7 Ways To Manage Pain With CBD: The Total Newbies Guide to Understanding CBD Basics, Combating Pain Using it in Multiple Forms, & Finding a Better Quality of Life Apart From Opioid Use.

7 Ways To Manage Pain With CBD: The Total Newbies Guide to Understanding CBD Basics, Combating Pain Using it in Multiple Forms, & Finding a Better Quality of Life Apart From Opioid Use.

by David Anthony Schroeder


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CBD... You've heard about it, you've read about it, you've seen advertisements selling it, and maybe you're asking yourself, is this real and can it help you?

If you are one of the 50 million Americans that the CDC says suffers from chronic pain, or one of the 20 million they say sufferers from high-impact chronic pain and you have little or no experience with CBD. This book is for you and only you.

If you suffer from other conditions like anxiety, depression, Alzheimer's, dementia, Crohn's disease, etc., this book will waste your time. It deals with one issue, pain.

7 Ways to Manage Pain With CBD gives you the power to take control over your pain management and be a smarter CBD consumer.

You will discover:

* 7 different types of oral medications you can use. Page 16.

* 9 different types of beverages you can drink. Page 20.

* 15 different types of topical applications you can apply. Page 30,

To help you absorb CBD and get relief from pain quickly.

Pain Suffers Say goodbye to CBD confusion.

Now you can separate the good guys from the bad with your personal CBD oil/product buying "Checklist." Page 65.

Wondering what really works, what doesn't and what could actually hurt you? This book clears up the confusion once and for all.

Most books on CBD contain no scientific facts or evidence. There are 35 plus links to scientific facts, studies, and references that specifically focus on CBD and pain. They support every word in this book. Page 57.

Here is what you will find inside:

* What is CBD? Where does it come from? Why the crazy frenzy? Page 2.

* How much CBD should you be using and why you may not be taking enough. Page 12

* Pain, what is it, what pain type are you? Page iii.

* Get CBD into your bloodstream super-fast. Bypass processing time of digestion and liver. Hint, it's not inhaled or put it under the tongue. Page 32.

* What about side effects? If you don't know them, are you putting your health at risk? Maybe CBD is not right for you. Page 8.

* Maybe you tried CBD and felt no relief. There are 4 reasons why CBD does not work. Page 10.

* Why you should stay away from any CBD manufacturers that use their own testing facility to make claims about their products. Page 46.

You'll also learn:

THE TRUTH ABOUT SHIPPING ACROSS STATE LINES. Federally CBD can be transported to all states, including Alaska and Hawaii. But CBD is not legal in all 50 states. Find out which States prohibit CBD and prosecute offenders. Page 57.

THE TRUTH ABOUT PRODUCT LABELING: Two-thirds of CBD products on the market today are mislabeled. It's done on purpose, meant to be misleading. Learn how to read and understand CBD product labels, so you don't get burned. Page 38.

Beware of the Snake-Oil-Salesman parasites.

In the 1800s, salesmen traveled throughout the country with their horse and wagon selling all kinds of counterfeit medicinal potions as a supposed cure-all coining the phrase the "Snake-Oil-Salesman."

Today, those same Snake-Oil-Salesman are selling Olive-Oil with a couple of pinches of CBD isolate. They get rich, you get suckered.

Not any more! Today all that changes.

What about the medical establishment?

* What doctors really believe about the use of CBD. Page v.

* What is the current condition of our medical community? Obama Care requires doctors and pharma to report all forms of remuneration. Are doctors being bribed to sell drugs? You be the judge. Page i.

* Why does a retired cardiac surgeon declare: "The discovery of the endocannabinoid system is the single most important medical, scientific discovery ever." Page iv.

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About the Author

My name is David Schroeder. I have suffered from chronic pain for most of my life. I was diagnosed as hyperactive when I was approximately five years old and was heavily dosed with Ritalin. I loathed Ritalin, and I used any excuse not to take that drug. Unfortunately, I had enormous tanks of energy and could outlast just about anybody.

Growing up, I needed activities that helped me burn off all that excess energy that prevented me from sitting still. At the age of 11, I accepted an invitation to try the cannabis plant, and it changed my inner dynamics. Despite Ritalin, cannabis balanced me and allowed me to function, it toned me down, but the cannabis plant was illegal. The fact that it had to be hidden was wrong.

In the 1970s, Stoners (as we were labeled back then), didn't get to participate in school sports. Stoners and jocks didn't mix. So I did every other type of high-impact activity a kid (through adulthood) could do, and along with those activities came lots of injuries, some that have plagued me from the age of 7.

The world thinks in terms of events, economic events, catastrophic events, etc. I have what I term "pain events." An "Event" may last a few days, in most cases, weeks or months, and in some cases years. One injury lasted ten.

A friend gave me a "CBD" (Cannabidiol) pain stick. I tried it, expecting it to be nothing more than another "Ben-Gay" rub-on ointment. Trust me; I've tried them all. Long story short, It would change the course of my life. But first, I would have to wade through all the falsehoods of published claims and information.

Once I figured out the world of CBD and how to effectively use it and how to get past all the snake-oil salesman hyperbole. I was able to weed out the bad guys and find quality products that would bring relief and healing to my body.

I now have a two-fold mission.

The highest priority; to always educate the next person. America is 100% ignorant about the facts regarding the cannabis plant as medicine. I don't sugarcoat or twist the facts, CBD is not the Panacea everybody claims it to be, but for CRPS and other chronic pain illnesses, dozens of medical studies support the effectiveness and its ability to reduce pain.

Secondly, to bridge the gap between the medically written word regarding cannabis and translating it into simple English for the common everyday man. People can't benefit if they lack understanding.

Table of Contents


What is the “State of Medicine” today? The patient being treated ends up worse while doctors profit.

i Welcome, Let’s turn on the TV

ii Pain and what is it

iii Pain assessment scale

iv Hear from the doctors recommending CBD

What is CBD

A quick overview of what CBD is, what cannabinoids are, and how it works.

2 What is CBD

3 A word about Full Spectrum vs. Isolate

4 Why CBD is considered the miracle breakthrough

5 How does it work

6 Where endocannabinoid receptors are found

9 Side effects

10 Is CBD intoxicating

11 What if it doesn’t work

How To Use CBD

Here are the most common applications for getting CBD to the areas of pain.

16 Dosage

18 How to choose your dosage

19 Keeping track

20 Oral administration

21 The 5 most common methods for taking CBD

22 Gummies

23 Capsules/Tablets

23 Beverages

24 The Entourage Effect

25 Oil drops

26 Oral sprays

27 Sublingual options

28 Edibles

29 About micro-dosing

30 Inhaling

31 How to smoke CBD

32 Vaping

33 Topicals

34 How topicals work

35 Why use topicals

36 Suppositories

39 Isolates and powders

Reading Labels

There are no standards so you are on your own, take charge and weed out the bad products.

42 Reading labels

43 Preservation

44 Label examples


Because of lack of FDA involvement in the medical cannabis industry, it is still the wild-wild west.

50 Third-party testing

51 What is a Certificate of Analysis

52 Ho to read the lab results

57 Terpene profiles

59 COA examples

Is it Legal?

Can CBD products with no THC be shipped across state lines, check your state here.

64 Is it legal

65 Laws state by state

67 Summary


Links to medical studies and more

69 Studies & additional info

70 References

72 Thank You

73 CBD checklist

75 Endnotes

76 New FDA Warning

84 Disclaimer

85 Author bio

86 Contributors

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