7 Steps to Health & Wellness: Follow These 7 Easy Steps and Experience Life - One You Have Always Dreamed Of.

7 Steps to Health & Wellness: Follow These 7 Easy Steps and Experience Life - One You Have Always Dreamed Of.

by KRMT Sonja Christiansen


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These are seven easy steps you can do to keep healthy and that don't cost you anything, common sense activities that calm you, build strength, and give you confidence, keeping you well. These are activities that anyone can do even from a wheelchair and activities adults can do with children, teaching them how to have fun while getting and staying healthy. The book includes information on how systems in your body work together in a simple, understandable way, but not simplistic.

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ISBN-13: 9781504977364
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 02/19/2016
Pages: 108
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7 Steps to Health & Wellness

Follow These 7 Easy Steps and Experience Life - One You Have Always Dreamed of

By Sonja Christiansen


Copyright © 2016 Sonja Christiansen
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5049-7736-4


Who, What, Why & Water

The information in this book is empowering and will change your life forever. You can follow the directions just as they are written. You don't need to take an expensive class, buy a product, or change your belief system.

We offer this life saving information in easy to follow steps. Nothing more to buy, ever. Share with your family of any age and condition. Children love to be involved with you as you practice these 7 easy steps. Elders are able to incorporate these steps into their everyday living with little effort. No more gym fees to pay. No tapes, gadgets or questionable pills to buy- ever. Many have taken these 7 simple steps into their lives with amazing results.

As more and more people are taking on increasing responsibility for the state of their own health and that of loved ones, learning holistic health modalities is becoming a must do, now and for the future.

The days of 100% employer-provided health insurance are gone forever. We don't know what the future will bring. Today, according to AARP's latest figures, there are approximately 46.7 million people with no health insurance and many who have no access to affordable medical care. Even those with good insurance polices are finding to their horror that many procedures they believed were covered are not.

Isn't it better to take control of your own health care as much as possible? Seeing your health care provider as a partner working together with you to keep you well?

We're not trying to take the place of your medical care provider nor in any way suggest that you don't need one. Our goal is to educate you about activities you can do, for free, to help you and your family have and maintain a healthy pain -free life. You will have less trips to your doctor with a little fun at the same time!

Of course it goes without saying, that you should do everything you can to stay in as healthy an environment as you possibly can. You can learn which foods are best for you and your family. You can discover how much restful sleep you really need and make decisions on how you can make that happen.

You can decide what activities are the most beneficial for you and your family and learn how to live in balanced relationships. Even on the most stringent budget, most of us can make better choices, if we believe we can.

There is free information about nutrition, exercise, relationships and how our body functions available in libraries and on web sites free of charge. We live in a time in which free life-changing information is available to virtually everyone, if they want it. There is no reason why you shouldn't educate yourself to create the healthiest and most enjoyable environment possible, inside and out. We are not talking about the latest fad, but helping you learn what is truly healthy for you and your family on every level. Many of us work several jobs or have the stress of being out of work. People and animals we love die, leaving us in emotional turmoil. These situations are real and can be very frustrating and scary. The steps we describe here are not meant to sugar coat real life situations or make them seem light and fluffy. You can not control what anyone else says, does or believes. You can only control your own choices if you realize you have them, and then you can control YOUR behavior.

We live in that snug package we call our body with a mind capable of shining light, both inside and out, as well as traveling the universe of unimaginable creative ideas, steered by our emotions with Spirit connecting the two. We are truly remarkable and we are meant to be healthy and happy.

I know you have all heard the phrase, "Listen to your body" Like you can find time to do THAT, what ever that means. Every cell of your body is a whole living being on its own. Each cell of your body whether they form your eyelids, liver, or hair, can and do communicate with each other, and with you as a whole. Our life today is non stop, from the time we wake up until we sleep. The sound of our living is too great to hear without a lot of mindful effort. We need to make time for quiet every day, even if only for 15 minutes at a time.

As in anything, use common sense. See a doctor when common sense says you need to. You will not set a broken leg with Tapping or Emotional Freedom Technique, (EFT) cure cancer with meditation alone, reduce psoriasis with massage or heal pneumonia with structured breathing! But you can learn how to stay healthier with the practices that follow. They will have a positive effect on your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. If you are currently on medication or in any type of therapy, please do not stop what you are doing without first consulting your doctor. Part of listening to your body includes noticing how we are breathing. Is your breath smooth and clear or short and choppy? Do you have a headache or a niggling pain in your neck? Ask your self why. How are your bowels ? Do you go regular according to your food intake? If not, how often do you have problems? Take note of color, smell and consistency that may be different from time to time. These are all noticeable ways your body tells you that there may be a health issue. There are many illnesses that are silent. They may sneak up on you, even if you are doing your best to stay connected. Ovarian and Kidney cancer are two of the more sneaky ones. There is no pain or other symptoms until very late in the process. So the more you pay attention to all of your life style, and general health the better off you will be.

This book is about living as well and as mindfully as you can by paying attention to your choices, your body and your happiness. It is also about developing a good medical team who can get to know you and what you believe in.

We will introduce you to 7 basic modalities that are simple to learn, life enhancing and free. These modalities start at the most basic. Just about everyone will be able to understand and follow through with the ideas that interest them most. As you learn and enjoy, you might want to enhance your own learning for yourself, or become fully trained in a modality that you can share with others. Here you might want to start a new practice each week or each month, depending on what schedule works for you. Work with the same practice each day until you are comfortable with one, then add another. Do two practice sessions each day until you are comfortable with those and so on ...

Slowly add one at a time until you can do all seven each day or several days each week. Bringing friends or children into your actives will add fun and laughter, which in turn releases stress, clears your mind and sets a positive tone for the rest of the day. One of the most important things you can do for your health at any time is to keep hydrated. Your body and all of it's working parts work with fluid and the nutrients in water as well as the electric flow between them.

Water is the conductor of our electrical current. This came racing home to me one day last year. I have rarely ever been sick. Haven't had a flu or cold in many years. It was the mid-summer heat of July in Oklahoma. I had been in the garden most of the afternoon. I had started feeling sick to my stomach. I went inside thinking I may have picked up some stomach bug. I didn't feel much better the next day. I for sure had something. Who goes to the doctor for a stomach flu? So, I just buckled down and figured I would just deal with going both ends. I drank more water and other liquids. Well, a couple of weeks later I was still feeling ill. My husband had a fit, and I insisted I see my doctor. Well, who goes to the doctor for a stomach flu? Long story short, I went. After appropriate blood work, he came back into the room with a strange look on his face. I asked jokingly if I was going to die. He went white as a ghost, said that my kidneys were shutting down, and that I had about 24 hours to live!

Had I not gone in I may have just been found dead in my bed, with no one knowing why. I had gotten way over dehydrated without realizing it. I knew better but ... I had been drinking more, but not enough. I did figure that something was wrong when my urine output had nearly stopped. But by that time I couldn't think straight and didn't know it.

Dehydration is a serious issue for everyone but especially older people and small children. By the time a child asks for a drink they may have already started to dehydrate. Elders may not know or remember that they didn't have enough to drink. They may not know that they don't drink enough and those who care for them may not realize it either. Often forgetfulness is due to lack of hydration. Re-hydration is not just about drinking water. Jell-O, ice cream, soup and popsicles are liquid and can help to add fluid to your system.

I was put on intravenous fluids immediately. I was better in a few weeks. All systems were go. It took me nearly six months to recover my strength and vitality. Oh, I was up and around and doing everything, but it took me some time to get my oomph back. I really did not know how sick I was. I had no idea that I was dying. How do you know you may be dead in 24 hours from a medical issue you have no idea you had? I did have a "near death experience" when I was a child, but it was nothing like this. I don't know if anyone would call this a near death experience. But I guess if it was, I was near. Now I make sure I drink all the time ... water that is. Alcohol and caffeine will dehydrate you more. Check the labels of what you chose to drink, specially sports drinks. Often they have much more sugar and caffeine than is healthy. They may cause you problems if you are diabetic as well. I just carry a water bottle with me everywhere I go. Simple. Works for me!

The first thing I would like to introduce you to is breathing. Ok, I know you do it, but ...


Measured Breathing

Measured or structured breathing is simple to learn. The way you breathe can reduce your pain, increase your sense of relaxation, lower your blood pressure, increase the blood flow and oxygen to your lungs and heart, as well as increase your physical and emotional energy. Our body is made up of trillions and trillions of microscopic cells. When they can not get enough oxygen they become depleted, causing you to feel tired and exhausted. Eventually causing you to become sick. Oxygen helps us digest our food, to move our limbs, muscles, keeping us alive. To be healthy, it's important for all of our body parts to work together. Think back to maybe when you were a young child. Remember running through the fields like a wild horse, jumping into the lake and swimming like a fish, never getting tired? You were there once. Maybe you can get back to that wonderful feeling.

Most of us just breathe in and out without thought. We only notice our breathing rhythm when it's difficult for us to take in air, like when we are ill, have allergies, or when our system is stressed and we are scared or very upset. Then we tend to hold our breath. As soon as we relax, we feel the relief in our shoulders as our normal rhythm starts again. Using your breath to consciously calm yourself or to control pain is as simple as learning the steps and remembering them.

Hold your breath as long as you can, then let go. Notice how your body feels when you hold your breath, and when you inhale again.

Breathing is something you were born to do. You have been breathing since the moment you were born. Your breath is your life essence. You will breath in and out approximately 714,861,000 times. (That's seven hundred fourteen million, eight hundred and sixty-one thousand!) Almost a billion times during your life span. If Bill Gates gave you $2.00 for every breath you took during your life time, he would still have over half his fortune left!

Your ability to breathe controls the amount of oxygen needed to operate your bodily functions. If you cut the amount of oxygen going to your lungs by being in a polluted air environment, by smoking, or through an illness, you directly effect the oxygen going into your bloodstream, lungs, heart, muscles and brain, lowering the ability to function in all your organs. Without proper air, you lose your ability to think clearly, handle emotional stress, digest your food or even move your limbs. If you stop breathing, you will die in approximately 4 minutes.

Your first step is simple. Shut off your phone and try to have no interruptions for 15 minutes. Slowly breath in through your nose to the silent count of 4. Then slowly breath out through your mouth to the to the silent count of 4. Practice for 15 minuets in the morning and 15 minuets in the afternoon or evening. Increase your practice until you are comfortable doing this several times a day, each day. (I set a kitchen timer so I know I have somewhere near the correct time.) Then see if you can train yourself to do conscious breathing once or twice when something or someone ticks you off. See how easy it is to calm down? This will help you keep your blood pressure even and calm and your mind clear. Doing this will give you time before your jump into a fray, or say something you will regret. As this breathing becomes second nature to you several times a day, this practice will reduce your anxiety, fear, pain and anger, among many other benefits. Did you know that only a relaxed breath can blow bubbles? When your breath is ragged or harsh you will pop the delicate tension that holds the bubble together.

Be happy when you sing. Make a joyful noise, be happy! Singing opens the chest and lengthens and compresses your diaphragm, forcing oxygen through your system. Singing connects you with your emotional well-being as well. Have you ever been able to stay angry when you were singing? Laughing does the same and maybe does it better. It is said laughter is the best medicine. Laughing is like giving yourself an internal massage! All of your innards kind of bounce around and hug each other. When was the last time you had a good belly laugh? What made you laugh? You can't stay in a bad mood when you're laughing. Try it! Laughter is natures best medicine. Laughing increases your oxygen intake. Laughter creates endorphins that help you reduce pain, reduce depression and makes people around you feel more at ease. Besides, if you are laughing, people will wonder what you're up to! Keep a small jar of bubbles in your car or purse. When you are stuck in traffic, just blow 'em out the window! We did that once crossing a bridge in N.Y. City. The traffic was stopped. The next thing we knew a big burly truck driver crawled by, waving to us and singing "Tiny Bubbles"!! It changed the attitude of the whole bridge!



In 1972 Wallace and Benson, in their study of the physiology of meditation, noted that a specific set of physiological changes (an integrated response) occurred during meditation. It represented a quiescence of the sympathetic nervous system. In other words, it seemed to be an integrated response that was essentially opposite to the integrated "fight or flight" response in that regular meditation has an effect on your fight or fight response. Many of the greatest thinkers and geniuses in our history have used meditation to calm the mind and vision with the brain. One of the greatest was DaVinci. He was one of greatest inventors and artists and medical explorers on earth so far. There was Nikola Tesla. He had the ability to envision his diagrams in meditation as working in his head and understand how they could be put together and work in real time. All of the non wireless communication we use today is based on Tesla's work. There was Albert Einstein. Closer to our own time. He called his meditation "brain wanderings". He "saw" and "learned" the math language of the universe through his meditation. We may not all have the ability to be an Einstein, but we all have the ability to calm our minds and use them to help and heal us at every level.

Meditation is a way to quiet the mind and soul. The mental calmness that regular meditation provides can give you space to think and to connect with your Creator. It offers the opportunity to listen for the answers we often ask for. Meditation is easy to learn and because the ability to meditate is connected to your breath, you carry the possibilities of peacefulness within you, 24/7.

Meditation is not about blotting out the world. It's about becoming a vehicle for bringing the highest good to ourselves, mind, body and Spirit and to the world we live in.

We set aside time for the replenishment of our body, we sleep and eat so that our body can heal and rejuvenate itself from the day's work. Most of us do not set aside regular quiet time for our soul (meditation). Some of the benefits of meditation are self-healing at all levels, clear vision for dealing with problem solving and decision making, lowered blood pressure, and as a focus point to send healing to others, also called prayer. In the practice of meditation, or deep prayer, the phantoms of the mind are swept away. I try to set aside 15 minutes a day for just being quiet. No TV, no phone, no nothing. I set my kitchen timer, put it under a pillow in the next room so that the bell doesn't jump me out of my skin when it goes off. I can hear it quietly go off. Some days I make it and some days I don't. Some days I take my 15 minutes to just be still or work on a problem looking for insight and other times I take this time to be in prayer. There is some effort in learning to be quiet and alone, even for 15 minutes. Our world is not set up in this day and age for us to learn how. But once learned and comfortable with the practice, I promise you will want to make this part of your every day life.


Excerpted from 7 Steps to Health & Wellness by Sonja Christiansen. Copyright © 2016 Sonja Christiansen. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Foreword, ix,
Healers I have known, xiii,
Chapter 1 Who, What, Why & Water, 1,
Chapter 2 Measured Breathing, 11,
Chapter 3 Meditation, 17,
Chapter 4 Reflexology for Hands and Feet, 25,
Chapter 5 Our Thymus Gland, 31,
Chapter 6 Tapping for Health, 37,
Chapter 7 5 Treasures QiGong, Simple steps everyone can do, 47,
Chapter 8 Sleep, Why We Need It!, 59,
Chapter 9 Sounds of Life, 67,
Biography, 69,
Bibliography, 73,

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