7 Pillars to Inner Peace: To live life to its fullest begins with finding peace within oneself

7 Pillars to Inner Peace: To live life to its fullest begins with finding peace within oneself

by Psy.D. Elizabeth C. Mouavangsou


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To those who have searched but not found, looked but not seen, wondered but not discovered, thirst but never quenched, this I say unto you, search no more, quest no more, look no further for you have finally found the path to inner peace where your heart and soul have finally come to rest and indulge in the life that you were meant to have here on earth. The path to inner peace awaits your decision.

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ISBN-13: 9781504368124
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 12/02/2016
Pages: 116
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7 Pillars to Inner Peace

To live life to its fullest begins with finding peace within oneself

By Elizabeth C. Mouavangsou

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2016 Elizabeth C. Mouvangsou
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5043-6812-4


Pillar One

Understanding Anger

Anger is a manifestation of deeper pain. Underlying the anger lays the deepest of hurt, sadness, and most painful of all, the loneliness of not being understood. Anger takes on a cloud of safe haven where one doesn't understand it but dwells in its fortress to shield from the pain of the world. In anger, one is protected. One's vulnerability is dismissed as irrelevant, minute and meaningless. Some even regard it as despicable and stands in the way of success in this world. Anger is regarded as a flight of power, motivation, inspiration and strength. Celebrating in its existence, one no longer has to be alone but is in the company of many. And to those many, one becomes lost in its glory. What then when all anger is extinguished? Where then wilt thou be when anger no longer unleashes its power on you? Will the feeble self be extinguished as well? To those praising anger, I say unto you ... anger is yet a shadow of truth.

It casts a spell beyond that of understanding to confuse the heart and trouble the mind. Its powers strengthen only when one allows it. Anger gives a false belief of safe haven but in its bare truth, it is the weakest of fortresses. Its false haven shields you from feeling earthly feelings of completeness. Those who fear it may disguise them as weakness; but in truth, those who have the courage to feel the spectrum of emotions are those of greatest strength. The truth about anger is that it is an invisible chain, imprisoning the self to one's past. Unless one is aware and willing to break free of it, one is but that of a prisoner of the past.

What keeps the heart and the soul bound to the never ever changing past? Will the self be engulfed in it infinitely? Will its power slowly consume the self until there is no more of thee? Where then art thy true self? Will one be content living in the shadows of the self and letting anger thrive on one's existence? Will one then becometh that of one's past instead of steadfast in thy present? What then, you may ask, should I do to rid myself of this burden? My friend, the first step toward change is to acknowledge its very existence, for to acknowledge means acceptance. How do I rid myself of it when I welcome it and yet fear its existence? This I say unto you, fear welcomes it, and thus acceptance will cast it into the shadow where it belongs. You see, to accept, to acknowledge anger is not to approve anger but to be aware of its existence and upon such awareness, one can choose thy stride. But is anger not a feeling of the heart? Extinguishing it from the heart would then extinguish a part of the self? Ah, I say unto you, anger is a feeling of normalcy, and yet too much of it will destroy the spirit and banish the soul to dwell in isolation. Let anger have what is rightfully its place in your heart, for anger is not all what is meant to be. You see, anger in itself can propel the greatest of change within the heart and the world. For anger is yet a springboard to the higher self, an actualized being.

However, let not anger manifest its power onto the self to where one is no more but that of anger. Beware of anger. Hold a tight leash on it; let it do thy bidding with its sliver but then cast it back into the shadow. Do not give life to its power or one shall be but no more.

You see, anger can easily be ignitable. With the slightest of spark, it will catch on fire. Its flames are wild, untamable. It will burn all that one touches and loves. Let not anger be thy most admirable friend or foe for with proper channel, anger can be that of friend, but without meticulous guidance, it easily turns into that of thy greatest foe.

You see, anger and inner peace cannot coexist. Sever anger from inner peace. Let inner peace be your destination, your destiny. For only then will anger know its place; anger will no longer linger in your heart, hide in the crevices of your very soul, but flee thee like the night when light illuminates its path. But you must make a decision, for without your decision to let go of anger and know its whereabouts in your heart, it refuses to go. It will linger until you cast it aside like yanking a leech from its prey.

Make a decision; make a fierce decision, for your fate is in the hands of your decision. Let anger have no place in your heart, in your soul. Let it be known; let anger know you have decided. You have chosen the life of light and peace. Tranquillity is your friend; inner peace is your freedom. Let anger know your decision. Let anger fear your decision; let anger know when and only when you call upon it shall it do your brief bidding, but then cast it back into the abyss where it belongs.

Let it not linger within you, for lingering leads to consumption of your very soul. Let anger go. Let it go. Let it go, for when anger lingers, you will soon be no more but that of anger; light will have no place in your heart and soul when anger lingers. Light exists when you choose it, you must choose it; make your decision. Make it of light and freedom. Make it of peace and harmony. Make it clear; make it well, for all of heavens await your decision. My friend, decide. Either way, your fate is in your hands. Make it well. Make it so.

You see, anger stems from the most unbeknownst of places within one's heart, within one's mind. Anger is not so easily detectable, for anger can be translucent as the wind and at times dark as night; one does not know its spark, its reason to show itself unto the self or others. Anger is loneliness; it alienates the self with its fierce fire. Anger may be faint, but one knows its presence for it is an uncomfortable feeling. Once it is present, one wants to flee, run the opposite direction, get away far from it. Anger is a taunting feeling; a feeling that one does not want to have, and yet it is ever present if one allows it to taunt the self. You see, anger comes from a deeper place than that of surface. Too often when anger emerges, one's first reaction is to blame the triggers of one's anger and yet it is not so. It is not what lies outside of oneself that causes the anger but instead what lays within the self that stirs that pain. Blaming outside of oneself does not free oneself of such pain. You see, anger does not easily let go of the self. Anger lays hidden, waiting, brewing its way to control thee. When anger has a wind of what causes thee pain, anger stews an evil plan to control thee, and yet it keeps itself hidden, tucked away deep inside until an opportunist presents itself like that of a devouring Venus fly-trap. Anger then will lash its power upon thee and all that of anger will devour thy senses, leaving thee powerless, helpless, and feeble to that of anger's wrath.

Anger stems from many angles, many facets, many factors, for you see, anger has a way with thy heart. Anger knows thy weakness, and anger is eager to cease the opportunity to exploit it. For anger dwells within the self; it is part of one's emotional feelings of being a human. One cannot divorce it or embrace it completely, for either choice shall destroy one's very being. Anger has a way with thee should one shed light upon thy weakness.

You see, part of being a human is having weak links, and yet one knows it not which then allows anger to creep into thy heart, thy mind and use thy weakness to anguish the self. How does one know one's weakness if one knows it not? Ah, look around thee. See what brings forth the most anger upon thee. That, then, may be a weak link that anger can easily attach itself to and exploit it to extinguish one's innocence. How can one keep one's weakness hidden from anger? My friend, hiding from anger is not the answer to reduce pain, to reduce anger. Exposing anger is the answer. Let anger come but know how to deal with anger to extinguish anger out of its steam is the way. How can one extinguish anger? It comes but so strong, fast, and fierce that one has but no time to react. My dear friend, one can never be prepared well enough for anger and its fiery ways. One can only prepare thy heart and mind to deflate anger when it makes itself known. One must search within thy soul for a natural path to deflate anger when it appears, when it emerges. How can one find a suitable path to extinguish anger? Anger only has power when one giveth it. Giveth it no longer. Let anger know thy stance in life, thy path in life. Let anger come from any angle and thou hast a way of extinguishing it. Be calm, stay calm, stay focus, let not the stirring of anger move thee. Let not the loudness, chaoticness, rudeness, cruelness, ruthlessness of anger shake thee from thy calmness. It is through knowing thy true self that anger has no leaks into thy weakness. Let anger works itself out; let it deal with its own anguished ways until there is but no more of anger. In the meantime, let not anger be stirred, be awakened by those around thee. Let anger be somber for thou hast full control of the self; no weak links of any sort can stir anger into full flesh awakening.

Therefore, choose not that of anger to do thy bidding, for you already have lost once anger is summoned. Anger does not resolve issues but rather escalates it. Anger is not a last resort, it is an option instead. Anger has no remorse; it comes fast and fiery and yet does not leave room for reconciliation. It leaves devastation and chaos. It calls nations to war. It stirs the most even temperament of souls to battle. Beware of anger's evil deeds upon thee. It does not care nor know the aftermath when the bidding is done; its wrath is of pain and sorrow. Its bidding spares no one, shields no one; its bidding is to leave a lasting impression of greater anger, hurt, pain and sorrow on those who call upon anger to do their biddings. Let not anger do thy bidding, for thou shalt not win but perish like the floating leaves among the rustles of the wind.

Keep fast to one's strength, fear not of discovering one's weak links, for when one's weak links are discovered, no one or things, words spoken or not, can rattle thy peace. Thou art calm as the stillness of water and at peace like that of a misty mountain top; peace is with thee always. Search thy soul for those of weak links to know the root of their attachments on thee. For each weak link lays hidden a most painful meaning, hurtful event that one chose to hide instead of bringing it forth into the light for examination. And yet once thou hast courage to examine those weak links, thou shalt find that thy weak links, the fears thou hast of those weak links are but that of thine own creation. Fear not of thy weak links, my friend. Once those weak links are exposed, one fears no more. Those weak links are overpowering, fierce and fury only when you make of it. Once one has been empowered to outlash anger and the weak links it has attached itself unto, thou shalt fear not of anger but rather be free of such chain, such agony, such anguish, such pain that thou hast so long feared.

Beware of anger when it first presents itself unto thee. Quiet thy mind and reflect; listen to thine inner heart, thine inner thoughts, thine inner being. Let thine inner voice speak; let its voice be heard. Allow thine inner voice to speak in its purest of form and have courage to listen to its truth without judging, dismissing its merits. For you see, thine inner voice is that of the heavens, of the universe itself, and the universe sees and knows thine inner core, thine inner being from the beginning of time. The universe speaks that of truth. Once one alloweth thine inner voice to be heard; once one has the courage to listen to its truth, the reason, the cause for the spark of thine anger then anger has no spark. Its truth has been discovered, found; anger has no place to hide within oneself, no place to plan its evil deeds, no place to brew its tyranny upon thee. You see, anger only has power when one gives it. One gives it power when one allows one's fear to flee with anger; meaning anger is a mask for deeper pain. That deeper pain is what cause one's anger to spark; therefore, discover what that deeper pain is and expose its chain on you. Once that deeper pain is found, one then no longer has fear; you see, when one does not know the pain buried deep within oneself, that somberness pain casts an illusion of fear upon thee. That deep pain does not want to be discovered or found; it wants to lay hidden deep inside one's inner core, inner being, until a reminder presents itself unto thee, then that pain, that beast within thee awakens with a lion's roar. Its awakening is so fierce, one will lash out unto those around like that of a wild beast. Unbeknownst unto thee or those around, that fierce pain will overtake thy confidence like a thief in the night and cause great damage. Have courage to listen to thine inner voice, discover thy pain, and thou shalt surely discover the cause of thine anger. This is thy freedom. Be free of thy pain, thy fear, thine anger, for you see, when thou art free of such chain, thou shalt surely lead a life of inner peace.

How, then, may I ask, can I let go of anger so easily? Won't anger find its way back into my life and destroy my peace, my very being once it knows my secret to serenity? My dear friend, such innocence and truth is honored. Yes, anger is part of what is meant to be a human being and that is, human beings have feelings. To deny oneself of anger completely is to deny a humanistic part of the self. Feelings are not exclusive to just good feelings but rather an array of feelings bestowed unto each individual for it is their humanistic nature; it is their right to feel, to have feelings even if those feelings are not the most comfortable, wanted or welcomed. You see, feelings come in different colors like that of a rainbow, and a rainbow is most majestic across the sky when displayed in brilliant colors, is it not? That is of feelings as well. Every human being is given, is made with brilliant arrays of feelings, from the very worst feelings to those of the most enlightened; and because humans are created to have thoughts and choices, they can choose which feeling to display and in what venue and what manner. Ah, and yes, too often feelings are displayed without being chosen; feelings emerge instantaneously without a choice or a thought at all from the self, for feelings can be deceiving to the self, for they come out, sometimes, without the self wanting them to be shown at all. And yet, when feelings emerge instantaneously without consulting with the self, then that is when thy purest self, thy most humanistic self, thy vulnerable self, thy truest self, thy humility self, to which thou art that of human form, art made to be displayed. Such authentic display of feelings is a testament to that of true human flesh and that of heavenly soul.

Now let's respond to thy questions from above. What if anger is gone but leaves a great, big void in thy heart? What then? Will anger find its way back to thy heart and with it bring vengeance? Fear not, my friend, for when anger is discovered and pain is found, you have a choice, a choice to take action. You see, even if you do nothing at all, it is still a choice, still an action taken. What you choose to do with that pain, that discovery is up to you. Yet, should you choose to let go of anger, fill it with compassion and love. You see, when a void is left unfilled, something else will find a way to fill that void, so fill it with positive, fill it with compassion for those who cause you pain and anger and, more importantly, for yourself; for compassion is that of love, and when you fill your void with love, it fills the most emptied of hearts. There is no greater gift to oneself and others than that of love. You see, inner peace stems from kindness, kindness stems from compassion, compassion stems from love; therefore, let love be your guide, your compass, your alibi and your greatest protector of all times.


Anger is no more than a path, a choice, a breath in the wind. Anger is no more than a sprinkle of dust in the sand. Anger is no more than a pinch of salt in the grind. Anger is no more than a drop of rain in the storm. Anger is no more than a speck in the sea. Anger is no more than a sliver in the moonlight. Anger is no more than a ripple in a bottomless pit. Anger is no more than a wrinkle in a blanket of stars. Anger is no more than a soft pitch in the middle of an accolade. Anger is no more than a finger-snap in a host of applause. Anger is no more than a teardrop in a pool of rain. Anger is no more than a kitten's meow in the midst of a lion's roar. Anger is no more than a pin drop in the middle of a stampede. Anger is no more than a note in a concert hall. Anger is no more than a soundless tone in the vast sea of melodies. Anger is no more than an insignificant needle in a stack of pine trees. Anger is nothing more than what one makes of it. Anger is faint as a distant sound and loud as a speeding train, if one makes it. The choice is clear; the choice is real. The choice is of one's making, one's doing, one's own accord. Anger is not to decide. Anger is not to have a choice, not to have a say, not to have a point, not to have an ounce of courage to make known. The clearest choice is that of one's own. The clearest decision is one's own to make real. Take not the path of anger; take not the path of rage. Take not the path of destruction; take not the path of destroyer of peace but that of tranquillity, that of calmness, that of stillness. Take the path of quietness into the light of life, light and love. Take the path of inner peace, inner joy, and inner everlasting love. Take the path to which one shall partake life's truths with those who have already been waiting for thine arrival. Let one be in the company of those few who have already lived in the light of light, life and love. Let those then become that of one's most trusted advisors, most comforted alibis. Let it be so, my dearest friend.


Excerpted from 7 Pillars to Inner Peace by Elizabeth C. Mouavangsou. Copyright © 2016 Elizabeth C. Mouvangsou. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
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Table of Contents


Introduction, ix,
Pillar One: Understanding Anger, 1,
Pillar Two: Do Not Give Life to Fear, 15,
Pillar Three: Abandon Control, 25,
Pillar Four: Let go of Judgment, 41,
Pillar Five: Bear Responsibility, 51,
Pillar Six: Be Free Through Forgiveness, 65,
Pillar Seven: Make Peace with Oneself, 81,
Conclusion, 93,
Acknowledgments, 97,
About the Author, 99,

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