72 Hours That Changed the World

72 Hours That Changed the World

by Ken Wiley


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Learn all about Japanese secret weapons and their "Special Attack" program, combined with known facts that help verify the importance of the timing of the atomic bomb. As America wrestled with the idea of stopping World War II with the bomb, Japan wrestled with their planned destruction of America's amphibious assault forces upon the attempted invasion of their homeland (scheduled on November 1, 1945). The atomic bomb was unknown to Japan prior to use in mid-August, 1945. Likewise the "Special Attack" program, with its thousands of secret suicide weapons and the planned ambush to defend their homeland was unknown to America, who successfully completed 100 amphibious invasions to bring them to the doorstep of Japan. Had there been no atomic bomb, America's amphibious forces would have been destroyed and the war reversed. America would have been like a tiger with its teeth pulled. They would not have had "The Big Stick" that Theodore Roosevelt claimed was necessary to back up authority, and the inevitable World War III would have occurred, changing the world as we know it today. This is that story.

Mysteries of World War II events changing its direction were credited to many things such as timing, mistakes, strategy and planning, technological advances, overpowering manpower and equipment strength, or for all 130,000,000 Americans, perhaps miracles. As the Cox'n of an LCVP in the Pacific, I, Ken Wiley, understood God's help and how we fought that war with our amphibious operations. America, surrounded on both sides by oceans, had to fight the war from the sea. That is why we had 100 D-Day invasions, and that is why we had to have the mightiest amphibious force in the world. Follow these invasions with the teenage boys conducting them. You may agree that it was a miracle.

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Publication date: 07/19/2016
Pages: 290
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Not good reading! Elementary WWII history 101! The Preface is 25 pages of the same facts and points reiterated over and over! The title doesn't match most of what the author is writing! Just horrible!