7 Figures To Success: Finding Your Sales Excellence in 365 Days

7 Figures To Success: Finding Your Sales Excellence in 365 Days

by Chris Lacharity


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Before now…your figures have been skewed!

Sales is a career that can either bring you great long-term success, or it can run you right out of the business. There are few sales positions that are more volatile than that of a realtor. Most people would agree that there seems to be an abundance of realtors in their area. It leads to an important question: what does a realtor go through to become successful in their market? Is there a secret formula? You can relax, there is nothing secret about it. The answer lies in having a system in place that helps you garner the success you have only previously dreamed of…that is until now.

Chris Lacharity is a luxury realtor who understands sales and how to define himself in a competitive and saturated real estate market. In fact, he’s the first to admit that he is still enjoying the journey that takes him to his BIGGEST GOAL yet! He understands the obstacles and information that people pursuing sale excellence face…it’s fresh information in his mind that he has found a way to proactively manage each and every day. The practices that Chris has tapped into have lead to the creation of a system that will set you up for sales success in real estate if you apply them. The 7 figures that are important to success include real-world wisdom that few professionals take seriously in today’s fast-paced culture. This includes: remembering the fundamental importance of kindness; staying afloat during the waves of success and the market shifts that send less prepared realtors crashing; why an “all in” mindset is what distinguishes results from struggles; tapping into inspiration and greatness from those who can elevate you; stopping the stream of BS that you may be feasting on; overcoming the inevitable obstacles that exist for all people on a road to success; and, preparing for what the next adventure in your life will be—as the end of one journey often leads to something even better!

All of this information will help you build on your success, starting with what exists inside of you, and extending out to how you can help your clients achieve their goals, dreams, and desires. After delving into 7 Figures to Success: Finding your sales excellence in 365 days, you’ll never wake up for work with the same mindset again. If you’re ready for better…it’s time to start reading this book!

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ISBN-13: 9781732538917
Publisher: Ultimate Publishing House
Publication date: 08/21/2020
Pages: 160
Sales rank: 937,902
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.44(d)

Table of Contents

Not Your Average “Sales” Book 13

How I Arrived at “This” Moment 15

The Set-Up for Sales Success 8

The 7 Figures to Success System 21

1 | Figure to be Kind 5

There is Always a Reason to Smile 27

Kindness in What You Write and Relay 9

Massive Results don’t have Room for Massive Egos 0

Figure to do These 3 Things 34

2 | Figure to Ride the Wave 37

The “Providing For” Mindset 8

Never Jump Off a Moving Wave 0

The Ripple Effect of a Single Commission 42

Standing out in the Sea of Realtors 47

Figure to do These 3 Things 49

3 | Figure to be “In It” for the Long Haul 3

It’s either “I Do” or “I Don’t” 6

The Fear of Being Phased Out 9

A Mark of Excellence 0

3 Ways to Show you’re in it for the Long Haul 3

Figure to Do These 3 Things 5

4 | Figure to Surround Yourself with Greatness 69

Your Circle of Closest Friends 71

Authentic Transitions 212 | 7 FIGURES TO SUCCESS 13

How to Make Acquaintances Feel like Friends 5

Your Self-Perceived Greatness 77

5 Steps to Build Greatness 77

Effective Networking 81

Asking for Referrals 4

Figure to do These 3 Things 88

5 | Figure to Cutting the BS 91

There Will Always be Potential Distractions 3

Training Your Mind for Success 4

Don’t Kid Yourself—Money Matters 100

That First Taste of Your Efforts 101

Don’t Assume You’re Not Getting BSed 103

The Power of Gratitude 105

Figure to Do These 3 Things 106

6 | Figure to Overcome Obstacles 109

The Quality of Resilience and Closing Deals 111

Use Obstacles to Build Character 114

The Obstacle of Balance 115

Managing Time Wasters 118

Figure to Do These 3 Things 121

7 | Figure to Send the Elevator Back Down 123

The Gifts of Offering Your Wisdom 125

5 Powerful Mentoring Tips 127

Learning through Participation 130

Other Ways to Give Back 132

Figure to Do These 3 Things 133

8 | Investing in You 135

7 Figures to Fill Your Cup 138

About Chris Lacharity 145

Contact Chris Lacharity 14

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