7 Days To Great Romantic Sex In Your Relationship

7 Days To Great Romantic Sex In Your Relationship

by Dr James Dazouloute

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7 Days To Great Romantic Sex In Your Relationship by Dr James Dazouloute

I wrote this book in order to help you once and for all with the gargantuan problem that every couple face at one point in their relationship. And whether that's at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of it, Great Sex will always become harder to keep on having and maintaining. And that is simply because every person in a relationship will always have their own personality, their own bad habits, their own stresses, their own let downs, their own expectations and even their own mental and heart reasons as to why he or she can't seem to be satisfied by their partner with great sex. This great little book features many of my great relationship writings that have been published over the years, along with completely new ones, all to help you to succeed in your sex life.

And on top of that you must learn and remember that there will always be at the beginning a time of Infatuation, and then a Settlement period, and afterward the real sexual task begins of maintaining a great and wonderful love life.

Also this little book about Great Sex, is short – sweet and to the point. I have cut out all the fluff, just all the right tips and knowledge that you need to resolve your issues today. And then keep on having great sex for as long as you so desire. All because if you don't have great sex whenever you desire with your partner, then all other things in the love-relationship will be worthless, and then once your loving emotions start to die out, then that is the beginning of the end of everything you have ever invested to be with that great person.

So this no longer has to be the case, nor will you ever have to resolve to cheating on and betrayal of your lover. Because with this Little Book Of Romantic Sex, you will have all that you need for life.

But first, we will explore the reasons as to why do you love having so much sex, and what is the real reason behind it all. And then you can decide to enjoy sex as much as you want for the rest of your life, and with these tips about 7 Days To Great Romantic Sex In Your Relationship... So Let Us Begin:

7 Days To Great Romantic Sex In Your Relationship.
Table Of Contents:

Chapter 1 – Table Of Contents

Chapter 2: What Is Sex... That You Are So Bent On Having So Much.

Chapter 4: Why Are You So Sexy In My Eyes.
Chapter 5: Sex With You, 10 Reasons Why I Love It.
Chapter 6: Sex And Fat Burning, SEE How Those 2 Benefit You.
Chapter 7: How To Please A Woman With These 10 Sex Tips.
Chapter 8: Great Sex... Yes, But Here Are 3 Ways To Be Creative.
Chapter 9: Great Sex... Top 3 Places To Have It And Keep The Flame Going.
Chapter 10: Ways To Get Frisky... In 5 Easy Ways.
Chapter 11: You are my medicine... I Love You Poem.
Chapter 12: What I Need... Is Deep Inside Your Thighs My Love. A Love Poem.
Chapter 13: What I Need... Today. A Love Poem.
Chapter 14: Give Me Oral... 3 Sure Ways To Get It From Your Partner.
Chapter 15: How To Have Orgasms... In 5 Easy Ways.

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About the Author

James Dazouloute Is A Certified Life Coach, Health Coach, And Business Coach. Also A Practicioner Of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). He Has Been Involved With Helping Families For Almost 2 Decades With All Their Life Events Situation. He is also the Author of several Great Best Selling Books And E-books

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