7 Element Lifeforce Healing

7 Element Lifeforce Healing

by Dr. Harry Elia
7 Element Lifeforce Healing

7 Element Lifeforce Healing

by Dr. Harry Elia


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7 Element Lifeforce Healing is an eclectic healing practice that fuses ancient Taoist thought with modern alternative energy practices. The difference between this healing concept and many others is that the 7 Element Lifeforce Healing concept balances and fixes weaknesses, blockages, and miscommunications of the Lifeforce.

What is the Lifeforce you ask? The Lifeforce is the underlying super intelligent energy that runs your body. To understand how it works, we must first ask the question, what runs your body? Most of you would say the brain, and you would be partially right. The brain does magnificent things. It uses the nervous system and the endocrine system to balance body levels and maintain homeostasis. However, even the brain does not have the capacity to run seventy trillion cells perfectly and simultaneously. Your liver produces over fifty thousand biochemicals and does over thirteen thousand biochemical reactions to the perfect micro-milliliter. Your body right now is doing hundreds of thousands of chemical and physical reactions simultaneously to the perfect amount. No matter how sophisticated your brain is, it does not have that capacity.

So what is really running your body? To answer that question, let us take a simple flower as an example. We have all seen a flower grow around an obstacle, turn, and face its petals to the sun. How does it do that? It has no brain, no nervous system, and no muscles. How does it know what to do? All living organisms have an all-knowing Lifeforce energy. It is your Lifeforce that directs the physical tissue of your body to perfect function. A prime example of this is the body's intestinal flora. There have been many recent medical studies about the balance of the bacteria flora of the intestines and the overall health of a person. What keeps the trillions of bacteria in line doing good things for the body? A few hours after death, if the body is out in the sun, it will swell and stink. The same bacteria that were doing positive things for the body when it was alive are now eating apart the body in death. Without the Lifeforce to direct and control the bacteria, it runs rampant.

There was a very recent one-hundred-seventy-three-million-dollar study funded by the National Institute of Health and included two hundred eighty top scientists from eighty research institutions around the world. The final result of this enormous scientific study was that healthy human beings coexist with at least ten thousand different species of dangerous and pathogenic microbes (bacteria, viruses, fungus, etc.). The study goes on to postulate, and I quote, "It turns out that everybody harbors low levels of bacteria and other pathogens that are known for causing specific infections and diseases, but when a person is healthy, those bugs quietly coexist with benign or helpful microbes, perhaps being kept in check by them." Or perhaps kept in check by their balanced and fully functioning Lifeforce.

Lifeforce is who you are, and it is the all-intelligent energy behind the wondrous function of the body. If your Lifeforce is balanced, then the body will function to full capacity. Using Applied Kinesiology, the I Ching 7 Element Crystal concept, and thirty years of experience, I can detect imbalances in the Lifeforce energy. To date, we have had great success in treating and healing many difficult cases. Our best results have been with allergy elimination. Through 7 Element Lifeforce Healing, I have been able to eliminate environmental and food allergies, even serious peanut allergies, without drugs not by blocking the symptoms but by alleviating the cause, which is Lifeforce imbalance.

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