifying Teams; 39. Sustaining Innovation: The Learning Organization; 40. Appraising 1/3; 1/3; 1/3; 41. Understanding Global Entrepreneurship; 42. Contracting Innovatively; 43. Accessing the Organization-Up and Down; 44. Building Trust Within the Company; 45. Crediting; 46. Learning From Failures; 47. Maximizing the Power of One; 48. Building Trust With a Client; 49. Putting the Client in the Middle; 50. Setting Priorities-New vs. Existing Products. Who Wins? Personal Strategies: 51. Invest in Yourself; 52. Being Extra-Ordinary; 53. Stretching Yourself; 54. Acting on Best Advice; 55. Spending the Day-Effectively; 56. Thinking Innovatively-Where to Go; 57. Taking Action; 58. Experimenting; 59. Making Bedside Notes; 60. Discovering the Mosaic ; 61. Being an Innovative Rainmaker; 62. Assuring How You Want to Be Regarded; 63. Finding Your Personal Genius; How to Ensure a Winning Innovation; About the Author; Where it Started for Me. And the Possible Relevance for You; Innovation in Consumer Products: The Shaving Industry; Financial Services Innovation; Global Professional Services Innovation; Innovation is Teachable and Learnable

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