75 Nurse Cheat Sheets: for Students & New Grad Nurses

75 Nurse Cheat Sheets: for Students & New Grad Nurses

by Aaron Reed CRNA


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MASTER THE MOST IMPORTANT INFO! Trim the fat and get the quick facts. Condense your knowledge base so you can skip the fluff, save time, and master your nursing career!

The largest collection of nursing labs, medications, assessments, procedures, acronyms, diagrams, mnemonics, equations, conversions, scales, graphs, pictures, & 20 pages of abbreviations and Spanish translations. This enormous mobile phone and eBook reference will replace all of your expensive and bulky laminated clinical sheets. We have poured through the textbooks and publications to serve you the meat and potatoes.

Includes detailed tables, diagrams, algorithms, and charting tools.

As well as...
• Abbreviations
• ABG: Analysis
• ABG: Interpretation
• ACLS: Bradycardia, Stroke, Tachycardia, Acute Coronary Syndrome algorithms
• ACLS: Cardiac arrest, Post Cardiac Arrest algorithms
• Admit Notes
• Artificial airway, endotracheal tube, & laryngoscope size by age
• Blood Chemistry
• Blood Compatibility
• Blood Gas Formulas
• Blood Products
• BLS Algorithm
• Body Mass Index & Body Surface Area
• Braden Scale
• Cardiac Volumes & Pressures
• Cardioversion, Defibrillation, & Fluid Challenge by Age
• Chest Pain
• Coagulation Studies
• Code Drugs
• Colloids
• Complete Blood Count
• Conversions: mcg, mg, mL, kg, lbs., mmHg, & cmH2O
• Cranial Nerves
• Crystalloids
• Daily Body Fluids
• Deep Tendon Reflex Scale
• Discharge Note
• Electrolyte Imbalances
• Glasgow Coma Scale
• Height Conversion Table
• High-alert Medications
• History & Physical Exam
• Ideal Body Weight
• Intracranial Pressure Symptoms
• Insulin: onset, peak, duration, & appearance
• Lead Placement
• Levels of Consciousness: characteristics
• Lung Volume Descriptions
• Lung Volumes: Obstructive vs. Constrictive
• Maintenance Hourly Fluids
• Major Nerves: motor action, & sensation
• Mechanical Ventilation Parameters: abbreviations, formula, normal values
• Mini Mental Status Exam
• Morse Fall Scale
• Murmurs
• Muscle Strength
• Nerve Root: motor action, sensation, reflex
• Orientation & Disorientation Behaviors
• Oxygen Tank Factor Equation
• Oxygen: device, flow, FIO2, notes
• Pacemaker Codes
• PFT Special Test Descriptions
• PFT Values: calculations per kg, & normal for 70kg
• Postpartum & Delivery Note
• Preload/Afterload/Contractility
• Preoperative, Procedure, & Postoperative Notes
• Pressure Ulcers: stage, characteristics, interventions
• Respiratory Pattern Diagrams
• Serum Drug Levels
• Stroke Scale: Cincinnati
• Temperature Conversion Table: formula, F to C
• Transfusion Reactions
• Transfusion Times
• Translation: English to Spanish
• Transmission-Based Precautions
• Urinalysis
• Vital Signs, Weight, Height: by age
• Weight Conversion Table
• Wound Care: products, indications, considerations

Prepare, Pass, Perform... with NurseMastery!

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Prepare, Pass, Perform.

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My name is Aaron Reed and I have worked as a Respiratory Therapist, ICU Nurse, Nurse Anesthetist, Nursing School Instructor, & NCLEX® Board Symposium Lecturer. Throughout my educational tract I have received Summa Cum Laude honors and gone on to achieve CCRN and many other certifications. My wife and I enjoy medical volunteer trips to Guatemala & Peru, backpacking in Colorado, and endurance sport racing. We formed Nursemastery.com to share what we have learned and to engage others in our passion for nursing.

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