76 Bad Loans

76 Bad Loans

by Capitol Steps


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76 Bad Loans

The Capitol Steps are in great form with these brilliant parodies from the early '90s. With all of the colorful and often empty-headed politicians providing great ideas with their antics, the group was inspired to spoof the Beach Boys with "Fun, Fun, Fun 'Til Teddy Puts His T-Shirt Away" (skewering the middle-aged Teddy Kennedy, who still was behaving like a college student on spring break); the Bee Gees with "Slipped Disco (Keep Him Alive)," mocking Dan Quayle waiting for the possibility of George Bush's passing; muckraking author Kitty Kelley with "I Feel Petty"; the age-old drinking song transformed into a lampoon of Los Angeles Police Chief Daryl Gates with "Roll Out the Daryl"; and the Congressionally guaranteed debts that floundered in "76 Bad Loans." Unlike many of their later CDs, most of the tracks on this release were recorded in the studio instead of in front of audiences, except for the last two tracks, including the brilliant Dr. Seuss-inspired "Three Eggs and Ham."

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Release Date: 06/14/1994
Label: Capitol Steps
UPC: 0095632101027
catalogNumber: 1010


  1. Fun, Fun, Fun 'til Teddy Puts His T-Shirt Away
  2. 'atsa Lawyer
  3. Slipped Disco (Keep Him Alive)
  4. Sixteen Games
  5. Wolf Blitzer, Scud Stud
  6. Millie the Poocher
  7. Resumé Mucho
  8. I Feel Petty
  9. Won't You Stay Home, Israelis?
  10. Roll out the Daryl
  11. You Don't Bring Me Floriculturally Diverse Polyfragrant ...
  12. Jeremullah Was a Bullfrog (Oil on the World)
  13. 76 Bad Loans
  14. Lookin' for Scuds in All the Wrong Places
  15. Sushi and the M.C.A.
  16. George's Kind and Gentle Land
  17. Don't Know Much About Strategy
  18. Tut Wiler, Tut Wiler
  19. In the Nude
  20. Tie a Yellow Ribbon 'round My Oldsmobile
  21. Embattled Him of the Republicans
  22. Three Eggs and Ham
  23. Lirty Dies: Scicious Vandals

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Capitol Steps   Primary Artist
Richard Paul   Ensemble
Dave Gencarelli   Ensemble
Jim Aidala   Ensemble
Bo Ayars   Ensemble
Bill Strauss   Ensemble
Elaina Newport   Ensemble
Amy Felices   Ensemble
Mike Loomis   Ensemble
Ann Schmitt   Ensemble
Dave Werner   Ensemble
Anne Willis   Ensemble
Brian Ash   Ensemble
Sandy Darley   Ensemble
Duncan Hollomon   Ensemble
Emily Bell   Piano

Technical Credits

Neil Diamond   Composer
Alan Bergman   Composer
Marilyn Bergman   Composer
R.J. Matson   Cover Design
Bo Ayars   Arranger
Bill Strauss   Composer,Director
Elaina Newport   Composer,Producer
Mike Loomis   Composer
Chris Murphy   Engineer
Jim Smith   Engineer
Janet Davidson Gordon   Composer

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